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  1. JayZ

    Sorento 2012 Maintenance

    Would you care to share what are those “suggested repairs” which would cost approx 8 lakhs.
  2. JayZ

    Looking for a LEAF

    As much as I liked the vehicle, given the battery situation I'd rather not even dream to own one at any cost.
  3. As I said before, the post 2010 Rexton with 2.8 engine is a solid choice, even with 250k KMS did not felt any engine issues at all. The 2010+ models which came with the 2.0 engine felt under powered and engine is much stressed out compared to the older version, also given the weight of the vehicle. (I did test drove some of them those days just to compare) But yes, most of the 1st permit owners have sold them by now and most have done mileage. I'd take a 2012 Sorento any day than the new MG.
  4. Have used a Rexton 2008 model for 8 years and 250K+ KMS. Didn't had any issues apart from regular maintenance. But this is somewhat old now, good news is these are mostly brought for permits and still the 1st owners are selling them off for upgrade, but if you could bag a low mileage unit, it will be a solid choice. And you will be able to get one around 4 Mil mark where you could save some buck. Currently using a KIA Sorento Diesel 2014 model and 65+ KMS, again no issues. the Sorento 2010 -2012 models are not very much different underneath apart from the cosmetic differences. Ride quality wise, Sorento is somewhat comfortable than the Rexton, but nothing to brag about. Hyundai Santafe is not much different from the Sorento but less popular in SL due to higher purchase cost brand new, majority went with the Sorento.
  5. Can you not reduce the damage done by the salt water if you immediately wash the undercarriage with fresh water thoroughly? Also, the under carriage coating does not prevent salt water penetration up to some point? Saw a video some time back where some vehicles get caught to mild sea tide which comes on to main road, somewhere along Galle road.
  6. Damn, Anyone able to catch the number of that vehicle? Ha ha, definitely will end up for sale very soon.
  7. Well not all, a office chap sold his 2013 Prius for peanuts a month back with less than 80k mileage. He got it personally through auction so mileage is not tampered. There may be options if you take time to look. And cab services hunt down the Prius cz its reliable and economical and relatively trouble free car.
  8. Could try a 2013/2014 ish Prius. Goes well below 4M now so you will have spare money if the battery pack needs any attention. Not hard to sell either.
  9. Thanks, this is Hot wheels KITT 1/18, limited ed.
  10. Did some shooting of few of my models out of boredom. Just phone captures so please mind the lightning and white background. The actual models look much better, dont think im doing justice here.
  11. May be what you saw was modded with the same type of offroad bumper ...
  12. 😋 I digg the mean stance of the cruiser modified or not. In SL context we dont get much other options to compete with this apart from the Y62 Patrol which is extremely rare.
  13. Thanks guys for the comments and tempting images. Finding a good diesel with low mileage would definitely be a challenge, but for these engines 100k kms would be just the break in period. And though not so concerned about fuel as the deciding factor here, petrol ones would be so thirsty probably would return may be 5kmpl in city where diesel ones does around 7kmpl ish. The new face lift diesels are out of reach by any means now. Yes, I have seen lot of conversions done with various levels of quality ranging from 3/4 laks to 1mil +. And interior upgrades with massive touch screen audios etc. This would definitely not be a bling or shiny princess, I am eyeing on the Vogue Industries Cruiser here, that front bumper is dope. and the 33 or 35 tires. probably skip the hood rack. And with a frosted red wrap. I know red is an unusual color for a cruiser, but would look dope. Any idea about the so called Bruno Cross edition here with absurd asking prices? Is it similer to the Sahara model?
  14. Hi @Kavvz, The deciding factor is not the fuel here. Being a V8, obviously im not expecting 10KMPL from this. The diesel ZX is the fully kitted one but the pre face lift, petrol one is the newer facelift. so thats where I struggled. And by the looks of it and as @iRage mentioned, diesel model holds its value comparatively better than the petrol. Also as a user of a diesel SUV currently, I love the low end torque. I will not be doing any towing or off roading with this, but being driving SUV's for the past decade, its defiantly hard to settle for a car of any sort at this point. And cruiser is one of the few vehicles which holds up its value relatively better compared to other main stream SUV's in the similer price range. Of course its ancient compared to the latest kit offered by the likes of Range Rovers and BMW etc..., but i can live with that given the peace of mind.
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