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    windscreen repair

    Hello Expert, I noticed today my front windscreen has a small chipped damage. Is there any place in Colombo to do the repair. Attached is the picture. The size of the damage is arround 5mm. Thank you, Ravee
  2. raveeJaya

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    Ok Thank you for the information.
  3. raveeJaya

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    Hi, What was the price you paid for the head unit?. Do you still have the link to the product you bought from Alibaba ? Please let share with me. Thanks
  4. raveeJaya

    Ae110 Distributor Issue ?

    Hi Experts, I have a 97 Corolla AE110 Auto gear car. I have a issue with the Distributor timing. I showed this to few mechanics who do engine tuneups. Even after the engine tune up the engine gives a noise (taka taka) when accelerating (The sound you here when the distributor not adjusted properly ). One guy told me this can not be stopped since the distributor have some issue. Can this be due to the Distributor issue ? The Car is doing about 7.5-8 km/l in Colombo and 11-12km out station with AC. I did a tune up in June and used NGK spark plugs. One guy told me to replace the spark plug with Denso (K16R-U11) spark plug. If i use Denso spark plugs can this issue be resolved? If I need to replace the distributor please let me know the average price and a good place to buy a Recon one ? Waiting for the AL experts reply .. Thanks, Ravi
  5. If the front number plate close to the 2 Sonar sensor on the grill, this can happen,Just check that too.
  6. ICS - Intelligent Clearance Sonar having some issue it seems. (Asking to check with Dealer) This means your Clearance sensors having some issues. May be due to dust or something. Check all the 8 sensors in the Front and rear bumpers, whether they are covered with dust or something ?
  7. raveeJaya

    rpm problem

    Yes it may be due to battery replacement as well. Why dont you remove the battery terminal for about 10mins and re-plug it. 'Normally if you remove the battery and put it back the RPM goes high according to my past experience. In normally these vehicles should have 600 - 750 RPM at idle, depending up on whether AC clutch is engaged or not. Anyway if you have not done the Tuneup recently, better try a Tune up too. Do you see the Check Engine light on while the Engine is running ?
  8. raveeJaya

    rpm problem

    What is the RPM you see when it start Vibrating. Did you do a Tuneup recently ?
  9. raveeJaya

    Toyota corolla 121engine oil burning

    Just read through the following thread.
  10. Hi Guys, This is related to the RC hobby. Im looking for a 11Teeth 3.715mm shaft pinion gear. I checked with N*t* and some other place and they dont have the stocks. Is there anybody who know a place to buy it in Colombo. Thanks Ravee
  11. raveeJaya

    Pinion gear for a RC car

    Ok Thanks. I ll check it.
  12. raveeJaya

    Gear box mount and rocker cover replacement

    Was it due to the Fly over is shaking ? Those Steel Fly overs in Dehiwala, Kelaniya are shaking.
  13. raveeJaya

    Driving License Fading

    This might help you http://lankarahas.info/gossip/අවුරුදු-8කට-සැරයක්-නැවත-අල/?fbclid=IwAR3qWTJU5p1DdRKzVdSvXnByBBAkXZ9qfsIfI8TO8VT7z2UGdeUUzn3dtyg
  14. raveeJaya

    Toyota Premio Instrument Cluster Display Language

    As far as I know there is no way to change the language in Premio. That may be due to this model is only manufactured for Japan. I used the google translator app on my mobile phone and use that to translate by holding the phone on top of the Japanese fonts.
  15. raveeJaya

    Advise for buying vitz 2008 model

    I don't see anything failed related to your ECU and related sensors. What above screen shows is that the OBD II protocols were not supported. That means the OBD II protocol supported by your car is non of the above. That is normal for JDM Toyota car. Last protocol is saying waiting. It may be trying to communicate with your ECU.Your mechanics seem to be not a educated guy. If you wish to scan it you better go to a place where the scanner support your Vitz.
  16. Hi, There is setting for the user (in my premio )to show whether to Reset the millage automatically after the fill up or reset it manually. Just check whether you have change the settings.
  17. raveeJaya

    Engine tune up for allion 260 2011

    With AC off the 600 RPM is normal. When the AC is kicked on it could go to 750 RPM. This was the my observation with my previous 121 and the Premio. Your vibration may be due to bad Engine mounts.
  18. raveeJaya

    PREMIO F EX Door Lights / Welcome Lights

    Original F Ex does not come with the welcome light. Those lights are optional. But in most car sales if the vehicle is brand new, they just fixed those light here in SL. You can find them SL for Rs5000. Also the chrome body mold get fixed here in SL in most cases.
  19. raveeJaya

    Japanese Car News

    Thank you for the information. I don't understand why Toyota did not use these concept cars to reality. I think if they introduce this kind of model, there will be lot more Toyota fans in the world.
  20. raveeJaya

    Japanese Car News

    Toyota Prius 2019 Is this true. ?
  21. I had a similar issue and I send them a email with the details I got from them. after that they have posted me the license within few days. You better contact by email and see.
  22. raveeJaya

    Vehicle for 8 million

    I personally owned a Premio 2017 and I'm happy with the vehicle It is really fuel economical and comfortable. And you know it has a good resale value as it has a good reputation in Sri lanka It has most of the new bells and Whistle . If you need a decent pull you can use the S mode. I have heard some issues about the new Xtrial Hybrid you can refer the following links http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/18012-75-km-per-l-xtrail-2015-4x4/?page=1#comment-304788 http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/19046-new-nissan-t-32-xtrail-hybrid-or-petrol-gear-box-issue/?tab=comments#comment-304827 Prado you are considering is 10 years old and it might start to give you some trouble. The CH-R Turbo 1.2 L is also an option for you to consider. You better do a test drive before you finalize your choice. Good luck