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  1. Amila G

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    if you're a BMW lover this pic should make you sick to your stomach Let's see who figures out P.S. it's not the Turbo
  2. Amila G

    Can I Afford A Car?

    I may be wrong but I think you can't combine the insurance of both you and wife as the insurance is from your company. A C-section in a private hospital will cost close to 200K if everything goes well. I had an insurance for 200K but had to pay 100K out of the pocket for a ~180K bill. So keep that in mind and better check with the insurance company. If I were you, I'll look into getting a personal loan for about 500K and getting on old car (may be a corolla DX). Just my 2c
  3. Amila G

    Used Japanese Or Brand-New Indian?

    cars with birth defects. I like that term
  4. Amila G

    Buying Nissan Leaf

    My friend has a leaf and loves it. Says it costs about 5 rupees per km for electricity.
  5. Amila G

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    me too.............. and btw I don't think the plate on it was a coincidence
  6. Amila G

    Nissan "leaf"

    I know a guy who has one(tech guy). He's a one who does not like fuel burning cars and loves his leaf though I can't swallow the idea of living with a car with such a limited rage. He says it can do about 120km on a full charge and says it costs either 3 or 5 Rupees (cannot remeber exactly) per 1 km to run. Never got to ride in it yet but he says it's got a damn good accelaration.
  7. Amila G

    Sports Coupe

    I'll ask him what happened to it when I get a chance again. I posted the same pics to a abandoned cars thread some time back when the car was there. If you had asked me then I could have got some info
  8. Amila G

    Sports Coupe

    So is this one of them ? -- was gathering dust at my mech's for sometime, but haven't seen lately
  9. Amila G

    Toyota Passo - Shaking The Car At High Speeds

    If you suspect the tire and have no other way to test, have a friend watch your tire from another car as you travel at 25 - 30 if there's an issue he'll be able to see the wheel wobbling/jumping... That's how I accidentally noticed a bad tire on my friend's car as he overtook me on E01, until then he'd thought that the vibration was normal in his car at that speed.
  10. Amila G

    Place To Buy A Good Horn (Around Colombo)

    I got a pair of used Japanese denso/toyota ones from Delkanda for 1000/= sounds pretty nice too.
  11. Amila G

    Lancer Cs1 Glx (2008 Model) - Genuine Brake Pads

    Just my 2c on the brake pads, FBL is the better brand and the FBK is the cheaper one. But even the FBL creates the dust on rims issue only the genuine ones solved it for me.
  12. Amila G

    No More High Speed Charges, Again!

    I think they do have photographic evidence. I once had a chat with a senior police guy in the highway police. So naturally I asked him if they catch speeders. He said that the device they use takes a photo of the vehicle along with the speed / date/time. But according to him it's not shown to us. It's only shown to the court if the driver refuses that he was going over the limit and did not agree to the spot fine. Anyway if you've seen cops in highway they usually hold the device close to the eye like a camera unlike the regular cops who hold it like a hand gun.
  13. Amila G

    Roh*na M*t*rs Radiator Repairs With Aluminium Tank

    worst shipping company ever.. if their air freight estimates are anything to go by better avoid them. for air freight they say 8 - 11 days and it usually takes about 2 months to get the item.
  14. Amila G

    Roh*na M*t*rs Radiator Repairs With Aluminium Tank

    about 3 months now. The other option for me was to get a recon radiator for 22,000 or a copper tank for 8000 but I got the plastic one instead of the copper coz the engine bay looks original with it.