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  1. The LH102 was one of the earlier models of the 100 series with the 2L engine, which came out in the early 90s so find one in good nick will be a difficult therefore it’s best to keep some cash in reserve for repairs 1. Parts are plenty available, at least in Kandy or Gampola areas. 2. Mechanically they are well durable especially the engine. The L series engines were low stress simple engines. 3. Haven’t driven LH102 but have been in and driven 113/162, The are alright in terms of comfort but don’t expect car like comfort. 4. The 2L engine was not exactly a powerful powertrain hence it will struggle on uphill drives if the van was full of passengers and luggage. 5. No idea, but expect something between 8-12km/l 6. From what I have, they are cheap to maintain 7. Hiace vans generally hold their value well The truth has been spoken
  2. theoretically yes, but the cost of damages of fixing a shop would be higher compared to fixing a car so wouldnt insurance companies try to avoid it? Yeah thats the most practical way
    1. iRage


      She needs a good paint correction and wax :) There are some interesting stains around the badge

    2. Magnum


      Wasn’t washed when I took this pic. 
      also there’s lot of chromatic aberration in this pic as well :D 

  3. In a situation like this if the car owner had full insurance, would the insurance company cover the loss for the business? or should the business be insured?
  4. I don't understand people who fix Lexus emblems on a Altezza. Wasn't the Altezza a better car in most ways compared to the IS?

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    2. iRage


      The Lexus got more creature comforts but the Altezza was not too far behind. The differences were mainly there because of market preferences/practicality. And yes...where performance variants were concerned the Altezza was handed out with far more offerings than the Lexus. 

      At the end of the day..none of these badges matter. In SL it is all about the letters on the number plate....if it is not a new lettered number plate...doesn't matter whether you are driving a million dollar Jag from the 90s...you are driving an old car (usually the reason is because you are having trouble in your career that you cannot afford a three digit Premio/Allion or a Land Cruzar Parado.

    3. Magnum


      Not sure about creature comforts but the Altezza was a better car in terms of performance.
      The 3SGE on the Altezza was lighter compared to the 2JZ on the IS300, as the 3SGE was 4 cylinder the engine sat further behind giving the car a better weight distribution, Altezza had a six seed manual option and the 3SGE has heaps of aftermarket mods in Japan. Altezza also received some aero options.

    4. iRage


      Like I said..the Altezza was handed out with far more performance offerings. As for the 3S-GE....to be honest...I like the less strained smoothness of the 2JZ. The 3S-GE at the end of the day just feels strained and not very smooth. Not that it is a bad engine..just that the 2JZ is a much smoother engine to drive. the 4 vs 6 cylinder running makes a difference.

  5. I will get it once my current pads wear out. I'm not sure if Dixcel makes pads mostly for JDM cars so i'm not sure if they will have anything for the UKDM Civic
  6. JDM starter pack:

    1. Google translate 😃

    1. Uditha88


      ya phone app translates through camera input is handy too

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