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  1. hi,

    I used hybrid cars and I need to know everything that I should consider when buying a KDH200 van 2009 Flat roof model Driven more than 90000 milage  .

    what are the diiference in the years and 201 202.....,,turbo is good or normal engins good,ect


    Pros & cons and anything in between, your experience with this vehicle etc.

    Hope to be informed a lot :)

    Thank you all,

    your tips gonna help me alot

    1. Magnum


      Hi Hafeel,

      The KDH200 is the earlier model, this wasnt made after middle of 2007 where it was replace by KDH201 with the 1KD.

      200 carries the 2KD engine with intercooler turbo

      201 carries the 1KD engine with a variable nozzle turbo and a DPF system. This engine was updated in 2010.

      Theres no such thing as 202.

      In your case,

      pros wise, more power, bigger space and probably better second market
      Cons, fuel economy and noisier

    2. hafeel27


      Thanks brother 

    3. Magnum


      No problem