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  1. Importing cars from Japan

    Performance tyres, ECU tuning and exhaust upgrade would be a good way to start
  2. First Gen Pajero

    Just curious, whats the big deal if the body has been replaced? These have a body on frame structure so you could basically take away the body quite easily
  3. First Gen Pajero

    As mentioned by John Cooper the flat roof models were JDM import and high roof were brand new import but made in Japan. There are few flat roof models with auto box. The high roof had a turbo wagon variant which came with better interior, sunroof and turbo from factory. The turbo wagon probably had coil springs too at the back
  4. That's not true! I have Japanese set up ( not the same model) and I fixed a Japan Panasonic reverse camera. I guess these people are trying to sell a head unit they have
  5. Good car polish and wax

    The review I read for Turtle Wax was in an Australian site for Australian market. It was pretty cheap and I was about to buy it The Soft99, I got it directly from Japan through a relative and it wasn't cheap
  6. Good car polish and wax

    I have bad reviews of Turtle Wax products, such as their wax compound damaging the paint. I think it's popular cuz it's cheap. I have tried Soft99 extreme gloss wax and it was great!
  7. Engine worn at 100,000 Km

    Kush is right Theres no fixed mileage where the engine goes bang! First of all it depends on the engine, a performance car engine would wear out quicker than a truck engine Diesel engines would generally last longer than petrol engine Bigger engines would last longer than smaller engines A well maintained engine would run without problems and reach a higher mileage than one thats badly maintained The way the vehicle is used makes a difference as well. A vehicle which has primarily been used for hilly roads and city driving would develop engine problems quicker than vehicle which has been driven on open roads or highways.
  8. townace cr27 251 vs hiace 56

    If you need more power out of the Townace you could turbocharge it. The Townace Wagon came with 2C turbo from factory and I heard those engines are available in SL
  9. Not comfy on roads

    If your shocks are worn out it's easy to notice it on cars as they make a noise when you go on bad roads. If you are car is being uncomfortable for small pot holes this could be due to bad/cheap tyres as well
  10. Haha don't lie, I once saw a Big Horn from which the engine fell off and the chassis broke into two. On the rear glass it had a sticker saying 'bighorn kolla'
  11. Guide on Buying Mitsubishi Verada

    The reason why I believe this model is popular in Australia and NZ is because it was designed in Australia and if I'm not wrong manufactured in Australia too
  12. Chinese Stereo Headunits

    Sadly similar to many other old AL members he also had become inactive.
  13. This is going to be an interesting thread
  14. It's 660cc intercooler turbo so probably would be alright