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  1. I thought the rating was meant to be given by your mates
  2. You know my modern cars have angry looking faces? Its because they need to put up with all these emission standards 😝

    1. iRage


      ..well...wouldn't you have an angry face too if someone plugged-up your a*$ and all your f*rts were stuck inside you ?

  3. You can identify it by looking at the gear selector If it has tiptronic then its 5AGS If its looks like a standard automatic then its 4AT The Join Turbo trim only came as 4AT or 5MT and from certain year(not sure which) the PC trim also was offered only as 4AT or 5MT. The 5AGS is more economical and better in terms of performance, its more fun as well when you use the tiptronic, feels much like a proper manual vehicle. If the 4AT is matted with a turbo option then the turbocharger evens out the power drop. The downside of 5AGS is it can be bit jerky at times and hill starts can be tricky if you dont have the hill start assist feature
  4. Thats a fair price for a car thats landed and complied in Australia, in fact some Facebook page had quoted this car also would cost the same.
  5. 30,005,000 yen - $393k AUD / $286k USD / 221k GBP / 243k Euro.
  6. 80s and 90s Brown Interior . Anyone else loves these?
  7. This vehicle is currently very popular on Facebook Marketplace
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