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  1. Why drag racing cars dont use low profile tyres?

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    2. iRage


      I could try explaining it..but a better way for you to figure it out..is watch "Street Outlaws" you have many streaming sites :) The drivers (who are the characters in the show) explain these things (about going to big end, small end, etc...). 

      Basically, you need the thicker and higher walls of the wheels to absorb the sudden impact the wheels will get from a high torque launch (sorry..not being a techie person I have no idea how to explain it). The chunky walls absorb it making sure that the rear stays planted (if the tire does not absorb it that initial jolt is going to go to the stiff suspension which will make the rear bounce up and break free..not to mention break the suspension). So yeah...those drag cars go with different sets of tires with different walls to change during an event.


    3. □AVANTE□


      @iRageexactly what I tried to explain :)

    4. Magnum


      interesting, need to watch those videos