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  1. thou1584

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Mine's the same case as yours it was registered in japan previously (brand new although) and registered as recondition here. My Insurance agent was J*n*sh*kti insurance (now taken over by all*a*z insurance) In my case i was rear ended by two vehicles one behind the other. I had no issue with them, got my claim without much of a hassle.
  2. thou1584

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    The agents really did a good job 100% agree, I had my C-HR rear ended by a truck and the agents took care of it with a hefty bill of 325k. Was 100% perfect no one could find out whether it met with an accident, except for the rear bodykit they refused to replace citing they don't install them. I had to install one from elsewhere. Got 90% of the value from the insurance.
  3. I tried full tank to full tank method twice its the same figures i get, there is no other symptoms other than high fuel consumption. Could you please suggest me a place to do a tune up and & spark plug replacement other than the agents...
  4. Air filter was replaced in the last service, Spark plugs were never replaced or checked, There is a small delay in the beginning of accelaration, but once picked up speed around 60kmph it runs well. Should i also need a tune up, throttle body cleaning with a spark plug replacement. Please advice me Your inputs are very much appreciated
  5. Hi My car is a Vitz 2014 KSP -130 model with the 1.0L engine, For the past 2 weeks I am experiencing a high consumption of fuel (92) roughly does about 6-7 kmpl (driving in minimal traffic). All the regular maintenance have been done on time. There is no engine vibration. I am not a heavy footed driver. Highway fuel figures does about 17-18 kmpl (perfectly ok) The present ODO is 71,000 km, changed ATF in 45,000 km & no tune up done since i bought the car. The mileage is genuine since i personally got it from the auction with all auction sheets & Jaai Certificates. Please give me your valuable inputs & thoughts as to what could be the issue & where i could take it to except the agents. Thank you
  6. thou1584

    Toyota Premio 260 GearBox Repair

    How do you Re-Calibrate the CVT????
  7. Mine is a Vitz 2014 model 1000cc City Driving 8-9 kmpl (nothing more than that) Outstation 11-12 kmpl Southern Expressway 17-18 kmpl (tried many times)
  8. thou1584

    DFSK 580

    Are you even serious!!!😂
  9. thou1584

    Axio Hybrid Warning message

    Just Replace The Key Battery, It will Just go off once u replace
  10. thou1584

    ECU issue in Toyota Vitz

    The issue is about a toyota vitz right??? Then why did you take it to A*W to scan it????
  11. Hi Welcome to the forum I would advice you to stay away from this car, seems like it was involved in an accident. better try to convince the seller and get back your advance good luck finding another genuine one.
  12. thou1584

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    This is somewhat what i also get Mine is a 1.2L Turbo (2WD) City Driving 8-9 kmpl Outstation Driving 13-14 kmpl Highway still not tried out as yet
  13. thou1584

    Toyota Aqua Fuel Consumption Vs Toyota Vitz

    Seriously you have recorded all these!!!
  14. thou1584

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    I had the same issue, front sensor started beeping continuously, took some time to figure it out, Got the correct plates later
  15. Hi I too use an axio hybrid 2016, i had the same issue pre collision system went bong, error messages kept popping up & traction control lights also lighted up. I took it to [email protected]@ta [email protected]@[email protected]@ & they detected the issue in 1 hour, it was rat/mice attack, eaten up some wires. Everything was sorted out in almost two hours & got a bill of 8,000/=. I hope the same issue popped up in your vehicle, get it rectified from the agents, anyways keep us updated here. Thanks