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    Mazda Bj5P Front Brake Rotor

    Hi All, Thanks for all of your valuable responses. My car has done 150K kilometeres. When I checked with earlier service service technician told me the same that you can remove the uneven wastage on a lathe and can be used more. Just thought of bring them down cz I came abroad for a short time period and saw the spare parts prices are pretty much cheaper than SL. Thanks and Best Regards, Chamil
  2. chamildz

    Mazda Bj5P Front Brake Rotor

    Hi Friends, I have a mazda familia BJ5P 2000. I am planing to change the front disk brake rotors. Appreciate if anyone help me out on below areas: The price of a brand new disk brake rotor Is there any specific model number for this ? Can we order these from amazon or ebay by matching to mazda protege 2000 model? Thanks and Best Regards, Chamil
  3. chamildz

    Mazda Club

    Mee too in...(Mazda Familia)
  4. chamildz

    Mazda Familia 2000 Atf Oil

    Hi All, I recently bought my mazda BJ5P 2000 model.I have changed my ATF in last week and I used Mobil ATF oil for that. But that is multipurpose ATF oil. And the mechanic told that oil is fine. I still have doubt about it. Please share your thoughts about this
  5. chamildz

    Mazda Bj5p Service

    Hi Bugati, I bought my car in last week..please send me the details