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  1. Engine start up failure

    Could it be a short circuit due to the repair you did ?. Have you checked the status of the battery is it an old one ?
  2. Paint Care, Car Liquid Ceramic coating

    Thanks Rohnd, Yes there is one advertised in SL . Will try that out
  3. Paint Care, Car Liquid Ceramic coating

    Thanks IRage for sharing your experience. I have seen few of these product advertised it Facebook and there is another advertised in SL as well. Will try one and see. I love to do all the stuff by me.
  4. Hi All, I have seen some advertiser about the car paint protective Ceramic coats. Has anybody tried them and is it worth to try it out. At the moment I'm using Wax for my car. But I'm looking for long lasting solutions. Thanks Ravee
  5. There are web sites, which use the Chassis number to identify the details of the Vehicle.Including Year, month, Grade of the vehicles. This is a one of it. You can ask for the Chassis number and check it on these sites. http://www.japan-partner.com/check-manufacture-year.php http://jpnauction.com/month Cheers Raveendra
  6. windscreen repair

    Hi Crosswind, Thank you for sharing the contact. I talk to them and they can do the repair. Cheers, Ravee
  7. windscreen repair

    I found this on You tube.
  8. windscreen repair

    Hi , Thank you for your input. Actually this is a small damage, I wonder whether there is any place to do the damage repair . Ravee.
  9. windscreen repair

    Hello Expert, I noticed today my front windscreen has a small chipped damage. Is there any place in Colombo to do the repair. Attached is the picture. The size of the damage is arround 5mm. Thank you, Ravee
  10. Anyone using Payoneer Money Transfering Method?

    Hi, You need to create the Payoneer account with the same name. Otherwise there may be issues with linking it with the paypal account. I had the same issue as I was transfering money several times a month from Paypal to the Payoneer. Paypal tend to put restrictions on the Bank details. If the bank detail is not matching the Paypal account. You need to create a account that is capable of receiving the money.
  11. Anyone using Payoneer Money Transfering Method?

    I have been using the Paypal with Payoneer since 2014. As far as I know paypal account created under sri lanka can not receive money. You can use it for payments only. So What I did was get a help of one of my good friend it Australia and created a paypal account with his details. Then created a Payoneer account with his name but as a Sri lankan using his sri lanka ID/Passport. Then link the Payoneer account with the Paypal. I got the Payoneer debit card. Also make sure not to go beyond AUD 1000 in the paypal account. I have another payoneer account created under my name. So I can transfer from Payoneer to payoneer. I'm withdrawing money from Sampath ATM using my Payoneer debit card. Hope this will help for you.
  12. toyota 121 G grade or toyota allion 240??

    Go for a Facelift 121 G grade bro.
  13. Hello Experts, One of my frineds' having a Vitz SCP90 imported from UK add its having a AMT trany. It was having an issue with the Clutch plate and he was searching for the Clutch plate and was unable to find in SL. Agent told that it will take 1 1/2 month to get down the Clutch plate to SL. So he has decided to repair the Clutch. Once he installed the Clutch it is very difficult to change the gears now. I have heard that AMT is coming with Suzuki Celirio and they need to reprogram once a repair is done with AMT type gear box /Clutch plates. Is it the same case with this Vitz as well. Could some body shed some light on this. Thank you,
  14. Check Engine Warning - Hilux Vigo

    Hi, You could scan the vehicle with a proper OBD II vehicle scanner and check whether the Error is still in the ECU as a History record. Check it first then you will be able to pin point the issue.
  15. Yes, there work is pretty good. The engine is smooth and silent.