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  1. matroska

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    This is sub-par. I mentioned earlier a cousin, who's Allion was rear-ended and sustained a lot of damage which was perfectly restored at T#yota Lanka. It was almost undetectable. This is very primitive and anyone can spot your car has met with an accident. Take it back to them and ask them to do justice for the high amount paid. You wouldn't believe but the best job I have so far seen was actually done by a tiny body shop deep deep into the remote areas of Boyagane Kurunegala. Yes it was a small job - but they did a perfect job of it.
  2. matroska

    Mazda Flair hybrid 2015

    This i agree with ...a while back I was on a late night uber where the driver who was apparently driving his elder brothers Wagon R (Stringray old model that came out in 2014-15) had noticed a slight drop in engine oil and topped up with transmission fluid earlier that day- this was revealed when he got a call from his brother which he put on loud speaker ...the word 'buuruwa' was mentioned a few times by the elder sibling in the ensuing conversation and awkward silence was present in the remainder of the journey 😛
  3. matroska

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    damn son! you could buy a decent old car for that price surprising cos your damage does not look significant - a cousin's allion was rear ended by a bus and that cost 1.7 Million at Toyota but the damage on that was far far greater than this.
  4. Both cars will serve you well if you find well maintained specimens. I assume you're looking at the first gen Vios (XP40) and not the XP90 (known as Belta-body in Sri Lanka and looks like yaris/belta) these cars are time proven and tough machines BUT they're almost 15 years old now and have faced a lot of abuse. You have a better chance of getting a newer Tiida. I've been in both and the Tiida is a bit more comfier and feels more refined than the Vios. If you can find an unabused Vios go for it ...or else the Tiida isn't too bad a choice. Keep your options open and look for both. Once you find a good unit go for it.
  5. matroska

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    well that escaladed quickly! meanwhile
  6. matroska

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    or the fact that sri lankan car-sale guys have been experiencing a "Raise" in a particular body part ever since the emergence of a Sub 1.0L Toyota "JIP"
  7. matroska

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    I guess Raize is a direct competitor for the Hyundai Venue. Despite the similar tax bracket Vitara is a pricier, larger Crossover not in the same group as the Raize.
  8. matroska

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    Toyota "Jip" ekak ne mahattaya unu kawum wage yanne 🤪
  9. The Toyota Raize is a Compact Cross over - basically a Vitz on mild steroids.. its about in the same league as Hyundai the Vitara is in a different league despite all cars being in the same tax bracket due to same engine capacity.
  10. matroska

    What car to buy with the budget of 2.2mil

    Viva Elite is a good choice - quite compact but fun to drive car hence their popularity as reliable little city runners. The Demio is the other good option - given you find a well maintained specimen. The K12 is a bland but tough car that can take a bit of abuse but you will not get 10 KMPL as it's quite thirsty. Other options - Honda Fit GD1 (~2007) will give you 10KMPL if fuel economy is not that important you can get a 2004/2005 Suzuki Swift (Ignis)/Chevy Cruze (same car) rugged cars that keep on running they can be bought for below your budget but most of them are hacked now
  11. matroska

    [Civic 2018] One year later...

    Since it's a group that content is not visible unless you join the group plus in this forum FB links require moderator approval.
  12. Am I the only one who always has to close the door twice in Suzuki Keis? (Wagon R/ Spacia) ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. □AVANTE□


      Huh...never felt that with the different wagonRs we used. But maybe thats just me

    3. Ranjitha


      My wife has the same issue 🤣 funny enough it never got me..


    4. matroska


      I guess as Tiv said it's the hard beading + the light door. When I use the same amount of force I'm used to when closing the doors of my car it never closes.

  13. When i read the topic heading the word CV Joint came to my head. I'd start with that
  14. matroska

    [Civic 2018] One year later...

    Hahah yet to see that but I remember your comment how you eventually get used to driving a relatively low car... no big mods planned yet - I'm probably gonna run this stock for a bit I've got a lot of mods planned on an older-than-me starlet but I do like to do something with the lamps actually.
  15. matroska

    What is the best choice?

    Vios -first gen is well within/below your budget - simple no nonsense cars back in the day that could withstand hundreds of thousands of km's but nowadays after more than 15 years you are going to struggle to find a well kept specimen. The second gen (AKA Belta Face is a bit rare but is an ok choice comes with 1.5 Engine )Tough to find a well manitained 121 as well - one of the most overrated, overpriced and abused cars in SL. Aquas of late have thrown a lot of hybrid battery issues so be vary of that - same goes for the Prius at that price point. This leaves you with the Vitz even though it is very basic. You can also consider Yaris(2008~2009) - simple no nonsense cars, some of them brought on permit and well maintained with first owner. Corola 141 is a good choice too - will not be as fuel efficient as vitz but overall a very hardy car. There are a lot more options if you're ready to step out of the Toyota Shell. : Lancer CS1/2/3, Nissan Tiida, Non hybrid Fit (GE6) etc.