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  1. I think the Vezels which were used out of Colombo are less likely to develop a gearbox problem.
  2. Magnum

    [Civic 2018]First Impressions and the basics

    This is the hatchback version right? I find this better looking than the sedan
  3. Magnum

    Toyota TownAce Chassis Number

    Makes sense
  4. Magnum

    Toyota TownAce Chassis Number

    Is there any particular reason for this? Why not just paint a thing layer over it
  5. Magnum

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Potenza is currently one of the best or the best performance/track tyre at the moment because it shares some features of F1 tyres. On the downside I read somewhere that it isnt ideal for everyday usage as it wears out pretty quickly and excessive grip could cause problems to components attached to the wheels
  6. Magnum

    Honda Civic 2018

    I don't think the system can determine the oil quality. The system probably works on a set service interval for UK.
  7. Happy new year guys! Hope you all have a great motoring year ahead!
  8. Magnum

    SUV around 3.5mil

    Jimny, if you are okay with a 2 door SUV
  9. Update on 4 years of Hiace ownership coming soon... :D 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Magnum


      An engine and gearbox plus some seats as well?

    3. iRage


      seats ? you mean benches :D

    4. Magnum


      Pretty sure they are seats

  10. Is there any difference between 2014 and 2015 Vezel? Some people claim that the 2015 model Vezel gearbox are more robust than 2014

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    2. alpha17


      Yes mate.Even in the Civics and Fits the steering wheel has the particular issue.

      Oh sorry mate,I have been mistaken about the gearbox type.Then the gearbox might be a bit durable,but can’t exactly tell.

      But do you feel that the complexity of the powertrain while you drive?I mean the the motor to engine transition is not smooth like the toyotas.When we drive slowly and suddenly at the need of extra power the throttle response is a bit hideous.It feels like the car cannot understand what to do next😅

    3. Magnum


      @alpha17 I thought that delay in response was common to all hybrids, true it is kind of annoying. It feels like the vehicle is in a complete confused state. 

    4. alpha17


      But I have to mention that the best hybrid I’ve ever driven was the Insight ZE5,the 2015 one with the 1500cc engine.The model is a bit rare since most of the insights are ZE2s with the 1300cc.It also got paddle shifters and man I love that ride.The IMA system feels just like a normal gasoline car but more livelier.But I think that the IMA system is far ahead in reliability and simplicity when comparing with the i-DCD system.

  11. Magnum

    Headlight Bulb Upgrade

    It would be cheaper to buy a duo pack than buying two single packs
  12. Magnum

    Headlight Bulb Upgrade

    This is the latest model of Nightbreaker bulb. I have not tried them yet. Both links you have posted are single bulb.
  13. Magnum

    Nissan Presea

    I just noticed that you are using aftermarket speakers, these require more power than factory fitted speakers. You would get issues in your sound system if the speaker wires are not of adequate gauge also. Also, if your head unit is not providing enough to power to the speakers, it would be better to use a 4 channel amplifier rather than replacing the head unit. You can get them from parts shop
  14. Magnum

    Nissan Presea

    Have you got a pic of how the speakers are fixed? I'm not entirely sure how to check the head unit wiring, probably you could test it using a voltmeter, you could do the same for the speaker wiring also. In addition, you could test the speaker wiring by running a new wire with adequate gauge