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  1. Correct - but actually this has got nothing to do with the Market (Europe/Non Europe) : to put it simply the 1.0L engine requires 95 OCT since it's a high compression engine. The 1.5 Would not. It's a matter of engine and not version/region.
  2. matroska

    Best sensible car for 3 million?

    well - if you want something brand new - you can go for a Perodua Bezza - I traveled in one recently it's quite decently well put together. Another option is a Toyota Yaris - due to the new permit cycle govt employees who bought these around 2009 are selling and they're actually going for quite a reasonable price (3Mill or below) most of these cars are first owner - brand new imports, agent maintained and with verifiable history and are in really good condition (specially given they are 10 years old) due to the simple mechanical aspect of these and the mass popularity they tend to depreciate slowly. If you're OK with a Manual then you can get a really good bargain.
  3. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    hohoho lurking... menacingly...hope this is something like UG/UG2/MW ....
  4. matroska

    Reverting Back From 325 Number

    Hey Guys - sorry for having to bring this back from the vaults after 6 years - But does anybody know if there has been any change to this law of late? So my understanding is that the 325- number will stick even after the conversion(back to petrol) - for any general engine swap that will be the case and only the new engine number will appear on the book.
  5. matroska

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Civic 1.5 L sedan.
  6. matroska

    Quality of Sri Lankan Service Centers?

    I've heard a LOT of negative comments on St##### and I was surprised cos I've not really had major issues at Maradana - and it turns out most folk go to Boralesgamuwa - I think the Boralasgamuwa joint should be avoided.
  7. CHR is a bit above your budget isn't it? Same for the Vezel... The vitz is not worth the price. If ground clearance is a must why don't you consider a Suzuki Sx4 Scross or a Vitara - both 1.0 L Turbo versions. They aren't too many here just yet but Suzuki have a good reliability record https://www.am-online.com/news/manufacturer/2018/09/06/suzuki-tops-what-car-reliability-survey-2018 actually any car does very well on fuel when you travel long distance 🙂
  8. matroska

    Best SUV under 10 million

    easy choice.
  9. matroska

    Fuel Consumption Of Chevrolet Cruze

    Have one in the family - been running and running and running without any major issues apart from a bust AC compressor - very durable car and the best thing is it can handle really bad roads. You won't get hybrid like fuel figures - depending on how you drive 8-10 KMPL in a mix of city/suburban driving. Just pay attention to the suspension mounts - known issue and also the steering rack - that has given trouble over the years. All in all decent car - not very comfy but a good all-round car well suited for sri Lankan roads, small parking spaces and the generally abusive harsh conditions we have here.
  10. matroska

    Best car for the 3 million budget

    you can get a 2011/12 Lancer CS3: its a comfy car, nice to drive, relatively uncomplicated and has agent support. Insight is not a bad car but you have better options.
  11. matroska

    Honda Civic 2018

    which is actually Seiken... did my service today and topped up with the same : thats what staff####use everywhere. I dont think Im too worried about this. Did the service at Ja Ela instead of Maradana. No complaints.
  12. matroska

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    yep Jatco is a Nissan subsidiary that makes - and used to make transmissions for Many Manufacturers including Mitsubishi and Mazda.
  13. matroska

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    Amen to that. CVT's have been around for a while now - Nissan Primeras have them from way back as the 90's if i remember. There's actually no cause for un-necessary alarm.
  14. Folks living down under - how common is the Corolla EE80 Hatchback in those parts? 

    Image result for corolla ee80 hatchback

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    2. iRage


      Well...you get the EE80H (which subsequently became the AE80H as the 1.3L engines, the 2E and 2A, were swapped), AE81H (with the 1.5L 3A), AE82H (which came with either the 4A-GE or 4A-FE depending on the last 3 digits of the AE82H code) and the CE81H....the body panels, etc are identical between all models except for trim level differences. Mechanically all parts are (for the most part) a direct transfer from the E80 series sedan.

      In Sri Lanka there are only a few around...

    3. matroska


      @Davy and @iRage thanks for clearing that up. I did not believe Aus got that particular version - hence my confusion when someone told me that it was there in Au.  I have seen just one in SL - a red 4 door. BTW  the Corolla FX of the same vintage also got the 1.6 L engine right?

    4. iRage


      Well...the Corolla hatchback..which is the above car..is the FX. FX stands for FF 2-boX. A 2 box body design is a hatchback...they called it that so that it sounds fancy. In some markets it had the FX name on it..some markets didn't

      Actually I stand corrected....unlike the sedan...I don''t think there was an AE80H...only an EE80H where a 1.3L was introduced once the the 12 valve 1300cc, 2E egnine was introduced.

      the AE82 hatch (whether it was called FX or Corolla Hatchback) came with the 1.6L 4A engine....it was either the 4A-FE or 4A-GE depending on the trim.

  15. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Amen to that. I like chrisfix...his stuff is easy to understand for amateurs like me. Gears and gasoline has some awesome videos too. As for Scotty and John Cadogan, well they are a little too opinionated and personally I find scotty annoying. And he over generalizes things. Cadogan is more tolerable : hes just your typical grumpy Aussie.
  16. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    that's my boy - that's the first thing i learned to cook and came in handy when i went abroad on work and stayed for a few months.
  17. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Exactly. So the sambola sticks to the rice ... you can eat just rice and sambol if the rice is like that. Next best thing is with string-hoppers, and finally with good old roast-paan. Damn it it's 4pm i'm in office and now I'm hungry.
  18. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    yeah but some can't just live without it 😄
  19. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    you a sambola fan? I know some people who'd rather die than skip sambola.
  20. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    there's even a good old packet of Harishchandra flour
  21. matroska

    Hybrid or Non Hybrid

    quite a decent car - few were imported on permits around 2013 you can find a good specimen for your price. go for it.
  22. matroska

    About Honda Insight??

    It depends on the state of the vehicle ...id say get a battery report. At the end of the day dont let fuel be the biggest deciding factor. IMA isnt as thrifty so youll end up getting 12-13 KMPL in city/suburbs.
  23. Guys is it possible that RMV back in the old days get the YOM of a car wrong? There's a particular car which says 1981 in the CR but when i cross check the Model number online it falls in a range of cars made in 1984.

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    2. matroska


      Chassis number decoding says 1985 😄 


    3. Hyaenidae


      Ah, then RMV guys have made a mistake.

    4. tiv


      I’ve seen an original diesel Montero market as petrol in the book, and a military Land Rover market as Country of origin - japan

      and most hatchbacks are marked as sedan, and everything unless brand new marked as * reconditioned*

  24. matroska

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    What Oil did you use?
  25. matroska

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    unfortunately yes there's been a lot of negative rep of late. I myself have been going to the agents Maradana service center and so far have not had any issues. I still continue to do so.