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  1. Used our car for couple of days, now I totally understand why people use those heat shield tints on car windscreens. There's much more heat and light entering into cars than it does in vans :unsure:

  2. Magnum

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    It's not simple as that, turbo engines and bigger engines drink more fuel is a false idea that's been around in Sri Lanka for a while. Let me give you a better example than CHR vs Premio example. The 200 series Hiace with 3000cc variable nozzle turbo(1KD-FTV) mated to an automatic gearbox does equally good in fuel as a 100 series Hiace with a same size engine(5L) but without a turbo. It's the same story if you compared KDH vans with 2500cc(which has a standard turbo instead of a variable nozzle turbo) and 3000cc. The reason why these engines are able to achieve decent fuel economy even with a variable nozzle turbo or having a bigger engine capacity is I believe due to better fuel injection or fuel burning technology( that is less fuel is being wasted). Mind you a variable nozzle turbo can kick in more and quicker than a regular turbo. As iRage already mentioned the Premio in question here is powered by the 1NZ-FE engine which still rocks the old VVT-I technology where as Toyota has moved on from this to Dual VVT-I and Valvematic. In the past the major problem with turbo engines was reliability, older turbo engines didn't have proper intercooler or had no intercooler which caused the engines to develop problems quicker than a naturally aspirated engines. Furthermore, the turbo units itself didn't have proper cooling as they do now. However, I partly agree with you, if you load up the CH-R to the max it would most likely sit on the turbo the whole time which would reduce it's fuel economy but at the same time it would be a similar story with the Premio as well, as it would stay mostly in the high revs. Also, I do agree with you that the influx of these new small capacity engines could be related strict emission standards.
  3. Magnum

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    You are forgetting the peak RPM those figures you have mentioned are achieved at Premio produces 109PS at 6,000RPM and 136NM of torque at 4,800RPM CHR produces 116PS at 5200-5600RPM and 185NM of torque at 1500-4000RPM Hence the 200kg of additional weight would be combated by higher torque at lower revs and achieving a higher PS figure at lower RPM as well
  4. Magnum

    Good van for tourism 4.4mil-4.6mil

    Are you specifically looking for an unregistered van? If you are alright with a registered van you could take a look at some of those 40 series Townace with Noah conversion. They'll fit into your budget and they offer 7 seats with dual A/C, most mechanics would be able to repair them with no issues, plenty of parts and if you find one with 3C intercooler turbo it'll have enough power to pull 7 people and luggage.
  5. I'm not an expert on european vehicles but even I can tell thats not a Defender 90 or a Defender at all. It looks like on of those Land Rover models which came out prior to the Defender badge being introduced. Probably a Land Rover series III as Tiv mentioned.
  6. I recently came across an electrician meddling with a vehicle's side mirrors

    When the mirrors were retracted, it failed to stop at the normal position, instead the left side mirror kept moving towards the front of the vehicle. 

    The electrician mentioned that the mirrors have 'gone out of timing'

    Apparently this happens if the mirrors get knocked or bumped into. He folded/unfolded the mirror which had the problem using his hands couple of times and the issue was sorted out  

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    2. Magnum


      @iRage what's RFP?

      In this case the electronic system had got confused or something as it was going forward smoothly without a fuss but when you operate the mirror with your hands you can hear the locking mechanism working


    3. iRage


      Sorry..FRP....not the same composition as the bonnets and hood scoops and stuff but not the plain on plastic either.

      But....in most cars, especially the older ones. with auto retract.you can hear the wheels go click click click when you open and close with your hand can't you ?

    4. Magnum


      @iRage Yes you can, but what I meant was that this specific mirror I have mentioned in the status had got knocked somehow and when unfolded with the switch it behaved as if there wasn't any lock. When retracted it went all the way front smoothly but when the mirror was folded with hands the lock made a clicking noise at the normal stopping position.
      The electrician explained that circuit had got confused where the normal stopping position hence it had unfolded all the way towards the front.

      Considering his explanation, I assume when a mirror normally unfolds, the locks are unlocked until the mirror is unfolded to the correct position where it stops and the locking mechanism locks it there in place. 

  7. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Probably he got confused between paint and plastidip
  8. Magnum

    Engine Oil Overfill

    Is it safer to have the oil slightly below the high mark than getting it overfilled?
  9. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Im digging this!
  10. Magnum

    Honda vezel hybrid Transmission

    Do you get transmission issues in Vezel in Bangladesh also? or is your issue a rare case?
  11. I don't I'll be going back to Mag City again for service. ..

  12. Generally all gasoline vehicles have a fair amount of engine braking