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  1. I guess our tax people haven't yet realised yet that car manufacturers are downsizing the engines and turbo charging them. :D

    They seem to focusing on engine capacity based tax rates :D

  2. This is one of the things I always tell people. Don't procrastinate on tyres and brakes. Some people use tyres till they are completely bald and I have driven some vehicles where the pedal goes all the way down even when you hit the brakes just to slow down or come to a smooth stop Also when you do replace them try to go for the best that's available. Btw sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are alright
  3. Sometimes on the road you would see vehicles which have one headlamp that stays on high beam at all times while the other one is in low beam.

    I heard this is done(not sure if intentionally or unintentionally) by using the wrong bulb type.

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    2. Magnum


      This should have been on that N16 thread lol

      You connect both high and low beam wire?

    3. The Stig

      The Stig

      yes but it will put strain on the wiring so they might melt.

      Also the bulb will produce excess heat and damage the housing.

    4. Magnum


      I guess these are the kind of vehicles which end up in flames on the highway

  4. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    That's a reasonable price for it! I'm interested
  5. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    increased it by 2.5 million and reduced it by 1 million
  6. Japanese Car News

    They are stopping it only in the UK
  7. Upgrade head light to adjustable

    You got this from eBay? Take a photo on an open road where the light can travel as far as possible.
  8. Does IOC and Ceypetco share the same fuel? Or does IOC import separately from India?

    1. tiv


      Separately  bought in, refined together, again separetely sold, experts pitch in please

    2. Magnum


      I see..so the fuel quality could be different?

    3. trish_auto


      Import separately. But quality controlling and approvals are done through CPC .

      IOC is currently holding the permit for importing,distributing and selling only. 

  9. Upgrade head light to adjustable

    2 years back before I got NBU for high beam I was considering LED but I stayed away from them mainly because I heard the light beam doesn't travel far. I guess they have improved since then. Would you say the color is white or blueish white? And these seem to be better than what you regularly find at accessory shops.
  10. Upgrade head light to adjustable

    My Hiace has OEM HID for low beam using reflectors. It uses D4R bulbs, I think D2R isn't used anymore as it has has some dangerous stuff in it which could be harmful in case a pedestrian gets exposed to it during an accident. Also D4R/D4S bulbs require a different ballast. What kind of LED are you using? How's the throw of the light? Does it travel far enough to be used as high beam?
  11. Have you guys tried the original Toyota air for tyres? Makes a massive difference in comfort and handling 

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    2. The Stig

      The Stig

      It also add 100+ Hp 200nm of torque

    3. VVTi


      Increased the lifetime of the rubbers by at least 23%

    4. Magnum


      Good thing you guys are also getting only genuine air for the tyres!

      Do get it only from the agents

  12. Been having driven a Vezel and been in it as a passenger I could second this. The rear seat is bit of an issue during long journey mainly due to the angle of the seat. Also the low profile tyres pick up small pot holes on the road but the suspension manages the bigger ones well. Fuel economy was similar Performance was alright too apart from the regular hybrid lazyness. It's worth for the price.
  13. Samsung smart 3D TV power bulb blinking five times

    Was your TV plugged in while you were away? This just a guess. While you were away if there was a heavy rain thunder/lightning could have damaged the TV if your house earth wiring is poor.
  14. I guess he got too much attention and decided he doesn't want attention anymore
  15. Car Battery

    My Hiace has a 75Ah battery too and battery shop guys for some reason recommend replacing it with a 100Ah battery