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  1. iPrabhath

    NSZT w66t Navigation system - English Language

  2. Any idea about the models and amounts? https://www.newsfirst.lk/2019/10/23/new-vehicle-tax-regulations/
  3. iPrabhath

    NSZT w66t Navigation system - English Language

    This video is about W66 language change. Probably, W66T has similar settings. Anyway, the language change did not change all menus.
  4. iPrabhath

    Number Plate Color

    Thanks a lot.
  5. iPrabhath

    Number Plate Color

    Today, I got my number plates which are same in size but colors are White and Yellow. Is it ok to fix the white plate in rear?
  6. iPrabhath

    Led Parking Lights.

    In pettah electronic shops, you can find led lamps working directly from 12V (No need of extra components) and has more light. I found a one 12V LED lamp with power of 10W (not sure) and costs 500 rupees. Although it is expensive , gives heavy light which is difficult to look at it with naked eye.
  7. iPrabhath

    Where Can I Buy Baby On Boad Signs??

    I too have seen them on Arpico (Dehiwala).
  8. Here is the naming convention of nissan engines. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nissan_engines As it suggests , CD20T is turbocharged while CD20 is not. You will find more about Nissan CD engine from the following link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_CD_engine
  9. Thanks Indika. It'll be helpful for lot of newbies like me. BTW, isn't it possible to find from the registration certificate that the engine has been replaced?
  10. No switch is there but two indicators as you can see in yellow color.
  11. iPrabhath

    Fb 15 Super Saloon & Ex Saloon

    Switch below the joystick is for retracting mirrors.
  12. Hello Friends, Sorry for the delay. Here goes the image of what I mentioned (Attached). Thanks.
  13. iPrabhath

    Fb 15 Super Saloon & Ex Saloon

    Hello whmsujith Sorry for the delay. Here is the picture of what I mentioned. This picture is not from my car (found it from internet). My car has same assembly. I'll post the image to the original thread too. Thanks.
  14. iPrabhath

    Gps Query

    Hello Sky Cell tower triangulation may be a method of localizing iphone uses. But it is not the only method it use. I have used iphones without a sim card @ my office but with a Wifi network. They give me accurate location with no delay. Thanks
  15. iPrabhath

    Fb 15 Super Saloon & Ex Saloon

    7. Reading lamp 8. Factory fitted remote key (This is available in my 1998 FB15 SS)