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  1. This isnt even the first time, there are some other people on Facebook who claim its their van
  2. Nope, it’s some unknown guy who has edited himself to a pic of my van
  3. Congrats! car looks clean without any unnecessary modifications.
  4. This is what happens when you fill up to the point fuel overflows
  5. Buy a Toyota Mark X and call it a day
  6. Find me a VR38DETT in SL Jokes aside, gotta love Japan's car scene, you get a Nissan GTR, a Hiace with VR38DETT and a N-Box in the same video
  7. They have a supplier in SL I agree with Kavvz, as its a family vehicle I would be more concerned about comfort, space and practicality than cornering speed. If you switch to a small hatchback you will lose out on interior space and because yours is the Wagon variant of Every, you might notice a drop in comfort as well. Also you may not get the features what you get now such climate control AC, 5 speaker sound system, powered sliding doors, xenon lights or ease of getting in and out(especially for older people) I have driven both the Every van and Every wagon, it definitely didnt handle like a car but it wasnt something to complain about. Drive another van similar to yours and compare whether the body roll is similar.
  8. Most passenger vehicles will have a fair bit of body roll, you can eliminate body roll with few mods. One of the easiest way is to get sway bars, Ultra Racing maybe able to help you with this. You could also reduce body roll by lowering the suspension or by going for stiffer springs The downside of these upgrades would be that you would notice a drop in comfort.
  9. 2004 Toyota ‎2006 Mercedes
  10. Apparently Australia has a FD2 which isn't a Type R, I thought all Type Rs were FD2

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    2. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      FD1 Type S also has all the options you mentioned above neda machan? not sure about the EPS though..

    3. Magnum


      The FD1 here were offered as VTI which is the basic version and VTI-L which received climate control AC, and ‎16 inch wheels.

      I forgot to mention that the FD2 Sport also had leather seats, fog lamps and 17 inch wheels. I think parking sensors were optional in all the trim levels

    4. MrCat


      ^^^ Those 17inch wheels were carried over from the EP3 Type-R. ;) 

  11. Thats a terrible Bosozoku job
  12. Got Dirt Rally 2 for free on PSN, I'm impressed with the game...

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    2. Davy


      You'll feel how each car has it's own characteristics in Dirt Rally if you use a wheel.

      I recently got the Colin McRae flatout pack for Dirt Rally 2 and the 1998 Subaru WRX S4 is a total blast to drive. Unlike any other car in the game. 

      So yeah... get a wheel! 😁

    3. Magnum


      Will do when it's possible :D

      btw if you guys are into adventure games, try the Uncharted series

    4. AVANTE


      Already finished the whole series! First game I bought for my PS3 back then. Don't have the playstation now but the games are still there. Nostalgia😢

      Did you play last of us? 





  13. Yep it is an Aero Queen, there are some older models in SL too and some Aero King as well
  14. Thats an expensive lens! Is it heavy?
  15. Thats a dope snap dude! What did you use to capture?
  16. Has anyone here played either DriveClub or Project Cars 2?

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    2. AVANTE


      If you want to let go of realistic physics & enjoy modding & adrenaline chases for a while, obviously NFS. If you are still hooked for a highly realistic driving experience with beautiful graphics, P-cars 2.

      Played NFS Payback last week on PS4 and it has an okay story. Although if possible, go for NFS Heat, it rocks! Car laundering cops, Car customization & character customizations are endless, graphics are fab & a wide variety of car choices, from MX5s, Skylines & EK9 to exotics & classics.

    3. Davy


      Agree with what @□AVANTE□ said. The last NFS I played was NFS Most Wanted. Lost interest in the game after that because handling and physics was becoming too arcade-like. I'm more into simulation, and I play a lot of Rally Games. 

      The best Rally game that came out recently IMO is Dirt Rally 2.0. It's an absolute masterpiece when it comes to physics, handling, car tuning and most importantly, breathtaking stages. The original Dirt Rally had it's quirks and really difficult to play (reminds me of Richard Burns Rally - so much realism). But Dirt Rally 2.0 is so much better. You really need a good steering wheel setup to play it though. 

      Make sure you watch this on 1080p @ 60fps


    4. AVANTE


      @Davy Dirt Rally is neat. Tried it briefly yet I loved it and even follow the subreddit.

      I have a Logitech F710 controller and still play the 2012 Most wanted just for crusing around at legal speeds and suddenly tipping off the police (Sike!). Real life is already too real, would like to have some fun in the digital fantasy atleast :P

  17. Correct me if I’m wrong, some SUVs were registered as motor coach because of their seating capacity exceeding 7 seats. Hence I don’t know if the procedure would be simple as it is for single cabs which were identical from one another.
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