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  1. wow never knew we had this here..
  2. As HaeyIM said - full set would probably mean that they will replace the entire steering rack along with the bushing - the entire set will be new - what you get from outside would be a rack taken off a car in a scrap yard (let's assume that car has run 50,000 km) and the bushes will be the existing ones. If you can afford it will be a better idea in the long run to get the entire set done by TL. For older cars of course there's no choice but have to go with recon parts - and sometimes we end up replacing the supplementary parts as well cos the issue is not 100% solved.
  3. I'd have taken a guess and gone with 6 AM - anyways too many variables to accurately decide...BTW i saw this posted today in a Facebook group too - guess it was you
  4. Yes! Taken off this picture. Your turn Davy.
  5. This is the Abarth Rally Version - came out in the late 70's. Walter Rorhl before he moved on to Lancia drove this right?
  6. Gentlemen the Allion Premio group is fun again! Head over if you want some cheap entertainment.

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    2. matroska


      @iRage - Two actually - the first one was a guy asking about a Premio 2017 and after someone suggested a Honda Accord things escalated and then  one guy started a new post on people talking down the Premio. 

      @Uditha88 I don't think we can link FB Posts here. 

    3. Davy


      "super luxiary vehicle" :D 


    4. iRage


      @Davy...well depends on what the other classifiers in the scale are noh ? 


  7. Well a lot of sri lankans have an identity issue and an inferiority complex - sadly they let it out on their cars. There are people who try to make their B210 look like a trad sunny - or even a ford mustang I mean while that's sad - doing that to a fairly common little econo car is nothing compared to trying to ferrarify a Z. Ok now I realized what that Z in your username is anyway sad $hit! Oh and BTW @sathyajithj99 - in the midst of this misery we should not forget you've won - it's your turn to mystify us !
  8. Nice! @sathyajithj99 floors yours pal. I'll upload the full image once I'm backnat my pc. Nope unfortunately
  9. Forgot all about the jackfruit ok here's the next one
  10. What's with you and Car Crashes? I remember you posted a crashed Lancer too at some point... ACCORDing to what I can see in the picture this car is a coupe.
  11. not sure about the vent - what ever that is visible of the rear light looks like an 86/BRZ but darn that vent.
  12. Yeah I knew you were gonna probably get it .... floors yours...
  13. Well our perception on Toyota's are based on the 90's and early 2000's models such as the Corollas, Vitz's and GGG's (God's Greatest Gift) with relatively uncomplicated internals where little could go wrong. Maybe Toyota's modern vehicles are more in line with the other manufacturers specially when it comes to operating in local conditions. The CHR is probably one of the few "modern" Toyotas that came to the country in large numbers (the others are of course Vitze's and GGG's that still run on 2000's tech)
  14. I'd say you're on the right rack 😉
  15. Thanks for clearing that up. Yeah I mean for a long time now the agents have been missing out on the trends : During the hybrid craze most of the hybrids were grey imports. During the kei car craze it was mostly grey until A_W decided to step in and then when the Small-engined turbos came same story - and then there's folks like St_f_ord who decided to fund a little side business just to bring down the 1L Civics As for the Kohuwala bunch - they've been living on bullshit for ages and their own brand of exaggerated marketing I remember when the Agent was bringing down the MG ZS they were bringing down from Australia and marketing them for the same price /higher stating that the product from the agents was inferior. Their marketing strategy clearly works as Sri Lankans seem to prefer the little side-snippets of car-information coming from the average Jayantha in his white shirt with a floral design than of course the million-rupee marketing campaigns of the agents
  16. dude it's already answered
  17. Maybe you should do a youtube video on the Ciaz.... or get that dude from [email protected] he would blabber on about ' fafomans and fuuul economy and godak ispeshas interior ekak tianawa' and remark the car is manual, has 4 seats, 4 wheels, a steering wheel, ac vents and a speedometer.
  18. and yet @Devinda_Z did not want to draw the ire of the Premio fanbois "More spacious & fuel efficient than a Honda Grace, Suzuki Swift, SX4, Corolla Axio, Toyota Yaris, Honda Civic, Vezel, Mazda 3 Axela, Vitz, Alto or Kia, Hyundai , Vitara or Baleno."
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