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    GT Tyres

    Try Kumho or Hankook or Sumitomo. i think Hyundai and Kia vehicles come with Hankook tyres from factory as well Sounds like they are all season tyres, I think SL weather requires summer tyres. I know someone who recently bought these tyres, will see how they will perform.
  2. Magnum

    GT Tyres

    What’s your vehicle?
  3. Magnum

    GT Tyres

    Does that mean it’s like a winter tyre? I thought those were sort of like all terrain tyres.
  4. Go to the Wagon R club Facebook group and look for a ‘meet up’ video

    Thank me later! :D

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    2. iRage


      As I asked in FB...why do these fan boys of different car groups in SL like to drive around in circles ?

       I mean...literally in circles...

      As for those guys...I think viewers would have found more respect for them if they had just gotten out of their cars, stripped down to their tighty whities and started mud wrestling. So we are going to find some agent maintained, personally imported, first owner, brand new condition with original low mileage Wagon R with Hybrid system failures and sensors cocked up 

    3. hrm


      I have new found respect for them :D Next time they should do a drag race.

    4. alpha17


      I want to donate my eyes...:action-smiley-082:

  5. Magnum

    Japanese Car News

    Nah, I’m not a big fan of this design, maybe it’ll grow on me as time goes by. It’s anyway too big for SL roads
  6. Magnum

    Japanese Car News

    Following a string of teasers, Toyota has officially revealed the 2014 Corolla in the U.S. specification. On numerous occasions Toyota said the new Corolla is going to take styling cues from the surprisingly attractive Furia concept, but the end result isn't nearly as impressive as the concept shown earlier this year at NAIAS. However, it's significantly more appealing than the outgoing generation which should boost sales even further. Sending a bit of a Honda vibe, the new Corolla comes as standard with LED low-beam headlamps and adopts a five-point lower front grille. The interior cabin is more evolved than what the predecessor has to offer and is more spacious thanks to a longer wheelbase which has increased by 3.93 inches (100 mm) to 106.3 inches (2700 mm). As a result of the elongated wheelbase, the 2014 Toyota provides an extra 2.95 inches of rear seat room. Exterior dimensions stand at 182.6 inches (4639mm) length, 69.9 inches (1776 mm) width and 57.3 inches (1455 mm) height, meaning the new Corolla is 3.90 inches (99 mm) longer, 0.63 inches (16 mm) wider and 0.39 inches (10 mm) lower than before. Front overhangs have increased by 0.90 inches (23 mm) to 37.7 inches (958 mm), while rear overhangs have been shortened by 0.94 inches (24 mm) to 38.6 inches (981 mm). The 2014 Toyota Corolla L, LE and S trim levels come with a 4-cylinder, 1.8-liter engine producing 132 bhp (98 kW), while the new LE Eco grade is powered by a 1.8-liter mill rated at 140 bhp (104 kW). Various gearboxes are available depending on trim level, with a six-speed manual for the L and S models, a seven-speed CVTi-S (continuously variable transmission intelligent-shift) for LE, LE Eco and S and an obsolete four-speed automatic for the entry-level L model. The Eco-badged model brings improved aerodynamics and rides on low-rolling resistance tires which enable a highway fuel economy of more than 40 mpg US (48 mpg UK or 5.8 liters / 100 km). This figure was possible by making extensive use of lightweight, high-strength steel which has kept the Corolla's curb weight at less than 2,900 lbs (1,315 kg). Standard equipment includes eight airbags, Bluetooth hand-free phone and audio-streaming connectivity, along with other equipment (depending on trim) such as back-up monitor, power moonroof, touchscreen radio, smart key / push-button start, SofTex seats and apps accessible via the audio head unit.
  7. Magnum

    Japanese Car News

    Makes sense, I just checked the specs of Alphard and this is much bigger than the Alphard in both dimension and weight.
  8. Magnum

    Japanese Car News

    Toyota has planned to introduce new van to the Japan market as GranAce, which is basically the Granvia sold in export market. Its a passenger version of the 300 series Hiace. The van is 5300mm in length, 1970mm in width and 1990 in height. It will be offered as either as six or eight seater. The power plant under the bonnet would be the 1GD mated to a six speed transmission. Toyota hasn't confirmed the power figures, however I assume it would be similar to the Granvia([email protected] and [email protected]). I expect the weight of the van would be between 2600-2700kg. It would be interesting to see how this would fair in the Japanese market, it seems like it would eat into the Alphard/Velfire market. Note: This isn't a replacement for the Hiace 200 series, This is more like bringing back the Granvia/Super Custom, Sometime back Toyota confirmed that they wouldn't introduce the export 300 series to the Japan market but instead continue with the ongoing 200 series(Its probably because its too big) for now. https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/toyota/29933304.html
  9. Magnum

