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  1. Like other members said, If resale value is a factor, better off sticking to a Japanese. On Audi, there are quite a few specialists who bring down spares and do major maintenance work. So relatively it will be a better pick compared to depending on Car Mart only.
  2. JayZ

    New Defender Design??

    Probably in the base RR Sport territory with 2L engine version. (110)
  3. If its me, honestly i would stay away from the 3008. I knew a 3008 which had to go for a complete engine replacement ( not the latest version, the one previous) and will be a tough sell down the line even though how tempting the design looks. CRV JDM also made in Thailand and exported to Japan (for JDM Spec) Audi Q2 not within your budget?
  4. JayZ

    GP1 AC issue

    ask the mechanic to do a proper check under the car / engine guard etc. There could be oil leaks which (Compressor oil) which could lead to bad hose etc. thats how my issue was diagnosed. 2nd try is the Nitrogen method. Removing the evaporater and condenser etc should be the last resort.
  5. Also on increasing the tire width, i recently changed my suv tires and instead original 235 width i opt for 255. There is a noticeable stable feeling when driving with new wider tires. and feels like grip has increased and vehicle is more planted to road specially driving in highways. The original rim didn't had any issue accommodating the extra width.
  6. One of our old Shift (jeep model), the previous owner has changed the original tire size of 14 to 15 inch. Felt a noticeable different when test driving that car compared to standard one. Ground clearance was slightly increased and more forgiving on rough roads. But if you already have good tires, and want to go for 15's. try and see if you could do a trade inn for the 14 set with a 15 set with tires. Else, i dont think its a much useful investment.
  7. JayZ

    GP1 AC issue

    better to get it tested for the leak. i also had a problem and checked with 2 places. their proposal was to replace the evaporator which required to take out the dashboard. But the 3rd place i went to did a proper check and found out one of the AC horse is leaking. Replaced it and re gaased. Problem solved and saved the trouble , time and money for a useless fix.
  8. There is a Jag workshop in Maharagama Old road which goes towards JPura hospital. This joint is quite famous for old Jags.
  9. Also, Advance Car Diagnostics in Pannipitiya now does LR. Not sure about the competency of them though.
  10. JayZ

    DFSK 580

    Chinese or any brand, there will be buyers for anything depending on situational , personal conditions etc. And i agree, there are no brand new 7 seaters at this price range in SL. Also i assume people who bought the 580 is well aware of the Chinese vehicle depreciation and loss they would have to encounter when they try to sell it off. And if its my money and i badly need a 7 seater, I would go on the Korean route for a Kia/ Hyundai (2012 model year) or even a Rexton. Or if wanted the Toyota route, may be a Vanguard. Which im pretty sure i will be able to use it with peace of mind for some time and let go without being on the mercy of the buyers. Thats my thoughts.
  11. JayZ

    DFSK 580

    the point to note here is, in china, you can get anything for any price point <Variable is quality> Popular MG ZS also comes from China and by looking at the popularity and fit and finish it seems few steps ahead of DFSK. But its reliability is yet to be proven. DFSK or any other Chinese vehicle manufacturer may be manufacturing really good vehicles but at a much higher price point. And bringing them down to SL may make them as expensive if not more than Jap / Korean or even EU competition. So no one would buy it. Therefore the only way importers in SL to make some profit is by getting a low quality make and make it popular in SL which would attract the market with attractive features and pricing. I have seen the company BYD making SUV's which goes head to head with Tesla Model X. But those are at a very high price point.
  12. JayZ

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    Im not saying Koren vehicles are above any other, But mind you the sorento was parked under direct sun light during work all this time. And i would argue fit and finish is much of higher quality compared to many budget Toyota / Nissan / Mitsubisshi etc. Also our previous Rexton which we used for 150K + kms and almost 8 years also didn't had any interior trim issues. Engine reliability compared to a Montero, i cannot comment. But i checked the permit Montero before going for the Sorento and it was way basic and felt like interior is Indian cheap. (Door panels were covered in cloth, cheaper plastics, vehicle key was like a key from a old locker etc)
  13. JayZ

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    Replacing AC evaporator in any modern car is tricky as you need to remove the dash. Im not sure why you say interior trims go bad pretty soon as i am using my Sorento for past 6 years daily driven with almost 65K KMs. No rattling noises, parts coming off etc... Actually my cousins 2015 Vezel's plastic parts getting discolored and Kia interior still looks as new. This is my opinion.
  14. I think its better to buy local. You may never know the taxing and damages to HDD (If included) while shipping. and there is no huge price variance either.