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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my ride and with the current tax structure, all affordable cars (up to C-HR) come with Turbocharged direct injection engines. I have seen some articles on the internet that carbon buildup in intake valves is a common problem in GDI engines as there is no fuel in intake manifold to wash backside of valves. So, oil residue from crankcase ventilation will deposit in intake manifold which will cause issues. Also, carbon buildup in injectors is very common as injectors exposed to combustion chamber. Are these "real" concerns in current hot selling small turbo engines which require frequent expensive maintenance?
  2. Honda N-WGN only released to the Japanese domestic market. So, there is no English manual. You can try google translator to translate sections of Japanese manual to English.
  3. tux

    Toyota Corolla Axio 2007 Maintenance

    Toyota hybrid transmissions do not have any friction based components (no clutches, belts). Nothing to heat up during operation, so degradation of transmission oil quality is very slow compared to a regular auto box. Do don't compare oil change intervals of regular CVT vs eCVT of hybrids.
  4. tux

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    It looks like Toyota C-HR 1.2L turbo 4wd version might become popular. Based on tax formula, it will cost around 6.5mil.
  5. tux

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Not like Aslam86, most ppl will get an inspection report when buying a hybrid. So it will not be that easy to sell. Clearing code cannot hide a bad battery from scanner.
  6. tux

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Aqua tax gone up by 750,000. Just get your battery fixed and drive happily.
  7. tux

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Try Nishantha - 0777799953, his workshop is at Attidiya. He replaced a cell of my friend's prius. AFIR cost was around 20k.
  8. tux

    Axio Hybrid Warning message

    Don't go to TL to get key fob battery replaced. They will probably charge 2000+ for the job. Battery is user replaceable and won't take more than 30 seconds for the job. Just search in youtube if you don't know how to open they key.
  9. In many car wash places, they just use a one cloth to scrub/wipe car from top to bottom (and even wheel arches and skirting). This will cause minor scratches by sand particles which got caught in cloth.
  10. tux

    Vitz Cvt Issue

    Thanks Stig, so there is no additional wear in CVT due to heavy traffic? But I heard from a of Kangaroo driver that most of their 141 axios faced CVT issues after 100K kms.
  11. tux

    Vitz Cvt Issue

    Does anyone know how CVT behave when stucked in traffic. Does input pully in engine side keep spinning and CVT belt keep slipping when gear is in D and vehicle is not moving. If that is the case, I guess there will be lots of wear and tear happens when driven in Colombo crazy traffic.
  12. tux

    Octane 95 vs 92 for Vezel

    BTW I got to know that in LK 95OCT = 92OCt Petrol + Ethanol because ethanol act as a anti knocking agent.
  13. tux

    Octane 95 vs 92 for Vezel

    It looks like Vezel comes with a regular Otto cycle engine [1] It got a 1.5L engine and produces 132HP. I.5L engine comes with Toyota aqua only produce 71HP which is a Atkinson cycle engine. Also Vezel can rev upto 6600RPM, Atkinson cycle engine cannot reach such RPM (max around 5000RPM) With such performance figures, I guess it's safe to assume that 95oct is more appropriate for Vezel. [1] http://www.honda.co.jp/VEZEL/common/pdf/vezel_spec_list.pdf
  14. tux

    Octane 95 vs 92 for Vezel

    I don't know a out the Honda hybrid details, but atkinson cycle engine in toyota hybrids have a very low compression ratio. ( 8:1) and high expansion ratio (13:1). Due to that toyota hybrids are totally fine with regular 92Oct petrol. I guess Vezel is also comes with atkinson cycle engine.
  15. tux

    Hybrid Emisssion Test

    This is not because hybrids don't do bad emissions but because of our testing centers do not have a way to keep engine running while doing tests. AFIK you can plug a scan tool to OBD port and manipulate engine throttle and run engine as a regular engine to perform tests. Also in toyota hybrids, there is a hidden sequence to enable maintenance mode too [1] which will run it as a regular car without stopping engine. [1] http://carspecmn.com/putting-your-toyota-prius-into-maintenance-mode-getting-the-engine-to-stay-running/