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  1. Magnum

    Vehicle registration

    You can get it registered while you are abroad. There are people who will do the registration process for you. I think delaying the registration will carry a late registration fee.
  2. Magnum

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    I'm confused, shouldn't using a higher viscosity oil reduce performance? As the oil is thicker it should put a higher strain on the engine. Also, isn't there 30 viscosity or lower mineral oil at all?
  3. Magnum

    Land Cruiser 100/105 worth the money?

    Yep probably, the 70 series double cab is popular
  4. Magnum

    Land Cruiser 100/105 worth the money?

    I'm not an expert on Land Cruiser. Aussies love the Cruiser and I see a fair number of 70 and 80 series Land Cruiser compared to the 100 series. In fact they still produce the 70 series for Aussie market. I'm not sure of the reason why the 100 series isn't popular as the 70 series. Maybe it's due to the size as kmeeg mentioned.
  5. Not sure if I should stick to original Toyota oil filter or go for VIC oil filter. 

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    2. Uditha88


      both same as after market toyota filter not jap. still vic is japan.

    3. iRage


      Well...if you were in Japan...there is no such thing called a Toyota oil filter....they put OEM ones :D The box will have a Toyota part sticker on it :) I believe a genuine VIC filter would be as good as the "Genuine Toyota" oil filters in SL, which 99% of the time come from Thailand, Indonesia, etc..anyway....There have been cases where people had cut off the VIC filters and they have ended up being far better than the "Genuine Toyota Filter"...

      Just don't go for the fake Chinese crap that has boxes and logos that look exactly like the actual VIC...or fake VICs.

    4. Magnum


      I came across that comparison between VIC and Toyota filter( thanks to Hyaenidae).

      I used VIC last time, I'm gonna stick with VIC.

  6. Carrozzeria Tweeters + Crossovers. Amazing treble!



  7. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

  8. Magnum

    Euro 4 & Compatible Engines

    I thought we had Euro 4 :D what fuel did we have all this time then?
  9. Magnum

    Japanese Car News

    Looks dope!
  10. I love the influx of kei vehicles!


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    2. Magnum


      @tiv Ah yep the Every Wagons make me drool :D 

      I also love the Spacia Custom and N-Box Custom, they seem to be loaded with goodies

    3. tiv


      I myself am having a ball in the hustler 

      So easy to park , manoeuvre and I was shocked to see it easily take on the hills on the climb from dambulla to kandy.

    4. Magnum


      Yep kei vehicles dont seem to be having an issue with pulling, I guess they got some wicked gearbox

  11. Magnum

    Toyota from Wasanatrading

    Isn't the second key an optional extra?
  12. Magnum

    townace cr27 251 vs hiace 56

    2C to 3C swap is pretty common hence I don't think fuel economy is a major concern Try to go for a 3C turbo which was available in the 20 and 30 series. However, until the 40 series Townace Noah intercooler turbo and electronic fuel injection wasn't available. I'm not sure if the 40/50(CR40G/CR50G) series engine would fit a CR27 as they have a front mounted engine while in yours the engine sits under the front seats.
  13. Magnum

    Toyota voice message

    Is it like after driving for about an hour? If so, some Japanese head units(stereo) have a reminder to take a break. Mine does it too every hour.
  14. Magnum

    Tyre Prices

    I'm just curious, does Demio need 82 weight rating tyres?