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  1. whmsujith

    kumho tyres

    There are Vietnam made once as well. I thnik they are not good as Korean once.
  2. I think when you pump full tank, it will get reset automatically
  3. whmsujith

    Coolant leaking into cabin floor

    Yes, after seen this, only ran about 2 km from home to garage Tuesday evening. it will be fixed today tomorrow. I am afraid, I don't have time to be in the garage when the repair is going on, only telephonic conversations with the mechanic.
  4. whmsujith

    Coolant leaking into cabin floor

    I am going to fill it with caltex green clour, I think it is the correct one.
  5. whmsujith

    Coolant leaking into cabin floor

    Premad, The Stig, thanks both of you. I will get it fixed soon.
  6. Hi Friends, I have a serious issue in my wife's car as last weekend I suddenly saw some dampness in the driver side cabin floor and found that it's coolant. Car is March AK 12 and 6 months ago there was a heating issue. Fault was that the fan was not working in required speed and replaced the fan motor and Full radiator clean up was done also. Then the problem was fixed. Car is not being used much wife drives about 200km per month mostly on weekends. Please help me to figure out the problem mates, Thanks.
  7. whmsujith

    Vehicle Book

    That's great! By the way what is your English Letters? Is it K series or CA series?
  8. whmsujith

    Vehicle Book

    Please check with them again, whether they really posted it. Like Crosswind mentioned above, it's hard to believe that it misplaces during post.
  9. whmsujith

    Vehicle Book

    Hi firstgear, When did you handover the docs to RMV for transfer? Was it in January 2017? I just called to one of my friends works in RMV to check my wife's car transfer and according to him, RMV nowadays printing January ones. I submitted my Docs toward end of February, So I have to wait at least another one month.
  10. whmsujith

    High Coolant Temperature Warning

    Ok, thanks a lot Rumesh
  11. whmsujith

    High Coolant Temperature Warning

    Yes, Checked it,there is no damage Or leaks found. Noted with thanks. I will get installed one soon. Where can I find a original one from?
  12. whmsujith

    High Coolant Temperature Warning

    Didn't have any time till today for attend this. Took her to radiator repair shop and checked. Both of you were correct, fan was the issue, replaced the fan motor with recon one. In the process cleaned the radiator as well, there was clogging inside. Ran about 25 kms with AC on, so far no issue. By the way technician told that previous owner has removed thermostat valve, is it to run without this? Pls advise. Thanks.
  13. whmsujith

    High Coolant Temperature Warning

    Yes, since it was used by a lady most of the time it had been idle since it has been registered with KM plates in Dec 2010 with ODO is 19k as she said. All the service records were available but only major services like full services. I will check the color and let you know tomorrow; now I am far away.
  14. whmsujith

    High Coolant Temperature Warning

    Ok, I also thought so. AC works normally at idle, but anyway the coolness of the airflow is not enough like in my other cars, is it also related to this issue?
  15. whmsujith

    High Coolant Temperature Warning

    Thanks for your reply Davy. I am not sure whether it works at correct speed. Let me know how to check DIY or should I take her to a mechanic?