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  1. I thought the rating was meant to be given by your mates
  2. You know my modern cars have angry looking faces? Its because they need to put up with all these emission standards 😝

    1. iRage


      ..well...wouldn't you have an angry face too if someone plugged-up your a*$ and all your f*rts were stuck inside you ?

  3. You can identify it by looking at the gear selector If it has tiptronic then its 5AGS If its looks like a standard automatic then its 4AT The Join Turbo trim only came as 4AT or 5MT and from certain year(not sure which) the PC trim also was offered only as 4AT or 5MT. The 5AGS is more economical and better in terms of performance, its more fun as well when you use the tiptronic, feels much like a proper manual vehicle. If the 4AT is matted with a turbo option then the turbocharger evens out the power drop. The downside of 5AGS is it can be bit jerky at times and hill starts can be tricky if you dont have the hill start assist feature
  4. Thats a fair price for a car thats landed and complied in Australia, in fact some Facebook page had quoted this car also would cost the same.
  5. 30,005,000 yen - $393k AUD / $286k USD / 221k GBP / 243k Euro.
  6. 80s and 90s Brown Interior . Anyone else loves these?
  7. This vehicle is currently very popular on Facebook Marketplace
  8. Vehicle prices these.... LOL
    are people actually buying for those ridiculously advertised price?

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    2. RWD


      even if you sell your ride now for a good price its a bad time to upgrade. you are going to have to pay a premium for a new ride and any gains on your sale will be eradicated with the premium you pay for a new vehicle..... and the hit you will have to take when its time to sell once imports are allowed again.

    3. Magnum


      I dont understand whats the need for buying cars at such crazy prices :D
      Premio cars which advertised for less than 4.5mil are now advertised for over 5 mil 

    4. iRage


      Well...the issue is...people believing cars like the Premio are investments. So it is a desperate attempt to buy low and sell high. However a lot of people seem to be doing it assuming that the prices are going to go even higher. What is ironic is that the prices right now have gone up because of these very same people..so once they stop buying the prices are going to drop to a more realistic price. The reality is...the prices would go down if they actually stop buying right now. But no...our brilliant idiots are not that smart.

      Most of the once who have gotten hit with reality and claiming that the Premio is over priced were interestingly looking for cars or trying to sell theirs just a few weeks ago. Then there are the once who were looking to genuinely purchase one during this period who have gotten right royally probed up their rear orifices because of those who are trying to make a quick buck or profitable flip.

  9. Is the van in question a Hiace Grand Cabin?
  10. Whats a 2C molli engine?

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    2. Ruslan


      We had a Town Ace CR27 which manufactured in '94 had an "Molli" Engine. Molli Engine is the latest generation 2C engine. so sellers make it as a statement to draw customers saying this has the latest and greatest 😀. i remember one of our cousins had CT-150 Corona (which originally imported to Navy) had flat head valve covered 2C eventually replaced by "Molli" 2C engine.

    3. Magnum


      @Ruslan I assume the CT210 series were all 'Molli' 2C?

    4. Ruslan


      @Magnum yes. They came with Molli engine as well.

  11. This was the aftermath of it Google Maps normally picks the commonly used route or the shortest route. As Google Maps isnt commonly used in SL it doesnt have any user data I guess so picks the shortest the route to your destination. Best thing to do is to look at the overview of your route and check if it's taking main roads or smaller roads
  12. Something similar happened to me in SL. Google Maps took me on a gravel roads with massive water filled potholes when there was a tarmac road not far away and going to the same place.
  13. Theres a beautiful Mazda Familia for sale on the quick site

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    2. Magnum
    3. GK_007


      This one has been for sale for sometime now. For 8-9 months. Doubt if there is any issue ? 🤔 but both interior and exterior looks mint. 

      @iRage thats a 11- one right ? 323 hatch, seems to be in good nick too. 

    4. iRage


      Yes...the 11- one...looks pretty clean and well taken care of (or restored)...so found that to be more impressive than the blue one. 

  14. Before you decide on Xbox or PS, try them both by yourself. They are similar but different in their own ways. Personally I prefer the PS controller over the Xbox controller. Plus there are some games which are exclusive for specific console only for example Gran Turismo, Uncharted or God of War are available on PS only. Where as Forza series is only available on Xbox. If I'm not wrong in Sri Lanka theres a bigger following for PlayStation than for Xbox
  15. If I'm not wrong they showcased a new a GTR Concept as well, but sadly the issue is that I don't think Nissan has enough funds to take the risk of investing in these cars sports cars. Nissan won't be the same as they did in the 80s and 90s. Maybe things would have been different if they had merged with a Chinese company rather than with Renault
  16. Interesting....I thought reverse/rear view camera was a late 90s or post 2000 technology. This is a 1980 Isuzu Journey 🤨
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