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  1. Could you tell me right quick what would be a better motor for my Hiace, a Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24? 

  2. RPM vs speed

    whats this equation all about?
  3. Pajero Computer body

    Initially i thought of the same thing
  4. Pajero Computer body

    Actually Montero was the export model name. Its still Pajero in Japan and Shogun in UK
  5. Pajero Computer body

    LMAO! I see it now
  6. Is all wheel drive worth the money?

    Also if I remember right the 4WD Hiace requires same tyre pressure front and back while the 2WD model has different tyres pressures.
  7. Is all wheel drive worth the money?

    On the topic of AWD On my Hiace sun visor there is a information/warning which says to use same brand, same model tyres on all four wheels. I guess this to prevent the AWD system getting confused
  8. Pajero Computer body

    Could you post a pic of one?
  9. Pajero Computer body

    What exactly is computer body Pajero? Is it MK2 Pajero?
  10. Is all wheel drive worth the money?

    Modern day AWD comes in different types. 1. Full time AWD: vehicle stays on AWD mode all the time and vehicle will have a center differential which will alter the power going to the front and rear wheels to allow the vehicle to steer without an issue. 2. On demand AWD: the vehicle stays primarily as 2WD(most FWD) and the vehicle automatically kicks in the AWD system when it detects loss of grip on the primary 2 wheels 3. Part time AWD: This is similar to the on demand system, only difference is that the user has to press a button to turn on the AWD system. This could be called as 4WD as well.
  11. Is all wheel drive worth the money?

    Well it depends. My Hiace has AWD, the full time AWD. For me it's well worth it. MyHiace goes to places where the 2WD models struggle to. Tyres last longer as they don't get wasted due spinning without grip Handling is superior in comparison to RWD. People who have driven my van say it feels better to drive than the 2WD models As mentioned by others here the fuel economy isn't far off to the extent that you would be worried Second market is neither better not worse. I have had offers from around Kandy area for my van mainly cuz it's 4WD as the 2WD models struggle to get around steep hills in and around Kandy. However, at the same time people from flat areas of Sri Lanka wouldn't want to buy the 4WD model I guess.
  12. I dont think the un registered Japanese cars you are referring to are anywhere close to the Indian(including tuks tuks) and Chinese imports we have on the road. Also, as John Cooper mentioned neither the owners nor the authority give a crap of the quality of a vehicle such as the state of the brakes or tyres. I have seen many people driving around with tyres which are almost conpletely bald. Influx of vehicles arent the only cause of accidents, it's due to our road system and people's driving style as well. I have seen pedestrian crossings right infront bus stands, in such a case the chance someone getting knocked down is very high
  13. Assume there's two imaginary engines.

    One is a 2.0L engine producing 150bhp at 5500rpm and 200nm of torque at 4500rpm.

    The other engine is a 2.5L producing 150bhp at 3500rpm and 200nm of torque at 2500rpm

    Given the fact everything else is identical which engine would perform better in a race track scenario?

    I understand the 2.0L would perform better in day to day driving on normal roads.

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    2. Magnum


      Wouldn't the longer rev range of the 2.0L be helpful in reaching a higher top speed?

    3. MrCat


      As the good ol` saying goes.. There is no replacement for displacement.. :D  (well… not really in modern times…)

      But in your scenario the 2.5 is better in ALL aspects when it comes to driveability (racetrack, road, off-road, etc…).

      Higher RPMs are mostly useless if the same amount of power can be generated low down. Higher RPMs are ONLY an excuse to generate more power with a given displacement where there are no other alternatives available….

      The same amount of power will always result in the same top speed if all other factors are equal. The 2.5 will accelerate faster due to more torque low down (i.e. quicker gear changes IF the ratios are similar), therefore reaching top speed faster.  The only thing that the 2.0 will be marginally better would be in throttle response (again, if all other factors are similar..). Throttle response is good fun, but mostly not beneficial on a track unless in perhaps something like a motorkhana event with lots of on-off throttle action.

    4. MV-5


      if 2.5L engine produce  150 bhp  at 3500 RPM , so the torque at 3500 RPM is 305 Nm , 

      torque at 2500 = 200 Nm

      torque at 3500 = 305 Nm 

      So its max power is still somewhere beyond thew 4500 RPM , so 2.5L engine max power is far better than 2.0 L engine.


  14. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    When the emblem gets stolen and you roughly remember what the grade was...
  15. Japanese Car News

    Yep that must be the one, the grill and lights look similar to Tacoma