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  1. my office is suddenly full of "car-tax-guru"s!

    1. hrm


      Lol!! same here

    2. matroska


      thankfully I'm out of SL atm :D but i notice multipe threads being opening on AL and thankfully mods have taken at least one down

  2. Ha ha... this is the reason we stay home and drink on holidays! man you should see the Negombo beach park on holidays. GF is chaos, but that.... its in a completely different level of utter chaos.
  3. Guys, what if we complaint to 119 if we see vehicles flashing that blue and red LED (wannabe V*P’s) Has anyone here done that?

    1. sathyajithj99


      My neighbour has got one. He is kind of as a$$. So Im gonna rat out him lol

    2. Magnum


      ^ LMAO, taking revenge eh? :D

  4. like a good, obedient husband, who loves peace and tranquility.
  5. I am not against any new car owner here, but one of my uncles who bought a Vezel was quite upset when I rolled down all four windows of my G.Punto via the remote key. it must have been a pe*is invert moment for him I guess.
  6. As VVTI & Crosswind said, I also can recommend the Pasindu Caters for anyone passing Katunayake. That place has white rice (sudu bath) even for dinner. Had an excellent rice and curry lunch once at the cafeteria right in front of the Madu Church.
  7. Mazda Familia (2000-2002) Mazda Demio (2002 - excellent car - highly recommended) Im a bit bias towards Mazdas
  8. you need to turn cruise control on and then adjust the speed by the lever. then only the cruise control will maintain the adjusted speed.
  9. As everybody here said , finding parts for the K12 is not hard. The K12 is a comfy ride for its class but its a bit thirsty on fuel. Note that there are plenty of alternatives for the 1.6 mil budget of yours other than the K12.
  10. i cant paste in the thread editor, and the quote, multi quote is not working. Admins, please assist.

    1. The Annoying Guy
    2. MADZ


      try Chrome or similar browser..it should work. I'm on different OS so cannot check IE11

    3. The Annoying Guy

      The Annoying Guy

      yeah, it works for me on my home PC. but im using IE 11 in my office and we cannot install other browsers (restricted by IT).

  11. in addition to this you can ask the landlord to give you a reasonable value (probably reduce the rent by some amount for x number of months or something like that) so you can keep the shelter at the place intact. The shelter will be a value addition to the house in my opinion and I think the landlord might not refuse the deal.
  12. Genuine mileage is something similar to the virginity of a prostitute.

  13. Don, what happened to Komi???? (sorry I was out of touch for few days)
  14. Beer should not be the answer. Beer should be the question. "Beer?" TGIF

  15. that pink athlete is back for round 3...

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