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  1. TheClutch

    A vehicle loan of 4.5 million

    If you are employed abroad personal loan on clean basis is big No No..due to the compliance ..but you can obtain loan against a property or vehicle as long as the loan will be serviced from the funds you remit through the NRFC Account..even leases are possible and for the bad credit history..you should be able to convince the bank it was genuine default and not a willful one..and its better that the specific advance is settled in full without any write off from the bank side or legal action..and if you have other facilities which reflects you are good paymaster you will have an edge when convincing the bank...bdw the credit history/CRIB only available for the past 24 month and most banks take last 12 months to asses the creditworthiness of the customer..
  2. TheClutch

    Buying SUV - Honda CRV

    guys, sorry to open up an old thread... looking buy a CR-V 2014 ish one..there were few advertised in quick site but couldnt get the info properly from the sellers..help me with the trim levels of the model as they come 2l and 2.4 l varient..
  3. TheClutch

    SUV buying help around 2.4 - 2.8 mil

    sorry to hijack the thread..need suggestions for a SUV/4WD for some moderate off roading. with the same price bracket. Though I'm not going to finalize the purchase immediately I need some ideas to do some research. Fuel efficiency is not a concern at all but the vehicle will be used mostly during weekends. maintenance of is the key thing I'm focused should be easy to take care of. And with regard to the above suggested vehicles how they perform on moderate off road conditions??
  4. TheClutch

    Honda Civic ek3

    Lev is low emmision vehicle comes with non VTEC engine..Slightly low powered than the d15b VTEC .. Acceleration is better in VTEC..And ground clearance are same in all..Not that much an issue if you drive cautiously..If you want something economic and performing car..Get a manual VTEC..Best of both worlds
  5. TheClutch

    Honda Civic ek3

    Buddy, first ek3 is very different car from fit..Fit is designed for fuel efficiency but not that good in that though....If you want handling go for ek3..The McPherson struts never fail ..Fit is just a boring drive never qualify even to compare...And for mmt and manual..Both are peppy in acceleration..You don't feel you are driving an auto if it's a VTEC MMT..But lot of ek s are molested here in wrong hands..Hard to find a one in good shape...virs is comes with stiffed suspension , disk breaks and few cosmetic addition comparing to normal VTEC Ek3 ..Performance are pretty similar...And lastly vtecs deliver a decent fuel economy of 10-12 in all condition...
  6. TheClutch

    Tyre Prices

    Thanks for the feed back.. After a search of two weeks i have narrowed down my option to below tires.. Dunlop thailand for 19000 Bridgeston ep300 thailand for 18300 Got a deal for 215 55 R16 for the same price as 205 55 R16 for the same ep300 too. but my concern is those tires are LRR rated ones ..So will there be a compromise in grip?? Im thinking of going for the slightly wider tires (215) assuming those will provide better grip than 205 , correct if I'm wrong. Appreciate if any one can share their experience with ep300. Thanks
  7. TheClutch

    Performance upgrade or change the beloved car?

    VIRS conversion is a good idea but hardly the VIRS and and a manual Vi differ in performance .. Since both share the same motor with 130bhp. But VIRS come with different chassis and stiffed suspension ,all 4 disk breaks, abs and airbags together with few cosmetic modifications. As said in the previous reply save the money in FD and upgrade to a newer car in a while with improved safety features is a best option..Else try few mods like upgrading the breaks to disks and suspension to feel a difference in ride if you want put a nice set of wheels..But the performance should come with safety which I don't feel the 95 ek will deliver..I had a 95 Vi manual for 6 years and would say the ride was crisp through out the years but the there were some drawbacks when it come to safety which is ok for car that old. However if you are not in to track or drag I don't think spending too much in to performance will realy benefits.
  8. TheClutch

    Tyre Prices

    Guys , I'm in a search for new rubbers. Bit confused in selecting a good set of tires..Btw i was offered 205 60 R16 Yokohama japan tires for Rs.16000 each at a store in wattala. But my stock tires are 205 55 R16 . Will there be difference in ride when fixing a bigger tire than stock size??? I'm concerned about handling and comfort if the Yokohama tires don't work out thought of going for the below tires at the stock size Toyo japan 22k Goodyear assurance 18900 Michelin thailand 21950 Bridgeston thailand 18300 And if my budget shrinks maxxis or Hancook 15300
  9. TheClutch

    Honda Civic

    ES1 is JDM and ES8 is export model, the ES5 is a singapore export model which has 1.6l is known to be little more fuel efficient than other models..
  10. TheClutch

    Honda Civic 7th generation models after December 2017

    First 2 questions were discussed a lot in Autolanka.. do one thing search through the forum , compile everything and write a blog that definitely will help everyone to broaden their knowladge... for market value , browsing xxxxx for a while give you an idea, there is nothing called true value for used cars in sri lanka after-all you have to buy it for the price the seller wants to sell.. Note for member: Please do not mention other car sales websites on AL
  11. TheClutch

    Best car for 3.5M

    For 3.5Mn you can go for a FD series Civic 07-08..Try to find a JDM model fd1 usually sells below the fully loaded version..Else you can find a fd4 07..But the accelerations are not same though you don't gain any kmpl advantage..But if you concerned about kmpl figures these cars may not suite you as they usually do 7-8 in city traffic..A manual could do bit more and give more oomph in acceleration...But finding a one is very rare..
  12. TheClutch

    Looking to buy my first car

    Received an email from Toyota Lanka.. Yesterday...Quoted the details from that only...Not too sure about model names in versions...
  13. TheClutch

    Looking to buy my first car

    Toyota lanka is introducing wigo with a price tag of 3.5mn...But made in Indonesia...Kind of an axia with a Toyota badge... Just see whether that helps..
  14. TheClutch

    Engine heat goes up in traffic driving

    It's the fan.. Check the fan for issues said in above post.check the blowing direction too
  15. first , you should have decent mechanical knowledge to own a 4dr5..no offense mate ..but that it is.. second , why you want to brake when the engine is stopped..?? third, the symptoms you have mentioned are not really symptoms ,,it is how the brake works.