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  1. Has anyone here played either DriveClub or Project Cars 2?

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    2. AVANTE


      If you want to let go of realistic physics & enjoy modding & adrenaline chases for a while, obviously NFS. If you are still hooked for a highly realistic driving experience with beautiful graphics, P-cars 2.

      Played NFS Payback last week on PS4 and it has an okay story. Although if possible, go for NFS Heat, it rocks! Car laundering cops, Car customization & character customizations are endless, graphics are fab & a wide variety of car choices, from MX5s, Skylines & EK9 to exotics & classics.

    3. Davy


      Agree with what @□AVANTE□ said. The last NFS I played was NFS Most Wanted. Lost interest in the game after that because handling and physics was becoming too arcade-like. I'm more into simulation, and I play a lot of Rally Games. 

      The best Rally game that came out recently IMO is Dirt Rally 2.0. It's an absolute masterpiece when it comes to physics, handling, car tuning and most importantly, breathtaking stages. The original Dirt Rally had it's quirks and really difficult to play (reminds me of Richard Burns Rally - so much realism). But Dirt Rally 2.0 is so much better. You really need a good steering wheel setup to play it though. 

      Make sure you watch this on 1080p @ 60fps


    4. AVANTE


      @Davy Dirt Rally is neat. Tried it briefly yet I loved it and even follow the subreddit.

      I have a Logitech F710 controller and still play the 2012 Most wanted just for crusing around at legal speeds and suddenly tipping off the police (Sike!). Real life is already too real, would like to have some fun in the digital fantasy atleast :P

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, some SUVs were registered as motor coach because of their seating capacity exceeding 7 seats. Hence I don’t know if the procedure would be simple as it is for single cabs which were identical from one another.
  3. The Hiace saga continues..... :D https://ibb.co/HVhK5Pt

    1. iRage


      You bought one in Aus as well ? Out of all the unattainable cars you could find in Aus...you got another HiAce ? 

    2. AVANTE


      Like iRage told..lol. but it's your money, your life. She seems neat!

  4. I think the meme refers to the D22 series.
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    2. Magnum


      @Dee Jay Pretty sure the damage was beyond the front lip, you can see the driving side fog lamp also go off. The bumper also must have got damaged

    3. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      Oops I wonder if its the owner that was at the wheel when this happened.. surely someone who spent on modifying the van won't attempt such a thing if he loves the vehicle..

    4. Magnum


      I had the same doubt, if he was the owner he definitely would have slowed down for that bump.

  5. I hit the right arrow key when I spotted the others
  6. Nice ride! Those side mirrors with the blue tint are called as anti glare mirror. I highly doubt you will find a replacement for it in SL but you might be able to get one down through Rakuten
  7. Probably the bonnet was removed without marking the original location to fix at the hinge
  8. The bonnet is misaligned cuz of the aftermarket lights?
  9. I knew something is wrong with this list when I saw Ford above Mercedes and Mitsubishi
  10. That reflection comes up when you use dashboard polish
  11. I knew im the only one who has this trouble
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