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    turbo superpowered
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    custom build to utmost performance
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    full custom bodykit with lambo doors

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  1. Did u find a link that works
  2. Dude the aio mods shit. Ain't no such thing as that. If u find it send the link
  3. Gonna take a walk outside today, wanna c what I can find today.

  4. Gonna take a walk outside today, wanna c what I can find today.

  5. Where do I get it from? BTW how do I upgrade my SII OS to Jellybean or something better? Other than the OS 4.4 which I hv nw. IS that possible?
  6. Yea but did u read what i was referring to?
  7. I got a SII so what do i need to do to get S3 features on it
  8. what then is the diff between the GLi and the XLi? r these the Jap versions if the LX is Singap
  9. when you see it catch a pic and post it here dude
  10. What is the difference between the 141 LX and the XLi? Which one is made in Japan/Singapore? Whats the engine capacity of each?
  11. It a beauty man, but dont go for anything American! They may look nice but they got cheaper and more fragile bodies. My friend acidently bumped into a camaro and a light touch busted the back bumper of the Cam, while his 2005 fors truck was unharmed. so much for new stuff. I prefer the 05 jaguar S
  12. Did anyone try searching the web for bodykits in colombo? came up with few. http://www.body-kit.com/contact.html http://www.mclloydbis.com/profile/296666/body-kits-&-spoilers.html Search google for more
  13. what happens to the thunder and lightning who streak by us in supermods with ear busters and darned sound systems? do they go free?
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