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  1. Dear All, I have thought of getting a Honda CR-V 2017/2018 7 seater 1.5L version. I went through some reviews but most were standard descriptions of features, etc. But I am in need of a more customized opinion considering SL context. My concerns are; 1. General reliability of the vehicle. This is the model built for australian market and will be imported from there. 2. Resale value in 3-5 years. Most told me that this model is not moving well in SL and it will become a "sadahatama oba mage" when I want to sell it. I would love to hear from those who owned CRV and have sold it and from the experts who analyase those market trends well. 3. Fuel consumption. I am not expecting miracles here. But want to know the approximate figures from current owners. I plan to import this by a permit and cost would be around 6M. I am thinking of CRV because of its range of options coming standard and being a 7 seater. So considering all the facts please tell me whether it is a YES or NO to get this vehicle. Thanks in advance and all your kind views are highly appreciated. Have a good day.
  2. Thanks Supra_Natural ayya for kindness. What u suggest was something I should really think of and I already contacted few of them. But the problem is many of these owners are so adamant after tax thing and have become "Shylocks" increasing the car prices disproportionately high. I'm keeping on trying. Let's see how it goes, Will update soon.
  3. Yes.. The tax issue was a tsunami for me. Never expected such a huge tax increment. Hopelessly I'm driving my father's noah now with no scope of owning one of those two cars for which I worked and earned hard over last 4 years. Nevertheless as U said a decent quality non hybrid seems fair alternative. Have to start it from the begining . Anyway I feel that if this thread progress further, that would surely serve for an academic purpose for interested parties since such comparison is hard to be found here in AL as well as other global forums and it may provide valuable information on AQUA GS and FIT RS also. Thanks for the info bro
  4. Hybrids may be good or bad from various points of view and I guess we had much detailed conversations regarding that. One may call hybrid seekers "thel hingannas" and many more and on the other hand those "thel hingannas" may have 1000 fair reasons from their side to do so. Hybrid or non hybrid must be purely an autonomous decision of the buyer himself and I don't think anyone should take that as superior or inferioir to other ones. However we all must agree that as a consequence of popularity for hybrids helps a lot to bring down the overblown prices of used crappy vehicles in Sri Lanka to some extent. For instance we had seen 20 years old diesel 110s going for 2.4M sometime back but hardly sold for 1.6M very recently. So the vehicle prices were moving towards a stage where it should be gradually due to hybrids which might have beena major blow to the group of people who used to earn money by selling the vehicles which deserved demolition to super higher prices. On the other hand small scale vehicle importers emerged as a big threat for the car dealers' mafia who used to have gross benefits by car business. I think many of you know how the so called reputed mega car sales selling manipulated vehicles while having their own repair shops at the back yard producing glittering vehicles out of R grade and accidented ones they imported to me kept on front yard still keeping a big profit margin. Since small importers were giving away the vehicles with a small profit margin, they were becoming the determinig factor for the final price of the vehicle, which was a so hated to see thing for godfathers of car business. These might be the contributory reasons for the massive increment of hybrid taxes and new regulations about vehicle import probably influenced by the vicious minds of Car importers association who were loosing the lion's share of market and that may have long term negative cosequences at both individual and state level. Anyway other than that the budget provided practical benefits and relief to majority of the people spaecially who are in need and that should be respected.
  5. I never gonna hate you bro. Your point is obvious and accepted. But as in reply to iRage needed a new one purely because of past horrible experiences. Even 2009-2010 non hybrids may have emerging issues now. Hybrids used to be cheaper than non hybrids until the budget and that's why I limited the options to two hybrid cars which were appealing to me. Anyway your concern is appreciated
  6. That was exactly the missing point from my side bro. I wanted a new japanese one due to a reason. I almost got the best 2-3 years of my life ruined because of few used cars wasting so much of time in garages, spoiled dating any many worse nightmares u could imagine. That's why I made my mind for getting a new thanks man.
  7. many happy returns of the day DON AYYA.. Have a blast
  8. Dear all, I'm in big need of so valuable and ever admired thoughts of the autolanka experts and fellow members on buying my next car. After much of "homework" I managed to narrow down the options to 2 cars namely; 1) Toyota Aqua GS Sports 2014 2) Honda Fit hybrid GP4 RS version 2013 But I'm bit inconclusive on the final selection of one of these and that's is exactly the stage in which the views of you will be of much impact and value. Possibly relevant factors that would be helpful in taking the decision would be as follows. a. I plan to get it directly from Japan and aqua GS will cost around 8-9 lax more than Fit RS, means more financial burden initially b. I usually don't drive much, will say 1000km per month and that may be of importance as the 2 cars have different fuel fugures. c. Though GP4 is older version, I prefer that to GP5 so GP5 is out ( Just my perception and has nothing to do with possible technological advances of GP5 ) d. I'm personally not attatched to other aqua versions like S and G as they look bit dull ( again just my perception and no offense to fellow aqua owners ), so only the GS version is considered e. Both cars vary significantly when it comes of options avialable ( Fit is powered with paddle-shift, 4 disk brakes, dedicated sports mode and of cause more space as highlighted in many AL threads while aqua GS having impressive body design as totally without the bored nature of its regular counterparts, not forgetting the better fuel consumption relative to Fit ) 7. The resale value and avilability and cost of spare parts may be of importance but let's say with a less gravity on final decision. With these facts and any other relevant aspects I really appreciate your views, advices and please let me know what you will do under same circumstances. As always a big thanks in advance and heartiest gratitude to all contributers and team autolanka. ( N.B. I went through virtually all relevant existing threads in autolanka, but could't find much information as most were on aqua and fit generally lacking details in GS and RS versions of them and due to the fact that I'm with a different scenario here. For the moment let's just neglect the possible impact of budget proposals, otherwise it would compllicate this )
  9. hasmax

