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  1. thou1584

    DFSK 580

    Are you even serious!!!😂
  2. thou1584

    Axio Hybrid Warning message

    Just Replace The Key Battery, It will Just go off once u replace
  3. thou1584

    ECU issue in Toyota Vitz

    The issue is about a toyota vitz right??? Then why did you take it to A*W to scan it????
  4. Hi Welcome to the forum I would advice you to stay away from this car, seems like it was involved in an accident. better try to convince the seller and get back your advance good luck finding another genuine one.
  5. thou1584

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    This is somewhat what i also get Mine is a 1.2L Turbo (2WD) City Driving 8-9 kmpl Outstation Driving 13-14 kmpl Highway still not tried out as yet
  6. thou1584

    Toyota Aqua Fuel Consumption Vs Toyota Vitz

    Seriously you have recorded all these!!!
  7. thou1584

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    I had the same issue, front sensor started beeping continuously, took some time to figure it out, Got the correct plates later
  8. Hi I too use an axio hybrid 2016, i had the same issue pre collision system went bong, error messages kept popping up & traction control lights also lighted up. I took it to [email protected]@ta [email protected]@[email protected]@ & they detected the issue in 1 hour, it was rat/mice attack, eaten up some wires. Everything was sorted out in almost two hours & got a bill of 8,000/=. I hope the same issue popped up in your vehicle, get it rectified from the agents, anyways keep us updated here. Thanks
  9. thou1584

    KDH Petrol vs Diesel

    What you said was correct. Also Its not hard to sell a TRH, I had hard time looking for one because the petrol variants very rarely pop up for sale not like its diesel variants.
  10. thou1584

    KDH Petrol vs Diesel

    Hello Brother I use a 2016 model Petrol super GL TRH-200 with a 6 forward A/T Gearbox . I personally feel petrol is way better than diesel. For diesel KDH you will have to pump super diesel, but for the petrol version you can pump normal petrol, Price of Super diesel & price of normal petrol has a small difference. Engine is very smooth, feels like you are in a car & has very good pickup. The fuel consumption of petrol is more or less the same as diesel in KDH. Service intervals are less in petrol versions & less cost to service them than diesel versions, repairs are very much less compared to diesel ones. Has a price difference of 10 Lakhs.
  11. thou1584

    Toyota aqua power side mirror problem

    Yea Bro I too have the same problem on my aqua, left side mirror. Didn't bother much about it, got used to it.
  12. thou1584

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    A plugin hybrid prius with diesel number plates & fake number plates too!!!
  13. thou1584

    Al*i*nz Insurance

    Don't even think of going to Al*i*nz insurance. I should say the worst insurance company in sri lanka.
  14. thou1584

    Harrier Hybrid Radiator Leak

    Thanks guys for your information. Got it replaced at [email protected] House. They did a good job i should say. thanks a lot.
  15. thou1584

    Harrier Hybrid Radiator Leak

    Hello Everyone I own a harrier hybrid 2009 model with 101K on the clock,(not the lexus model) last month when i did a service at toyota lanka ratmalana they said i have a radiator leak & insisted me to replace one with them, but unfortunately they didn't have their stocks. They asked me to place an order it will take 2 months for them to bring it from japan & get it fixed here for a sum of 150,000LKR. My friend who went to singapore got me a genuine radiator brand new for the harrier hybrid in 4 days, it costed me only 80,000LKR. When i took the radiator to toyota lanka they say that they wont be able to fix a spare part brought from outside unless it's purchased from them. Finally they said no. Now where can i fix this new radiator to my vehicle, Please help me guys as i have no clue to where to get this done. Please don't mind the grammatical errors. Thank you guys.
  16. thou1584

    Fuel Efficiency

    Vehicle : Harrier Hybrid Year :2008 Transmission Type :Auto Engine Capacity : 3310 CC Fuel :super petrol CITY :8.5 - 9 kmpl OUT : 12 - 13 Kmpl
  17. thou1584

    Nissan Presea

    No i did not adjust or aim them, may be it could be due to that. Let me try that first. Anyway guys thanks for the idea..
  18. thou1584

    Nissan Presea

    It was the same guy the OP mentioned. Here's the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-H4-OSRAM-NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED-HEADLIGHT-BULBS-H4-TWIN-PACK-64193NBU-HCB-/350956211936?hash=item51b69ecee0
  19. thou1584

    Nissan Presea

    Post Deleted
  20. thou1584

    Nissan Presea

    Hello I got down exactly the same pair of bulbs from ebay last week but wasn't satisfied with the output, mine is a vitz 2007 model with H4 bulbs. The only difference is the colour is a little bit white, but other than that, the output is the same i should say. According to my opinion don't buy them.
  21. thou1584

    Allion Gearbox Noise

    Hello, I do own a 2014 premio with mileage 3K on it. When i engage the gear to D or R, i get a noise from the brakes because i use it very rarely After a few minutes it goes away. Check carefully, whether you hear the noise from the gearbox or somewhere else.
  22. This is not a feature you can disable or enable as per our wish. I fixed this in my vitz 2 months back, its a small control unit that will retract the mirrors once you start the vehicle & close again when you lock the vehicle with the remote. It costed me around 3,000 bucks.
  23. thou1584

    Toyota Hiace

    Hi Nilantha Congratz On your new purchase. Don't believe exorbitant fuel figures mentioned by others. It should do around 8 km/l in the city. Highway fuel figures seem to be ok. I get 12 in the highway & 8 in the city traffic. These i mentioned from my personal experience, i use a 2007 model 2.5cc engine.
  24. thou1584

    Clarification Of The Results After Engine Tune Up

    Hi friends I presently use a 2007 Vitz 1000cc, mileage is 68,000km, did a tune up at toyota lanka since the vehicle was vibrating heavily, problem was sorted out vehicle is running smooth now. Highway run i used to get about 16 km/l, in the city traffic it gives me about 9 km/l. Personally i feel these figures are ok. Some guys quote unbelievable fuel figures that are really hard to believe
  25. thou1584

    Toyota Passo Fuel Consumption Problem

    Actually not related to the passo but i do own a vitz 1000cc, which i suppose is the same engine as the passo. Even i get almost the same fuel figures like 8-9kmpl in city outstation 12kmpl. Many people say they get extraordinary fuel figures, but personally i don't believe. This is the real scenario!! .