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  1. They are not using proper procedures to clean the vehicle. some time it damages the paint and upholstery. did any one found the same thing??
  2. Kush, are you satisfied with the service they deliver, especially in wash bay?? did you ever walk in to wash bay and Inspect. because i had a bad experience.
  3. Hi All, Please be kind enough to share your experience if u ever did a service from the Honda agent in Sri Lanka.
  4. Guys i'm doing a research on the topic of Buying intention of Hybrid Vehicles In Sri Lanka, as for my Uni final year dissertation. can you please spent five minutes to complete this survey. your constructive comments are well come... http://www.esurveyspro.com/Survey.aspx?id=28228cba-e5d5-4459-8480-a8727f893c9f