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  1. I think its better to buy local. You may never know the taxing and damages to HDD (If included) while shipping. and there is no huge price variance either.
  2. JayZ

    3D carpets?

    Yep. I too have seen cool designs but practical usability is a question. Better to invest in a good set of carpets.
  3. JayZ

    3D carpets?

    Does it actually serves the purpose of carpets? Just for looks. And you will have to use a carpet set on top of it anyway.
  4. If you could stretch your budget just a little bit, you could even look at much newer Kia Picantos. 2013 upwards. No offence to Cruze, my wife had one couple of years back, a 2004 model. But they are getting old fast.
  5. Anyone spotted the Brabus 4x4 ^2 imported to SL.  Saw a pic of it parked in a famous Wedding reception in Negambo area. :)

    1. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Ugly colour.yuck

    2. JayZ


      Well, thats a special limited color i suppose which you have to pay coupla thousand extra ... 

      Damn i love that vehicle

    3. sathyajithj99


      I guess it belongs to the owner of Avenra Gardens, Negombo.

  6. And also agent recommend to change ATF at 75K along with Major service. Not sure they asked you to do it at 60K since its a petrol version.
  7. hi Kira, Im using a Kia Sorento 2014 model and my current mileage is 50K. I too checked with Kia sometime back and they quoted approx 75 - 80K for the Full Major Service which is including all regular servicing + transmission oil change. I know this is still to the high side. If you dont want to go through the Agents, there is a place close to Pannipitiya who does Kia , LR , Ssangyong etc. Prices would be 25 - 30 K cheaper than agents.
  8. Yes, you are correct. It was the Y10 model.
  9. Wingroad Y11 diesel was a solid car with CD20 engine. Used it for more than 5 years. Didn't had any major issues apart from usual servicing.
  10. JayZ

    Peugeot 5008 Service

    [email protected]#$e [email protected] Diag in Pannipitiya Malabe road. I think they now even bring down 3008 / 5008. Used to service our old Rexton with them. Now they are giving more focus on Land Rover / Kia and Pugs.
  11. Hi Dilan, I installed this module more than 4 years back. so original purchase link does not work now. And there are lot of new Bird eye systems in the market. The newest models are capable of displaying a similar 3D experience to New BMW systems. Also another thing to note is that, it may take close to 5 or 6 hours to properly install this system depending your vehicle. so if you purchase this from online, lot of audio shops will quote a very high price for installation.
  12. JayZ

    Nissan leaf Battery

    Just searched for the 1 and only silvia .... Indeed it was a sunny
  13. JayZ

    Fitting a reverse camera for a Premio

    You should get a fairly decent image at night with the reverse camera. I too have a cheap chinese cam with moving guide lines. It outputs a good image at night.
  14. JayZ

    which is the best projector

    Highly doubt you will be able to get a decent projector for 15K. Even cheapest decent LED projectors are 200 USD upwards.
  15. JayZ

    Diy Scan Your Own Car

    ELM 321 v2.1 has some compatibility issues. V1.5 works fine. Most sellers on Al*Ex advertise this note now.