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  1. carboy2011

    How good is this provider

    I would like to know if anyone has insurance with insureme.lk and if so hows their service The cars that we use for work are due on renewal and insureme.lk is the cheapest but I would like to know who is their underwriter and hows good are they in terms of a claim
  2. carboy2011

    suggestions to buy used car below 7 lakh

    you can get Toyots DX wagons,Lancer Box or Lancer C12/11,Tube light etc they are good cars and come with AC but getting 10-12kml is doubtful in city you might get 12 kms in long trips thats all the spare parts availability is very good for them and very hardy cars too
  3. carboy2011

    parts fot fiat 1950

    that looks a bug fiat which has body parts fitted from from fiat 1100 my view is that you should make it original and fix correct body parts
  4. I like to know if there are any electro plating places in Mount Lavinia ,Dehiwela,Nugegoda,Kohuwela areas and if yes any idea as to how much it costs to electro plate 2 headlight rims
  5. carboy2011

    Radiator shop near Nugegoda

    Unfortunately my cars radiator (Ford Laser BG3 ,YOM 92) packed up on the eve of the New Year Hols :-( I would like to know of any radiator shops near Nugegoda,Kohuwela,Dehiwela,Wella or Mount Lavinia areas and specifically if any are open this saturday any ideas as to how I can temporarily seal the leak in the radiator core till I get it replaced?
  6. carboy2011


    Please dont just copy and paste reviews from Car mags mate if you have to do it please mention the source and URL too...its common courtesy!
  7. carboy2011

    Nissan March K10 2-Door Modifications

    yes you can convert to power steering mate and I do know someone who could do it,but do you really need power steering for such a small hatchback? also keep in mind that conversions are costly affairs
  8. carboy2011

    Nissan March K10 2-Door Modifications

    rather than just modifying a car and molesting it why not bring in it o good shape just like how it left the showroom,check all the ancilliaries and do good maintenance then when those are in order maybe you can tint the car a bit change the rubber mats if you want to get alloys and new pedal covers etc but pls do try to keep it in original condition
  9. carboy2011

    What happened to Amila tyre shop

    I was suprised to find that Amila tyre shop is no more at Dehiwela and a car sale is there in that location,any idea why they closed up like that I have been a regular there some years back but lately noticed the service levels not that good ,so switched to Ravindras down the road only issue is that its always over crowded and parking is not easy at all recently found another place in Allen Avenue and they seem quite good but since its new too early to say,there is also another tyre shop near Keells in Hill Street but never been there
  10. carboy2011

    Best Wi-Fi Connection

    for almost 24 hrs the Bell 4G was down most of the time and at other times painfully slow I called the cust service no they gave a ref no and promptly said 'an engineer will visit you' nothing was done and no follow up calls as promised,today the service is back to normal Good when it works well but really bad service from their call center
  11. carboy2011

    Best Wi-Fi Connection

    Yes thats what many who use Dialog complain and the service provider too has not defended themselves against it either (to the best of my knowledge) so better stay off it
  12. carboy2011

    Best Wi-Fi Connection

    using Bell 4G and its very reasonable and after a year they keep increasing quota too which is good speed is fast .......most of the time ,BUT there are times when it becomes very very slow and couple of time before it stopped working for short periods their call cnetre staff is average and some days they have no answer and say 'we will escalate to management' to escape the irate customer and nothing gets done but having said that still compared to others Bell 4G is good for us and should be ok for you too (I assume)
  13. carboy2011

    Change of province and Revenue Licence valididty

    thats good now my next question is this,since transfer is done do i need to take a new rev licence with WP prefix or can the old rev licence with CP prefix run till its over im just worried as this is for office use and if it meets with an accident will the insurnce chaps make a fuss?
  14. carboy2011

    Change of province and Revenue Licence valididty

    ah thanks mate now thats a relief!
  15. carboy2011

    Fiat 128

    a bit tough but why not post this in some classic car forums (SL ones) on FB and see if someone has one or knows one for sale