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  1. Nissan cdj

    PreseaLover's soundgimmicks.com

    Natasha Rathnayake was thanking you on instagram Good luck mate
  2. Nissan cdj

    imbalance rear Drum Break

    Maru sira, First off please find a good garage where you could do the garage work right on ??
  3. Nissan cdj

    Trustful seller for unregistered cars

    Please donot panic just acknowledge and accept what my colluegues said and act upon it. Good luck ✌✌
  4. Nissan cdj

    Upgrade from BJ5P to Belta or Invest in a Land?

    Even though your current car BJ5P hasnt got the look to be called a new car, you really dont have to worry unless you have not been attending rapairs or not try your best to keep the car in its best condition. Believing that you've been attending every possible thing still you know how good it is So, just dont get deceived by the term new and the looks as you know every car is old even by a day so I would suggest you to keep on maximising the fixed deposit whilst attending the running repairs of the current car. And please note that current car market is not stable at all therefore dont think of the car market as a relatively safe investment ✌✌
  5. Nissan cdj

    Tyre Prices

    Choose CE#T if you are pretty much broke ??
  6. Nissan cdj

    Fb15 Fuel Consumption

    And to be honest with you different different fuel figures on same range of Nissan engines are conventional ???
  7. Nissan cdj

    imbalance rear Drum Break

    This is what you could do go a garage the guy you visit very often and tell him that the car skids when applied and let him drive and inspect which side needs attention. The usuall way of doing this kinda thing is jack up the vehicle and adjust the groove as required ✌✌
  8. Nissan cdj

    PROTON WIRA 2004

    Try on ik***.lk I came across some valuable parts lately or else get some contact in malaysia and try get down that would be much cheaper ✌✌
  9. Nissan cdj


    Can you just tell us how dd you measure fuel efficiency ?? So that we could come up with solutions right away ??
  10. Nissan cdj

    toyota 121 G grade or toyota allion 240??

    Haha you are nervous ??? That's why I've clearly mentioned "And make sure you are knowledgeable enough to grab a car worth the money" ??
  11. Nissan cdj

    Buying advice: First Car, First Job

    Simply Car thing at your age is easier said than done ?? You may earn 45k and yes you are financially cool to go for a car in the range of 12-15 lakhs Its not the case as you see it, 12-15 lakhs worth car is pretty much old in 2016 and you have to attend even the tiny thing unless you dont care. Once spending is over with the help of a lease or so its really not gonna end then and there... 1) you need to pump petrol 2) then take care of the insurance and revenue license keeping them upto date 3) services to be done 4) Need to check all around even the tyres which is more important than anything So I understand its really craving for a its not really easy as you see unless you are sponsored by parents or else really financially rich yourself coz Its pretty much hard to standalone to buy a car at this age in Sri Lanka ??? In my opinion I would suggest you to wait up and save some bucks and keep spinning with the family vehicles if you have or ask for sponsorship ??? Good luck in future endeavours ??
  12. Just please do not really depend on the opinions of brokers or the ones who dont know anything but to talk ?? At the end of the day any engine would give engine trouble overtime ???
  13. Nissan cdj

    toyota 121 G grade or toyota allion 240??

    First off, hope you would not mind If I ask, are you new to the market and is this gonna be the first car of yours as cars are pretty much overpriced these days ??? And make sure you are knowledgeable enough to grab a car worth the money ✌✌ So as you've been directly point out whats best over above mentioned two cars would be Toyota Allion NZE 240 (2002 - 2005) Why Do I say its Allion over Corolla ?? 1) Corollas are overpriced ever since. 2) Most probably you will end up buying a Pre-face lift of a corolla and you will be unhappy of the looks ?? 3) Most of the Allions being maintained and kept Nice and Shine bt nt the corollas. 4) And you will be able to find a under 100k driven Allion with no time That's how I could brief based on my views. Good Luck ??
  14. Nissan cdj

    White smoke coming out exsaut

    As every one in a complicacy would you mind being precise..... 1) Is it right after starting or else before hitting the engine temperature right after start ?? 2) is it a mere smoke or clealrly noticeable heavy smoke ?? FYI cars usually have that mere white smoke in the very good mornings ??
  15. Nissan cdj

    Buying a new car

    Haha watsoever i was just refereing to what people say ???