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  1. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Cops are gonna have a field day with it when they come across it
  2. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Took me couple of seconds to recognize it
  3. Magnum

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Congrats man! Sweet ride! If you are looking for upgrades, you could start with a pair of fog lamps from the JDM Swift, I guess you could find a used set from spare parts shops
  4. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Pretty good acceleration for a Kei car..
  5. The new Swift has a 5 star ANCAP rating(so does the previous model). Where did you find the information that it fails on safety?
  6. Magnum

    Journey With The Hiace

    What you must have driven is either a KDH201 or a KDH206 if its a flat roof. Yes the Hiace shines on hill climbs, you could overtake without any problems. This is what I meant as theres a perfect sync between the power band and gearing The narrow body Hiace came with full time 4WD under the model number KDH205(2500cc) and KDH206(3000cc). KDH205 was discontinued after 2007. The 4WD is offered with petrol engine as well but its available only as wide body Mine is known as Hiace LDF-KDH206
  7. Magnum

    kr52 vs cr42

    I have come across CR51 and CR52 but so far I have not seen a single KR52, it is difficult to comment about the second market because generally 4WD vans have lesser second market and if its petrol it would be even less but then again I know some people who specifically wanted a CR51/52 over the CR 41/42 I cannot comment much about the fuel economy, it will most likely be lower than the diesel variant but I dont think the maintenance cost would be cheaper than a CR42 as the 2C and 3C engine are pretty cheap to maintain engines My uncle had a KR42 which has the same 7K engine, i remember it had a decent pulling power but then again he later converted it to diesel with a 3C intercooler turbo engine and it started taking of like a rocket ship
  8. Magnum

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    I assume you are referring to the 2700cc Prado, it is kind of under powered but I have heard that it gives decent fuel economy
  9. SUVs with mods beings targeted by cops?

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    2. Magnum


      Yes that seems to be the scene.

      if I’m not there genuinely is a problem with using mud tires on tarmac. Correct me if I’m wrong mud tires have poor grip on tarmac and increase stopping distance as well on paved roads 

    3. alds


      Mud tires have more inertia of rotation. Couple that with drum brakes on these old 4x4s, stopping distances are heavily affected.

      But the Problem is the tires the RMV mandates on these vehicles. They (4dr5s, BJ40/BJ43, Nissan Patrol 160 and land rovers) came with older 600/16 and 700/16 tires, the so called "jeep katta" narrow tires. They are outright unusable in todays asphalt, especially during rain.

      Changing the tire sizes in the CR is a huge pain in the butt unless you are willing to pay someone at Werahara a handsome amount. 

    4. tiv


      31x10.5 x 15 would be the most ideal and safest replacement 

      Came oem size for most newer SUVs (90s)

      But fellas here go ninja with 33x12.5 and 35s and 38s

      And yea with drum brakes and aftermarket STEEL wheels, not to mention the heavy winch up front, high lift jack that rusted into the body as it's not been removed from 2007, and all the other jargon they've copied off,

      Probably replaced with recon diffs or body permit with welded on brake lines and some caravan master pumps, 

      making stopping in an emergency a rather religious event

      It's TRUE these mandates are necessary in interest of public safety but not blindly tearing down utilitarian mods and destroying a wonderful car cult and a motorsport. It's the mandation of the standard of mods that's necessary, not to tear down every non stock nut and bolt. To give cut offs to what is road legal and what is not. In other words some slack for modifications. This way ones hard earned hard built rig will not be harmed whereas some seller who powedered up a pajero to make a fast buck will think twice.


  10. Magnum

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    All common rail engines requires super diesel and of course timely maintenance
  11. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    120 series converted to 150 series Is this even legal?
  12. Magnum

    Nissan Navara

    I assume you are referring to the D40 Navara, It's actually quite bad. The D22 was primarily developed by Nissan, while D40 had fair bit of involvement from Renault and the production was also moved to Thailand. The YD25DDTI on the Navara has a fair bit of reliability issues, if you do a bit of research on the internet you will be able to find out the problems related to it.
  13. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    I agree with you guys.The thing is Scotty doesnt go in to detail, he only gives an overview. This is what I think makes us doubt his claims. I was going to mention John Cadogan, I find him also similar to Scotty. He also doesnt go into detail regarding the topic he talks about nor provides any evidence. Also John Cadogan's and Scotty's videos may not be attract for those who prefer to tune their vehicles. watch this video of him John talking about how ECU tuning is a terrible thing Yes, ECU tuning is risky and can total your engine or break parts of your engine( happened to a friend of mine) but if it's done properly and safely you won't have issues. Engineering Explained is a channel which is completely opposite to the two I have mentioned above. However, someone with little knowledge of cars would find it difficult to understand the videos of Jason Fenske compared to the videos of Scotty and John. I think it comes down to what level of details and information you are looking for.
  14. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    What makes Scotty unreliable? I know he is bit of an old school guy type guy. I thought his channel is considered as one of the prominent automotive related channels in YouTube