    Japanese Car News

    The 1L variant would be super popular in SL
  10. It's the same rating everywhere, in the past tyres were using layers of plies, higher the ply, stronger the tyre. However, modern tyres are made using other materials hence now we use a 'load rating index.' Load rating is mentioned in numbers, you will find it after the tyre size. For easy reference tyre shops in SL match the load rating to the old ply rating, for example 98 load rated tyre would be similar to a 6 ply tyre, the tyres on my Hiace are load rated at 104/106, the tyre shop told me it's a 8 ply tyre. The 265/65/R17 tyre you came across probably has 4 layers of ply in addition to other materials because 110-112 load rating is equivalent to a 9 or 10 ply rating
  11. I get what you’re saying, a stronger tyre will be harder, but if I’m not wrong modern tyres don’t have plies, in Sri Lankan people match the weight rating of tyres to old ply rating. Only way to find out is to try two different tyre sets on same vehicle one after the other and compare the comfort
  12. Is this true? Some people fix lower ply tyres than the original ones on SUVs and Vans in SL believing it’ll increase comfort. I’m not sure how true this theory is. i believe Prado will have 8 ply tyres
  13. Magnum

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    If I’m gonna sit for like a minute at a traffic light I shift to N and apply the parking brake. I don’t think Shifting between gears often will damage the gearbox but it will wear out a small washer behind the gear selector. I have seen that happen once on a van but then again that was a rented van and it had a gearbox issue, D was stuck in 3rd so you had to shift between 2 and L. Doing that often probably wore out the washer. It’s not good engage park before engaging the parking. The loud thud you get when shifting back to D is the sound from the gearbox. When you shift into Park before applying parking brake, the gearbox holds the vehicle in place rather than the parking brake.
  14. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Odor level indicator, Japan never fails to amaze me!
  15. Magnum

    DFSK 580

    This guy deserves the employee of the month award....or may as well give him the employee of the year award as well..
  16. Magnum

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    yeah my bad! I just checked it on car directory weight difference in a Rav4 is around 40-60kg. I assume the weight difference on a Hiace is bigger due to the difference in the AWD system.
  17. Magnum

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    Well the 4WD Vitara weighs 75kg more than the 2WD version(full option). For some vehicles like the RAV4 the weight difference is around 150kg, while for the Hiace it’s 100kg. The fuel economy would be expected by how the 4WD system works as well You have said you get a fuel economy of around 10km/l. How much could we expect from the 2WD version?
  18. Magnum

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    So most of the ones in SL are FWD? How much more is the 4WD with an auto box?
  19. Magnum

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    Sweet ride! I like the styling as well, it’s one of those few new vehicles without excessive lines and curves. Simple and elegant. However a small spoiler would look nice, something similar to what you get in Vezel. Also it seems well worth the price. I went through the Suzuki UK website, I couldn’t find a 4WD with Automatic transmission option for the SZT grade.
  20. I wasn’t aware that we had EG and EK hatchbacks in SL 😳

    where were they hiding?

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    2. □AVANTE□


      Of course they are good cars! I respect them too. Even the EK9 Type-R is now fetching sky high prices worldwide! Hondas deserve respect all the time. If we told Americans that our Swifts, Lancers, KDH & Civics are fun to drive, they'd puke. But thats the Srilankan charm :)

    3. Magnum


      They dont understand what we get here, cuz they only get a handful good stuff from Japan. I have met few of them, , their car culture is different. 

      For example there was one guy who strongly claimed 4Runner(which is basically a gasoline Hilux Surf with fewer options) is better than the Hilux. For them off-roading in a gasoline vehicle is normal, where as most other countries prefer diesel SUVs and Utes for off roading. 

    4. □AVANTE□


      To each their own..diversity is a unique characteristic of the motoring community after all!

  21. Magnum

    Kdh 2012(201) desel

    Did you disable the DPF or did you remove the DPF unit? if you take out the DPF you will notice a bit of black smoke in first gear. How bad is the emission of black smoke? And are you using super diesel?
  22. Magnum

    Wading depth?

    Agreed, I have seen videos of people wading through deep water without giving any thought. I dont have much knowledge on off-roading, but from what I have seen I can tell that people who do this check the depth of the water before going through as it may be too late once you are in the water. Another thing is if you have a manual transmission you need to make sure what gear you want to be in before going into the water. This is because when you engage the clutch the water can seep into a manual transmission. Auto boxes wont have this problem as they are better sealed.
  23. Magnum

    Wading depth?

    What he meant was that the water wouldn't go directly through the air filter(which sits at the bottom level of bumper) without reaching the air vent(which is higher up behind the headlamp)