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    Hid Xenon Lights

    The previous owner on the my vehicle had fitted HID Xenon lights using the old lamp reflectors. My previous vehicle had the normal lights and to me they seemed to appear brighter at night with greater night visibilty. My guess is that the old reflectors do not match up with the HID Xenon lights. Can anyone suggest a HID Xenon expert that I can go to so as to get this rectified?
  2. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Wild Elephants On The Road, Any Experience ?

    Hi eyepea I travel quite often at night (7PM to 10PM) and early morning (3AM to 6:AM) on the Puttalam-Anuradhapura road. Elephants are not often on the road but generally they can be seen somewhere between the 7km to about the 10km posts before Karuwalagswewa, and again between Thabbowa tank and before Saliyawewa. I have observed that these elephants are rather shy and I have had no issues. They are either on the side of the road or beyond the electric fences. By and large I avoid travelling between 10pm and 3am, not so some much because of elephants but because of reckless bus drivers. I don't advice speeding in these areas (clearly road marked as elephant crossing areas) because should you suddenly encounter a lone bull or a herd, you may end up hitting them. I travel at a speed where I could easily control the vehicle in case of an emergency. Ekendra
  3. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Car Batteries Prices

    Does any other supplier provide a MOBILE services? I am particularly referring to Amaron and Panasonic 5 year warranty batteries. Thanks
  4. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Tyres For Hyundai Tucson

    Very soon I will need to change my tyres on my Hyundai Tucson. The original tyres are Kumho and have given me 43,000 km so far and I guess I can do another 2000 km without any issues. I have the option of choosing one of the following brands; Kumho - 100 Hangkook - 76 GT - 65 Nexen - 62 GT and Nexen are the cheapest, though Hangkook which is 24% cheaper is also a good option. If any members have experiences with these brands, will appreciate your views please. Thank you
  5. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Vehicle Transferring And Registration Procedure

    Is there a special format for the NO OBJECTIONS letter? Is it just OK to say; "This is to certify that I Mr. YYY of yyyyy holder of NIC 5555555555 am the owner of vehicle XX-XX YYYY and I have no objections to the transfer of the said vehicle to Mr. xxxx of xxxxx holder of NIC 6666666666?"
  6. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Snow Foam

    Many thanks. Will try that out.
  7. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Snow Foam

    Does anyone know if SNOW FOAM http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/washing-and-drying/super-snow-foam-5-litre/prod_370.html is available to retail customers in Sri Lanka. Kleenpark uses it but it is not for sale.
  8. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Crdi - Electronic Diesel Tuning Systems

    I have read that after-market Electronic Tuning Sustems, when fitted to Diesel CRDi vehicle improves performance and efficiency. Please see http://www.tdc-technologies.com/ and http://www.dieselexpress.co.uk/ They are some of the establishments that offer Digital Tuning Systems at prices varying from GBP 90 to GBP 500!!! Is there anyone who may have used these tuning boxes in Sri Lanka that fit between the ECU and Fuel Injection System? If so may I have (only) their views please? Thank you
  9. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Gps Map For Toyota Navigation Systems

    Try http://www.tnavi.lk/ The address was given as Elibank Road... last Sunday's (15th Jan) HitAds
  10. Ekendra Edrisinghe


    Not quite what I was looking for at ODM. Very crude in my view (at least what was shown to me) . Will try 4x4M on Saturday. I have seen several Prado's with fairly high quality workmanship receiver hitches. Maybe direct imports!! Thank you for your response.
  11. Ekendra Edrisinghe


    I am searching for a reliable place where I can purchase and fit a quality Tow Hitch Receiver for a Toyota Landcrusier Prado. Any information will be helpful.
  12. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Car Tv Navigation System

    Does this mean that every time you disconnect the battery, your navi will have to be re-set and you have to fork-out 1500/-??
  13. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Fuel Injector Cleaner

    Hi Jerome, I was talking to a guy who has considerable experience with 4X4 vehicles and he suggested that I use Auto Diesel fuel (Cetane of 48) with a regular treatment of Wurth Diesel Additive. He seems very confident that this combination would suffice. I have a 90 litre tank and he suggests that I fill up when the tank is half empty and add 100 ml of Wurth Diesel Additive each time I fill the tank with diesel. I presently use Super Diesel. Would you like to comment? Thank you - Ekendra
  14. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Fuel Injector Cleaner

    Hi Jerome, I have checked the Wurth UK website and I note that they do not have an injector cleaner for Diesel. What would you suggest for Diesel injectors? Regards Ekendra
  15. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    2Nd Start Button

    The 2nd Start button on my Prado has stopped working. When the button is depressed the dash board indicator does not light up and I do not think that the 2nd start is engaged. Does anyone know where I can get this repaired apart at the agents?
  16. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    2Nd Start Button

    Hi The Stig. Yes, the 2nd Start button is available on Auto trans vehicles to start in 2nd gear in muddy conditions thus avoiding wheel spin. I guess you are right. I will visit the agents and see what can be done. Thank you for your response.
  17. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Toyota Landcruiser Prado 1Kz-Te

    According to the user manual, the recommended fuel type for the 1KZ-TE engine is "Diesel fuel, cetane number 48 or higher" The specs given by CeyPetco for AUTO diesel is "Cetane number minimum 48". http://www.ceypetco.gov.lk/Products_and_Services.htm#11 The question is, how accurate is this figure and if it is why pay more for Super Diesel. Will appreciate an EXPERT opinion please. Thank you
  18. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Toyota Landcruiser Prado 1997 1Kz-Te/kzj95

    Would an owner of a Toyota Landcruiser Prado 1997 (Diesel/Auto) tell me if Rear Diff Lock is standard or if LSD is standard. Thanks
  19. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Transfer Registration

    What is the usual time to obtain new registration papers for a vehicle with a "Duplicate" document as opposed to one with an "original" document?
  20. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Transfer Registration

    Many thanks. Hope I will be lucky tomorrow!!
  21. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Transfer Registration

    Who should I talk to? Wonder why it is not possible to get the same-day service?
  22. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Transfer Registration

    Thanks. I will go there on Friday and see what can be done. Who should I talk to? Wonder why it is not possible to get the same-day service?
  23. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Toyota Landcruiser Prado 1997

    Can anyone tell me from where I can purchase GENUINE Toyota spare parts for the Landcruiser Prado 1997? Initially I am looking for Front and Rear brake pads, Two big rubber blocks (not sure what they are called, but fitted to the rear axel shaft) to prevent rolling from side to side, and front suspension upper and lower arm bushes. Also the top radiator hose. I am planning on getting the work done at a workshop on Saranankara Rd, Dehiwala
  24. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Transfer Registration

    I wonder why it should take as long as one month?
  25. Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Hid Xenon Lights

    Thank you all for your invaluable advice. How can I verify the colour temperature of my unit?