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  1. JayZ

    LED head lights

    This model i believe have a reflector type of light housing. So HID or LED lights will not give a proper result and it may scatter light irregularly and blind the oncoming traffic. Why dont you invest on a proper pair of halogen headlight bulbs, Philips Racing Vision, Osrum Night Breaker etc...
  2. JayZ

    Any Korando User???

    But what i also have heard is Ssangyong Kyron is giving lot of issues after passing 50K. and sensors start to fail quite frequently. Not sure, Kyron and Korendo uses common components, but after the Rexton, other models seem brittle, even the new Tivoli. The new Rexton is yet to be tested though.
  3. JayZ

    Any Korando User???

    On another note, have used the Ssangyong Rexton for almost 160K KMS from brand new. Only had to replace the speed sensor and running repairs. It was the 2008 permit model.
  4. JayZ

    GT Tyres

    What is the tyre size for Tucson? I am also looking to change my set of tires for Sorento. 255/55/R19 Hope it won't cost a fortune.
  5. JayZ

    Car Insurance 2019/2020

    I pay 74k for 8Mil. (All****z) Premium depends on many factors like, your history, no of vehicles insured, no of years with the insurer. etc...
  6. Is it not mentioned in the driver side door well?
  7. JayZ

    Hyundai Santafe 2012

    Oh, probably. Havent seen any body parts on display for Kia / Hyundai models around delkanda also.
  8. JayZ

    Hyundai Santafe 2012

    Spare parts as in Filters / Break pads etc? I just changed my break pads for Kia Sorento last week. Parts were sourced from Maharagama.
  9. JayZ

    Hyundai Santafe 2012

    Also note, almost all diesel Santafe / Sorento's were brought down for the permits and specs may fit for the permit price.
  10. I dont know anyone personally who caught up with a lawsuit filed by Tenaga, but i do know few individuals who has well over 500k fines (issues under multiple tickets) under them. Last year there was a court case on this fines and court gave an order to suspend issuing fines temporarily. This suspension has been lifted now and what ticketing officers are telling is now the fines are being gazetted and victims are bound to pay by the law.
  11. Does DMT check parking fines before doing the transfer? Not sure they have such a connected system. Fines are associated with vehicle reg number. So when the Tenaga decided to demand past due fines through courts, they must be checking the owner from the vehicle reg no. ( by this time, if the vehicle is already transferred to a new owner, new owner info is tagged to the case) This is how i assume things may happen. I may be wrong. If any of you have further visibility, please do en-light us.
  12. JayZ

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    Total price was around 350 USD. This included Head unit + TPMS system + OBD Connector + High Res reverse cam with moving guide lines + Shipping. I cannot find the links. Sorry. Joying is a good brand if you can find a fitting unit. My model didn't had any fitting Joying unit. They only had generic modules.
  13. The Tenaga (Park Smart) car parking fines is a total nightmare. If you are unable to pay the due fine within 2 hours, the fine increases from LKR 100 to LKR 1500 which is absurd. The intention of this post is not to discuss about this problem, but to address another issue. When someone purchase a used vehicle, specially if its used daily in Colombo, its always best to check the parking fine history. As this fine is associated with the vehicle registration number. I know few vehicle owners who neglect these fine payments and the fines has reached 500k+ LKR. The excuse for them is the mobile app doesn't work to pay the fines on time etc ... Lets imagine they sell one of those vehicles and the new owner may not know about the hefty fines attached with vehicle registration number. This will be an unnecessary court case at the end. Im not sure how this may play out. But better be cautious and add this to the checklist when you are buying a vehicle.
  14. JayZ

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    I am using a Chinese head unit on my Sorento for almost 2 years now. No issues so far. Audio quality is excellent. And it has all the features including Apple Car Play / Android Auto. Google maps works like a charm and pretty smooth. Signal reception is excellent even on cloudy days. You may try on AliBaba rather than AliExpress and talk directly to the supplier. You could get a unit almost $100 cheaper than AliExpress. Also, I paid around 2500 LKR for custom clearance and it came directly to home with EMS shipping.