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  1. Hi eyepea

    I travel quite often at night (7PM to 10PM) and early morning (3AM to 6:AM) on the Puttalam-Anuradhapura road.

    Elephants are not often on the road but generally they can be seen somewhere between the 7km to about the 10km posts before Karuwalagswewa, and again between Thabbowa tank and before Saliyawewa.

    I have observed that these elephants are rather shy and I have had no issues. They are either on the side of the road or beyond the electric fences.

    By and large I avoid travelling between 10pm and 3am, not so some much because of elephants but because of reckless bus drivers.

    I don't advice speeding in these areas (clearly road marked as elephant crossing areas) because should you suddenly encounter a lone bull or a herd, you may end up hitting them. I travel at a speed where I could easily control the vehicle in case of an emergency.


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  2. Very soon I will need to change my tyres on my Hyundai Tucson.

    The original tyres are Kumho and have given me 43,000 km so far and I guess I can do another 2000 km without any issues.

    I have the option of choosing one of the following brands;

    Kumho - 100

    Hangkook - 76

    GT - 65

    Nexen - 62

    GT and Nexen are the cheapest, though Hangkook which is 24% cheaper is also a good option.

    If any members have experiences with these brands, will appreciate your views please.

    Thank you

  3. I have read that after-market Electronic Tuning Sustems, when fitted to Diesel CRDi vehicle improves performance and efficiency.

    Please see http://www.tdc-technologies.com/ and http://www.dieselexpress.co.uk/

    They are some of the establishments that offer Digital Tuning Systems at prices varying from GBP 90 to GBP 500!!!

    Is there anyone who may have used these tuning boxes in Sri Lanka that fit between the ECU and Fuel Injection System? If so may I have (only) their views please?

    Thank you

  4. have you tried outdoorsman? 4x4 motors?

    Not quite what I was looking for at ODM. Very crude in my view (at least what was shown to me) :rolleyes: . Will try 4x4M on Saturday.

    I have seen several Prado's with fairly high quality workmanship receiver hitches. Maybe direct imports!!

    Thank you for your response.

  5. I am searching for a reliable place where I can purchase and fit a quality Tow Hitch Receiver for a Toyota Landcrusier Prado.

    Any information will be helpful.

  6. Hello Ekendra,

    Thanks for the message.

    As you may know there are loads of fuel injector cleaners & additives in the market today. Wurth, STP, Redex, 3M & ABRO to name a few in our market which has equal and or similar effects.

    As you stated that you are looking for something extra what I can recommend is Forte Diesel Injector system cleaner. Its around £15.00 & is available in UK.

    As stated earlier in this thread Running a good fuel additive is your best bet to keep your injectors happy as long as they are not clogged-up. Also as a tip, is that if you are going on a somewhat extended drive (i.e., road trip), this is a great time to use a fuel injector cleaning additive. The constant flow of the injectors (since you are in somewhat of a cruising state) with the additive in there does a really great job of cleaning the fuel system.

    Another is the Berryman's line of cleaners.

    For petrol vehicles the BG 44K Power Enhancer should be used. It safely, rapidly and thoroughly removes engine deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves. It restores flow in fuel injectors and cleans the entire fuel system.

    Users have noticed an improvement in fuel economy and exhaust emissions. This is available in the US & UK if you can get your hands on one of them. Add one can or bottle to fuel tank at fill up. You can use this about every 20-25k miles

    This additive is also Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe.

    What you need exactly is BG244 for diesel engines which have equal effects. One advice by one of my mates is that you should not use this anywhere else other than the fuel tank itself.

    Hope this helps,



    Hi Jerome,

    I was talking to a guy who has considerable experience with 4X4 vehicles and he suggested that I use Auto Diesel fuel (Cetane of 48) with a regular treatment of Wurth Diesel Additive. He seems very confident that this combination would suffice. I have a 90 litre tank and he suggests that I fill up when the tank is half empty and add 100 ml of Wurth Diesel Additive each time I fill the tank with diesel. I presently use Super Diesel.

    Would you like to comment?

    Thank you - Ekendra

  7. Spot on MadMMx, your 2 cents are correct. As I stated earlier the recommended way to clean injectors are ultrasonically & you will notice the difference straight away on boost & economy.As JD mentioned the old way of powering up the injector ''just works''. It just works to open & close the valve to let the cleaning agent out which does some cleaning. But the Ultrasonic wave does the job 100%. After all,you do want to spend your money for a complete job.Dont you? And how often will you be taking out your injectors apart?



    Hi Jerome,

    I have checked the Wurth UK website and I note that they do not have an injector cleaner for Diesel. What would you suggest for Diesel injectors?



  8. Hi The Stig.

    Yes, the 2nd Start button is available on Auto trans vehicles to start in 2nd gear in muddy conditions thus avoiding wheel spin. I guess you are right. I will visit the agents and see what can be done. Thank you for your response.

  9. The 2nd Start button on my Prado has stopped working. When the button is depressed the dash board indicator does not light up and I do not think that the 2nd start is engaged.

    Does anyone know where I can get this repaired apart at the agents?

  10. no specific person to talk to ..yo uwill just have to speak to someone from the transfers section.

    i believe they don't do 1 day transfers for duplicate CR's because they are supposed to investigate if the CR you have is legit etc.

    Many thanks. Hope I will be lucky tomorrow!!

  11. you can probably go alot sooner and pick it up if you want but chances are they haven't even gotten to your file.

    even after a month, mine wasn't done when it should have been done and ready to post. so they did it immediately (took about an hour) and gave it to me.

    Thanks. I will go there on Friday and see what can be done. Who should I talk to? Wonder why it is not possible to get the same-day service?

  12. Hey man,recently my fathers toyota hiluk got in to a fatal accident bt recovered if not for the help of my fathers mechanic,dz guy re installed all with the geniune sets,he brought them from sri lankas only toyota orginal parts dealer,even toyota lanka buys 4rm him,a part dat wud normally cost 15000 odd wud cost only 3000 with him...i dnt knw the person,bt da garage in which v gt da cab repaired z in vijerama itz called Deniyaya Motors..

    Thank you CyRax. Greatly appreciate your response. If possible I shall be obliged if you can let me have the address/contact details of Deniyaya Motors to 0777736701.

  13. Thanks guys for your responses.

    I can see a pair of Promota V61 HID Standard Balasts fitted. Not sure how many Kelvins these lights are but I was able to get the lights adjusted. I don't think that the reflectors are Xenon types. I need to find a place that can help me out. If possible text details to 0777736701. Thanks

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