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  1. Magnum

    car wax

    I have tried Soft99 and it’s properly good. They have many different models, what I bought was a premium one. It was expensive but worth it.
  2. I don’t know man...there’s a video in Facebook traffic violation group of a 121 going over the traffic island
  3. Magnum

    Honda Civic Sedan UK Edition

    How did you come up with that? We haven’t even had the election yet and we don’t even know which party will come into power and who will be the next president
  4. Did any of the new Jimny come down to SL? I havent yet seen one on the quick site

    1. varotone


      I've seen a yellow one.

    2. Chegerb



    3. tiv


      There s one in kandy as well

  5. Magnum

    New Defender Design??

    LR got the idea for new Defender from the Honda Element...
  6. Magnum

    DFSK 580

    I read through the whole thread and I want to point out couple of things Spending 6 million on a vehicle is no way small money, let it be a 7 seater or not. I would be seriously concerned before spending that kind of money on a car made by a recent manufacturer and on a vehicle which is yet to prove itself in SL. I agree that it is the only 7 seater brand new SUV in that price but just cuz it's brand new doesn't mean that it will be less troublesome than a used Japanese vehicle, I have come across Toyota vehicles from the 80s with all the electronics still working. We know how it turned out for people who went after a brand new Chinese car over a used Japanese car from the same price range. Chinese cars have terrible second market, again if I'm spending on 6 million on a vehicle, I would be concerned about it's second market to a certain extent
  7. Fun fact: Car guys have senses in their ass, when they sit in a car they can give report on some of the issues with your car

    1. iRage


      I am not sure if its in the ass....but yeah...car guys can say if a car has worn out shocks by just looking at it....or if there is something wrong by listening to the car....etc...so it is a complete sensory thing....not just the ass

  8. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Cops are gonna have a field day with it when they come across it
  9. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Took me couple of seconds to recognize it
  10. Magnum

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Congrats man! Sweet ride! If you are looking for upgrades, you could start with a pair of fog lamps from the JDM Swift, I guess you could find a used set from spare parts shops
  11. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Pretty good acceleration for a Kei car..
  12. The new Swift has a 5 star ANCAP rating(so does the previous model). Where did you find the information that it fails on safety?
  13. Magnum

    Journey With The Hiace

    What you must have driven is either a KDH201 or a KDH206 if its a flat roof. Yes the Hiace shines on hill climbs, you could overtake without any problems. This is what I meant as theres a perfect sync between the power band and gearing The narrow body Hiace came with full time 4WD under the model number KDH205(2500cc) and KDH206(3000cc). KDH205 was discontinued after 2007. The 4WD is offered with petrol engine as well but its available only as wide body Mine is known as Hiace LDF-KDH206
  14. Magnum

    kr52 vs cr42

    I have come across CR51 and CR52 but so far I have not seen a single KR52, it is difficult to comment about the second market because generally 4WD vans have lesser second market and if its petrol it would be even less but then again I know some people who specifically wanted a CR51/52 over the CR 41/42 I cannot comment much about the fuel economy, it will most likely be lower than the diesel variant but I dont think the maintenance cost would be cheaper than a CR42 as the 2C and 3C engine are pretty cheap to maintain engines My uncle had a KR42 which has the same 7K engine, i remember it had a decent pulling power but then again he later converted it to diesel with a 3C intercooler turbo engine and it started taking of like a rocket ship