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  1. dushanf

    Remote Control Cars

    Guys, need to import an rc transmitter. Can anybody help me clearing it? I can pay for your services. Thank you
  2. dushanf

    Car speaker repair

    Thank you so much for the reply, I would be happy if I can repair it as I have the other one as a back up. Its just makes rattling sound only for deep base
  3. dushanf

    Car speaker repair

    Thanks so much for your reply, one of the speakers provides rattling sound for low bass, not sure if its the coil or something else. I checked in the shop you mentioned and almost all the other car audio shops in colombo, they dont have. Due to the popularity of JBL now there are a lot of fakes. Almost all ebays are fake/chinese JBLs. I did some research on this. This is regarding JBL high end speakers only. Not sure about others. Can buy from Amazon but the duty cost n shipping is insane dude. Almost 3 times the price of the speakers. And then you have to pay more money to post office dirty bloods + duty again to clear it. Its crazy
  4. dushanf

    Car speaker repair

    Please, can you pm me the place, mine is one of the high grade ones, hard to find. Thanks so much dude
  5. dushanf

    Car speaker repair

    Any good place/technician to repair car speakers? my JBL is slightly broken, can't find a place to buy original JBL. Thanks.
  6. Thank you Davy bro. You are absolutely right.
  7. Wow, thanks so much for the prompt reply and for the valuable resources, tried partsouq.com, what a site, very detailed. I found it. Thank you so very much. :)
  8. Please, can someone help me to find these Glove box hinges (bottom holding clips) of Lancer CK1? Both clips are broken in the photo. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you so much Davy, I checked with him, he doesn't have the one for my engine model. :'''( I appreciate your help anyway. Regards, Dushan
  10. Dear all, My Lancer CK1's ignition coil is dead. :( Do you know a place where I can buy a GENUINE Mitsubishi coil? Other option is to replace the entire distributor, Agents distributors cost a fortune, I can buy a new car for the money I spend for four distributors. its crazy. If you can give me a lead even to a used second hand distributor will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  11. dushanf

    Side Skirts & A Spoiler For Lancer

    Hi everyone, Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. I badly need a Lancer Evo VI (6) OEM spoiler, not a fiberglass one. I already checked almost all the shops from Delkanda to Vijerama. They don't have any kind of spoiler for a lancer. They said the stock is over and they didn't get that type of spoilers recently. I checked in Dehiwala to Bellanvilla, 119 road all the way from Dehiwala to Nugegoda as well and found only one shop which has OEM Evo iv (4) spoilers. Very expensive though. But I need the OEM Evo vi (6) spoiler. Please see the attached photo. Please, can you let me know if you know someone, someplace where I can get or to get directed to a place where I can get the spoiler. Thank you so much. Drive safely, Dush
  12. Dear all, Hope you all are doing well and looking forward for the weekend. Would any of you know where to buy Genuine Mitsubishi Ignition Coils for my Lancer CK1? Company doesn't have items in stock and requires a down payment and a month long waiting and is every expensive. Heard that there is a shop in Kirulapona area for Genuine Mitsubishi Ignition Coils. Thank you in advance, Kind Regards, Dush
  13. Thanks a lot Quiet and Rumesh88, appreciate it a lot. Found a lawyer service office in my area and got it done.
  14. Dear all, Hope you all are doing great. I need to find a JP to certify the ID copies and the letter of ownership transfer during weekends or weekdays after 4.30pm as I really can't step out of the office these days. I know they are available near the ID/passport office but only from 8am - 2pm. Please let me know if you know a JP around Colombo who is available during weekends or during weekdays after 4.30pm. Many Thanks, Dush