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  1. Toyota1990

    Selecting A Good Car

    I use a Nissan Tiida with the CVT gearbox. no big deal to maintain. just change the CVT gear oil on time. its changed every 60,000 kms. cost a bit more than the ATF, you can only get it from the Nissan agents. my car done 55,000 kms, works perfect. gear shift is smooth and better fuel economy because of the CVT. I get an average of 9-12 (depending on the traffic conditions in Colombo) city, and 15 on the Galle road stretch and 19.3 kmpl in the highway even hitting 160 kmph for a few mins.
  2. Toyota1990

    Nissan Vanette Fuel Consumption C220 Ld20

    sometimes the way you check the mileage is not efficient. when the tank is full and you a certain kms and then refill it , then it shows the correct mileage. what you got to do is fill the tank full, do around 50 kms, or may be 100 kms, then refill and see the amount of liters to be filled to make the tank full. this is just a basic thing to check the accuracy of kms per liter.
  3. Toyota1990

    Govt Sevents Permit Are Now Transferable

    yes its DP. lol. was in a hurry, just saw it
  4. Toyota1990

    Govt Sevents Permit Are Now Transferable

    I'm aware of it then, thought something different you were talking of
  5. Toyota1990

    Govt Sevents Permit Are Now Transferable

    and is it because of a person called DM who has substantial stake at a particular leasing company?
  6. Toyota1990

    Govt Sevents Permit Are Now Transferable

    would be very honored if you could post it here a hint may be?
  7. Toyota1990

    Govt Sevents Permit Are Now Transferable

    given the corrupt system in SL, I do not think your Gini Coefficient theory would come to a reality, may be for some other countries but not SL for sure given the mentality of the people here
  8. Toyota1990

    Govt Sevents Permit Are Now Transferable

    I do not complain about the capitalist system because socialist states are unfair at most times, there will be lot of problems. but this country, which calls itself a Democratic SOCIALIST Republic, should give some sort of consideration when it comes to exploitation, taxing the masses and offering tax free for the more affluent. it should be a system you become rich on the factor how hard you work, how productive you are in term of economy and so on. what happens here is that the big bosses have the legs crossed and earn quick bucks and the hard working mass is working like a dog for them with little money at the end of the month and some probably take loans to finance their family needs
  9. Toyota1990

    Govt Sevents Permit Are Now Transferable

    and the middle class are suffering, they buy the old Japanese with their hard earned money due to tax hike. but rogues get the best vehicles for the cheapest rate. what rationality the government is taking? sad to see the state of the country
  10. Toyota1990

    Govt Sevents Permit Are Now Transferable

    rich becomes richer and poor either be on the same state or be poorer. true story in this country. the high net worth buy it from the permit holders (not relating the Ministers and MPs permits). they earn a couple of millions and do the same as a business for long. the guy who got the permit gets it only once in 5 years. they earn a million lets say. they spend it on their house or wedding. but the rich, they get the thing done as a business. ultimately the rich becomes richer and the poor is on the same state forever
  11. Toyota1990

    Kia Sorento Vs Montero Sports

    when it comes to comfort Sorento takes an upper hand. when it comes to fuel, Sorento is 5-10% efficient than Montero Sports
  12. Toyota1990

    Slas 2013 Calender

    some wonderful events are packed next year! waiting so impatiently!
  13. Toyota1990

    Nissan Tiida Or Toyota Belta ??

    that was of my interest as a member of this forum and you have no say on it (I refer to your last comment). so you may please refrain from commenting unnecessarily and make this a conversation. if you got information you can post on here.
  14. Toyota1990

    Nissan Tiida Or Toyota Belta ??

    I got the CVT transmission car. does around 10 in city traffic. Highway it does 18.7 (proven with manual pumping ) and Colombo to Galle on the Galle Road it does around 15.5 avg ( 112 kms consumed 7 liters ). but depends on your driving. heavy footed driving would consume more. I revved max of 3000 RPM but avg was 2000 at 80 kmph
  15. Toyota1990

    Nissan Tiida Ac Cooler

    and yea, my car has just done 45000 kms and its a 2008 model. I hope the damage is lesser than what the Ra##o ppl said. and its highly unlikely for these types of damages for these cars. I have to check on that too thank you once again gentlemen