    Cr41 Crystal Lights

    Davy. that is my favorite thread in AL since long time now machan. To be honest I have gone through that more than 10 times fantasizing about making mine also a one like that. Anyway for my queries that thread is not much helpful as Jadey had put CR41 crystal lights to his original CR41, so no compatibility issue arised. Anyway thanks for the concern bro TIV, exchanging lights is not possible machan. I checked with almost all shops in wijerama for such option. At that time japanese one is 2-3 times expensive than the thaiwan one
  10. hasmax

    Cr41 Crystal Lights

    Dear All, I have a toyota CR41 1998 GL currently having normal non-crystal head lamps. Thought of installing crystal lights to it with fog lamps, but various inputs have put me in a state of confusion. As always I will need the valuable advices from the experts here to clarify following issues. 1. Can I put CR42 crystal lights to my CR41 directly ? Some said I will need to replace my front grill as well as the front bumber with CR42 ones to install CR42 crystal lights. 2. There are thaiwan and japanese light sets available to buy. Japanese set is supposed to be the best. Anyway would like to know whether thaiwan set can be also used without much issues as that may be cheaper. 3. If anyone who bought these lights recently here, info on prices would be much helpful ( CR41/42 , japanese and thaiwan sets ) Hope I may get kind help from AL members so I can do the best thing accordingly. Thanks in advance.
  11. Guys. Is this the car the thread is all about ? This is also a blue levin holding GY- number. http://autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=148548 I just saw this ad today in autolanka. I always had a dream about either a levin or cynos at subconscious level though conditions pressed me to go for mainstream cars. But now I want to make things happen my way finally. Driven by emotions just called the seller and the quoting price was 2.1 M . Then I quickly did a search in AL regarding the car and came across this thread. Something tell me that we are talking about the same car in the advertisement. The one under discussion didn't have alloy wheels,Owner was seller's nephew and done 67000 km But the one in the ad has alloys ( probably upgraded later ) , the owner is seller's uncle this time ( Said he bought from his uncle and in open papers to his name as the first owner ) and ....... the had done 49000 km Just smelled something fishy after checking the adv and the thread. May be I am totally wrong and those are two separate cars. But if not, there are some issues it seems. The price seems bit high but still since there are few if any 2000 levins in the country in this condition and If you want one so badly you don't have many options. Just my thoughts
  12. Happy belated birthday wishes brother.. hope u had a good one. cheers
  13. nothing to add.. All i had deep in my heart has been noted by da fellow members in sorrow. RIP Paul Walker. :sad-smiley-050:
  14. NOt sure bro. BUt if within his capability he will does so defa.
  15. Bro. Try it out with ruwan at rext*n motors. Located in darly road, turn right from the colour light at fire brigrade by excel world. just 10m from the junction it is in left side of the road adjacent to auto AC center. Very reliable guy, never exploit all your money. I got 2 of my winders repaired by him, works perfectly well. good luck.
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