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  1. TATA nano is a great car, far better than Maruti 800, you should go to one of the D*MO showrooms and get a free test drive before deciding on a car, just try you will know the difference.
  2. Hello guys, i'm planning to take SLIC policy listed above in "Sylvi" post, could you guys give any advice ??, what should i check and ask before getting the policy from SLIC ?? and according to the above will they pay 100 % of the claim ?, or do i have to pay anything ?? do they offer cover against fire accidents(since you all know about TATA Nano's fire accidents) ?? Thank you, suren
  3. Prius, thank you, but i think you are talking about "http://www.microcars. lk/mpvj.html" (remove space) Micro MPVJ High Roof Van which looks like a toyota, the Micro MPV J4 is like a japan buddy Van, and in the site it says MPV j4 is the predecessor of MPV J3 , is it wrong , please clarify ??
  4. Hello guys, yes, i know that i have a topic going on with autos , but like all you said i was looking at other options and found Micro MPV J4 "http://www.microcars. lk/mpvj4.html" (remove space) and i'm unable to find any information about them in AL or net, so is there anyone here who has any experience with Micro MPV J4 ? , could you please share ?, is it made by the same company which makes the Micro MPV J3 ??, Thank you, Suren
  5. Anyway back to the topic, Thank you guys for your replys, i also heard the same. but i think they will ban the hire Tri-shaws in colombo and not the ones in personal use. and i think they will ban outstation Tri-shaws from entering colombo. plus there is still no proper solution available for this, nano cabs are expensive for Tri-shaws drivers to buy, and there is around 50K Tri-shaws in or enter Colombo daily i think, so they will put a protest. any comments ??
  6. What i meant is Driving is fun(like driving a toyota Corolla) and NOT Driving a Piaggio is FUN.
  7. Hello guys, thank you for the valuable input, but please keep it to the topic, please. presently one thing has my mind which is piaggio ape city KMPL. diesel(Rs.75/=) and runs upto 40 KM Per Liter. but it has no second hand value or resell. but what keeps me in piaggio is that. it's my first vehicle and so i might drive a very lot around Sri Lanka. so the KMPL given by this vehicle might be manageable for me. i think all of you had the same problem when you started to drive, you drive a lot at first becoz it's fun at first and when you start to realize it's too late, all kinds of bills come in and your over budget. some say if i pump super diesel into the auto. it might make little less noise and vibration. is it true ?? Thank you, suren.
  8. Hello guys, after doing some searching in AL forum, it seems there is nothing about 3 wheelers in here, so i'm starting this topic, i was planning for a mini van but after looking at there fuel economy(13 KMPL in Colombo), i thought it was not enough since i plan to travel a lot at start but my fuel budget wont permit it. and yes, bike is not a option for me, so the next thing available is "3 Wheels", which gives great fuel economy and less cost to maintain. In Sri Lanka there are 3 main players 1. Bajaj Auto, 2. TVS King, and Piaggio ape city. I plan to use it for personal use going to work, classes and some other places. I thought of going for the Piaggio Ape city which is diesel and runs upto 40 KM Per Liter. but like any diesel engine it makes a lot of noise. so i need your advice for the following: 1. becoz of the noise will someone complain if i take it out at night times like after 9PM, or take it out early like 4 AM from home, or come home late at nights. 2. since autos have no doors, there are easy to steal, so if i park and go , how to protect it. 3. should i go for a petrol auto like TVS King which is advanced in technology, but offers less 25 KMPL. 4. isn't it possible to install some sound dampers around the engine ?? 5. and if i go to high level places like "water edge",Taj or to some big company , they will think i'm a hire auto driver, which might be problem at some places. 6. other hire auto drivers might think i'm one of them waiting for hires, and might put a fight when i try to park. so what kind of advises you guys have for me ?? i'm asking this here because some of you might own one, or might know about them, so you could advice me on the above?? thank you, suren
  9. Hello, would anyone please let me know of the prices of Viva 1000CC and 850 CC and 650 CC ?? thank you, suren
  10. Hello, where is the showroom of perodua viva located ?? and what is the price ?? what is the price of hyundai i10 and i20 ?? thank you,
  11. any idea about suzuki maruti 800 Fuel Consumption ??
  12. i think there are some very old(1975-1980)model cars are available for sale at that price,
  13. hey what did i say wrong ??, sylvi asked to contact him if i need to know more information and he seems to know stuff better. anyone wanting to invest money in a vehicle would want to know better about it, from people who use it,. if there is something wrong please let me know ?? so i want make that mistake next time. thank you, suren
  14. Hello, @Sylvi Wijesinghe., how could i contact you?? could you give me your phone no or email ?? i want to talk about minivans
  15. Rsuren,

    I have Two Emails.

    (1)[email protected]

    (2)[email protected]


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