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  1. since you have the required part, dont you think a regular good mechanic would do?
  2. Seems you've got more air into the system . You need to bleed all wheels now. Loosen the nipple screw. Get hold of someone to peddle while you bleed the system till no bubbles come out(may need extra brake oil) u don't need to unscrew the nipple next time. Instead place the old brake pad on the piston and using a long screw diver as a pivot (on brake pad casing) apply firm pressure. That'll press down the piston slowly.
  3. its a common problem to vitz, passo, yaris axio allion and many other models. there is no clutch mechanism(clutchless compressors) as it used to be(cuts off production costs and weight).a compressor valve mechanism turns on and off the system and lubricates the system. valve can be repaired, but fails again sometime after. since the compressor runs all the time, it too wears off quickly. then its a matter of letting it die all the way and replace new one. but some technicians fit a clutch system(as i remember-corolla 121 which fits perfectly without the need of any modification) along withold type compressor.
  4. i think the price is too high. a picanto would be a better choice since it has very good user reviews, options and a more reputed brand in the same price tag
  5. my point exactly..but howcome those flashy service centre knowhows and "not so sure" techinical advisers barge upon early change of ATF?
  6. the instructions given for countries except aus and new zealand( australasian regon countries) for severe usage conditions and what is severe usage the instructions given for australia and new zealand are as same as the first picture. not to change. my question is whats the logic behind this 40K ATF change?
  7. mine is a brandnew 2012 kia sportage a daily runner of short distances and now has 42000km on the clock. At the recent service (a*to Mi**ge dematagoda) the service guy insists its time to change ATF. but i remembered in the owners manual clearly mentioning ATF change is at 100000km for countries with extreme driving conditions. he says in sri lanka its recommended to change ATF at 40K. KIA service centre (which i have no faith at all) says the same. can some one give insight about the matter.
  8. planning to go for a little comfy mid sized sedan. did a little search and found bluebird g11 is having a lower market value compared to competitors despite being 1500cc. is there any reason? is fuel economy as usual?
  9. i wanted to buy a battery 90Ah for kia sporatge. the original battery was a "Rocket" a trade name of the globe battery company checked prices in several places, and a one battery vendor him self told Uni****al battery shop at punchi borella do most of sales. how ever when i checked from them, their prices were not cheap.( they agreed to give a maximum of 25% for panasonic battery). after doing a resonably extensive market survey i found these facts Panasonic ,Amaron and excide-milage gives the highest warrenty- 2yrs replacement plus 2yrs pro-Rata( ie: divide the purchase price by 48 and deduct the amount remaining from the 4yr period in replacement battery price) they buy the old battery if locally made-1000-1800Rs or imported battery 800-1500 prices i recieved panasonic(thailand) MF 16200- 19500 yuasa (japan)MF 16800- 19500 2yr warrenty exide normal 14000-16500 1yr exide mf 14500- 18000 2yr amaron(india) MF 17500 19800 amaron (india)normal 14500 1yr FB (thai) 16500 there were many other batteries where iwasnt intersted hence no memory on prices at the end i found this small shop in kottawa town after seen an internet advert and bought the panasonic for 14700 (after reduction for old battery) with 4yr DSL warrenty. hope this will help someone
  10. both mirrors of my sister's axio and few other allions and premios (only toyotas) on the same area were robbed few weeks ago. even finger prints and distant CCTV images were recovered from a neighbour's camera. no one caught yet.
  11. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/sep/22/volkswagen-scandal-us-chief-carmaker-totally-screwed-up-michael-horn
  12. thanks for sharing the info. i have a kia sportage 2013, with 30,000km on the clock. one morning when im trying to take out the car from my awkwardly placed garage which needs lot of twists and turns with multiple gear changes, i felt the vehicle is sluggish on D. when i looked at the dash, the gear position was not displaying, the gear position by the side of the lever was not lit too. i stopped the engine and restarted. every thing was fine. same day at the work place, it happened again. this time the gearchange made a "dug" sound with slight rattle. same remedy and everything was fine. infact, about 3 weeks are gone and it never happened again. but i called kia and the advisor told me it has a simple solution and come by for a checkup which i couldnt turn up still but i went through the internet to find out similar symptoms attributed to " transmission range switch" which gives the correct information to the computer about the correct gear position. i expect the seniors to put some light on this matter. is it the same thing here also?
  13. thanks for the reply. after much running around, found them in "Dunu Kade"- a jap made set of pads. agents are useless in that way. they voluntarily refrain from helping and want to buy from them.
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