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  1. raveeJaya

    Japanese Car News

    Thank you for the information. I don't understand why Toyota did not use these concept cars to reality. I think if they introduce this kind of model, there will be lot more Toyota fans in the world.
  2. raveeJaya

    Japanese Car News

    Toyota Prius 2019 Is this true. ?
  3. I had a similar issue and I send them a email with the details I got from them. after that they have posted me the license within few days. You better contact by email and see.
  4. raveeJaya

    Vehicle for 8 million

    I personally owned a Premio 2017 and I'm happy with the vehicle It is really fuel economical and comfortable. And you know it has a good resale value as it has a good reputation in Sri lanka It has most of the new bells and Whistle . If you need a decent pull you can use the S mode. I have heard some issues about the new Xtrial Hybrid you can refer the following links http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/18012-75-km-per-l-xtrail-2015-4x4/?page=1#comment-304788 http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/19046-new-nissan-t-32-xtrail-hybrid-or-petrol-gear-box-issue/?tab=comments#comment-304827 Prado you are considering is 10 years old and it might start to give you some trouble. The CH-R Turbo 1.2 L is also an option for you to consider. You better do a test drive before you finalize your choice. Good luck
  5. raveeJaya

    Nissan Presea

    This is a Common issue for Auto tranys . Show it to Nilwala motors. He might able to help you out. You will be able find the contact details in this Forum.
  6. raveeJaya

    Engine start up failure

    Could it be a short circuit due to the repair you did ?. Have you checked the status of the battery is it an old one ?
  7. raveeJaya

    Paint Care, Car Liquid Ceramic coating

    Thanks Rohnd, Yes there is one advertised in SL . Will try that out
  8. raveeJaya

    Paint Care, Car Liquid Ceramic coating

    Thanks IRage for sharing your experience. I have seen few of these product advertised it Facebook and there is another advertised in SL as well. Will try one and see. I love to do all the stuff by me.
  9. Hi All, I have seen some advertiser about the car paint protective Ceramic coats. Has anybody tried them and is it worth to try it out. At the moment I'm using Wax for my car. But I'm looking for long lasting solutions. Thanks Ravee