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  1. never driven a Kwid but being a passenger - it feels like it was hastily put together and could come apart suddenly. Agree that out of that bunch the Alto is easily the best pick.
  2. Well it's like this - the 141 Corolla usually came as a brand new import through the agents mostly by people with permits and by organizations etc while the Axios were re-conditioned grey imports from Japan. The 141 drinks a bit more fuel than the Axio, so naturally the local market has hyped the Axio and fetches a higher price. But in reality the total cost of ownership of both (fuel + maintenance + initial buying cost) would probably be the same. Axio's were also used as taxis,fleet cars etc due to the fuel savings. While there could be hacked 141's many 141's were home used or as second-cars (bought by govt servants on permit etc) . I This is more or less same as the Yaris/Belta scenario (Belta - JDM grey import)
  3. Yes - that's one of the many local sentiments when buying cars legally it's not an issue. RMV will not allow one day transfer unless you grease the palms of someone there...
  4. If you read the above hrm and irage posted you should see that the actual G superior will come with a 2L engine. As for FAT you're probably referring to something like this Here FAT refers to transmission and AAC refers to Air conditioning and nothing with the grade. In Sri Lanka the local buy-and-sell mudalali or the car sale guy from Kohuwala would say the best way to identify the G Superior is by the rear wiper. If you see the pic below it's an 'F' grade with EX Trim and it comes with a rear wiper ...so these boys fix the G-Superior badge sourced from Maradana and Presto your Budget-Bentley just became a few more lakhs worth
  5. Why would you want to clean the fuel tank specifically? Is 53 k the overall mileage of the car? It's a bit too low for a car of that age.
  6. I'd avoid the 121 like the plague - simply because it has to be one of the most abused, traded, cheaply maintained cars in Sri Lanka along with it's predecessor the 110. The average 121 probably has changed hands more than the average 1000 rs note. If I had to pick one of the Toyotas you mentioned I'd probably stick with the Yaris, from my experience there are a higher percentage of unabused Yarii (yarises) out there compared to 121s or 240's - there are many brought for permits which enjoyed a considerably fair amount of TLC from their first owners. If you want a fun practical hatch (sadly your Uncle next door will not approve) you could consider the GE6 - as the others above mentioned maintenance cost will not be drastic if you use genuine parts. I've done a fair bit of used car hunting for me, friends and relatives and my personal experience is that it's really really difficult to find a clean, honest mainstream car - specially Toyota in SL . I've usually stuck with the left-field choices (read NON_TOYOTA -other than the EP71 in my avatar) and they've never actually disappointed
  7. Well I have to admit CVT's are a kill joy - the one thing I don't like about my current car is also the CVT transmission 😐 The holy-trinity of the mid-range sedan section. majority of Civics and Lancers are below that budget (a little long in the tooth now) so since you have a healthy budget best bet would be a Mazda. A slightly less exciting yet solid alternative to the above - an old school tough Toyota. Out of Traditional A/T, CVT and DCT I've driven - the funnest is the DCT by a country mile BUT given how they've been prone to wear out locally it's better to stay away from them ...
  8. yeah my bad - didn't mention the 'pre-owned' part ... which happens to be the way to get popular cars not intended for Sri Lanka like Vitz, with some sort of agent involvement.
  9. well based on the engine size based-tax the tax would amount to 1300 * 2750 = 3,575,000 add the CIF value of the car to that you'll end up somewhere above 5 Million easily Also i just saw this - As far as i know The Terios is 4wd
  10. True - Most of the Honda's are grey imports since The agent never actually got on board with the vehicles that became popular with the 'tax-based-trends' so apart from the permit holders no one would really buy from them. A#W were relatively quick to react to the sudden kei-influx and jumped into the Wagon R bandwagon.
  11. Ok - it seems the best way forward for you is to test drive all the above and feel what suits you (this usually works) and if you still have doubts the best option might actually be a vitz since (a) It will not body-roll as much as your every (b) If you really feel after a while that the car does not suit you it will be the easiest to get rid of (usually)
  12. any particular reason for a compact vehicle (i.e limited parking space or frequent travel on narrow roads etc) ? Most of your choices will have a certain amount of body-roll (not as much as the every) The boon/passo is the same as the Vitz engine wise but for some reason the new passo feels a little bit more refined than the vitz actually (maybe it's just me - i feel as if the Passo vibrates less than the vitz) overall if practicality is your thing you get more value for money with the Boon/Passo ...the RS Vitz is super rare. A non-hybrid Honda Fit (GE6) would fulfil your boot-space requirement ...body roll isn't too bad. but noticeable unfortunately .Ground clearance is not stellar but OK.
  13. This is the same thing that Toyota does with "[email protected] Sure" in SL - they sell stuff like the Vitz even though they were not actually meant for the SL market, Honda though have completely distanced themselves from even mentioning any affiliations they just provide 'warranty' from the actual agent. Guess the agents had to get in on the tax-reduced bandwagon i mean other than the permit holders no one would consider buying the 1.5 Variant of the Civic the agents are offering....(nor the accord for that matter)
  14. welcome to the forum. Your heart seems to be in the right place 🙂 overall the CS1 is more car than the perodua ever will be despite being older. When it comes to cars being logical is good but at the same time it HAS to give you some pleasure otherwise you're going to get sick of it soon. I'd go for the CS1 if I were you - as long as you put in a bit of effort to finding a good unit.
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