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Status Updates posted by JayZ

  1. Anyone spotted the Brabus 4x4 ^2 imported to SL.  Saw a pic of it parked in a famous Wedding reception in Negambo area. :)

    1. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Ugly colour.yuck

    2. JayZ


      Well, thats a special limited color i suppose which you have to pay coupla thousand extra ... 

      Damn i love that vehicle

    3. sathyajithj99


      I guess it belongs to the owner of Avenra Gardens, Negombo.

  2. Prius with a supercharger and a turbo !!!

    1. nexus


      retard car and a retard owner.

  3. Why would anyone want to advertise their 5 Series as a "Toyota" ???

    1. NadriquE


      Km/L maniacs? :D

    2. The Stig

      The Stig

      the place looks like a car sale to me, must have got it confused

  4. Why on earth that 406 D9 priced @ 25laks. Geeezzz

    1. harshansenadhir


      went through the ad and it's not a D9 but an executive. There are D9s (just D9s) sold above 2.5 mil mark. It all depends on the condition.

    2. JayZ


      Ya but , i have seen D9 Exe below 2Mil mark with better condition. This price is ridiculous :D

    3. harshansenadhir


      in fact I bought a one at mere 1.85 mark with spotless interior. You know in SL market a KX reg number matters. :D

  5. Saw a Prius with quad exhaust pipes and with NO sound :D :D