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  1. In these stagnant times would it be a good idea to have a automotive stories thread? Where everybody can chip in with unforgettable car-stories? 

    1. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      That's a good idea :D @Hyaenidae may have experience with that on similar threads at E*a*i** ;) 

    2. kadsa98


      I had an interesting experience while driving down to galle once. I was cruising along at around 180kph when an idiot in a premio pulls out into the fast lane with zero signal or shoulder check. bugger was lucky I had good brakes. The 10 second honk didn't even phase the dumb f*ck, he was proud of his stupidity.

      Don't reply saying 'bUt YoU wERe sPeEdIng' please.

    3. AVANTE
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