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  1. Drift King

    Allion Headlight Bulbs

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ok den ill gvup da idea abt high beam. so some one plz tel me da bulb type for the fog lampz ??
  2. Drift King

    Allion Headlight Bulbs

    i have a allion nzt240 (2005). with projection head light with factory fitted xenon lights for low beam. im going to restore the fog lams and the high beam to xenon lights and planing to buy them from Ebay. so before order them i want to knwo the bulb type of the high beam and the fog lamps (ex. HB3, HB4) :action-smiley-060: can some one help me for it !! :unsure:
  3. Drift King

    Hi Speed

    hi everybody. several times i saw police ppl tring to catch hi speed vehicls around kandy and kandy cmb road. i saw they are using a speed gun for this process. does ny body knw can we use the Laser Radar detector to escape from these speed guns?? :ninja: detectors does any one knw wt r the rays that SL cops r using on this speed guns?? coz there r sevaral radar detector models for sevaral typ of rays. :action-smiley-060: cheers DK