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  1. Guys - how much trouble would i be asking for  with a late 80's Corolla II with a Diesel Engine?


    1. alpha17


      A friend of mine owns a petrol one from the same era. A really nice car to drive but he blowed up the engine after getting it performance tuned by a wrong guy. This car was not in perfect shape. Interior bits started to show their age. It was not taken care of by the previous owners. But all the options worked. Dunno about the diesel. But since it’s a Corolla, will run without much of an issue and any makabass would be able to fix. Or else you can swap a new engine🥳

    2. matroska


      @alpha17 - Thanks for the info. Didn't check the particular specimen since it seems to have had a gearbox translpant. There's also this tempting looking 2 door red corolla2 (petrol) unmolested and in great shape 

    3. alpha17


      @matroska 2 door version looks really cool. My friend's one was not in that much of a good shape. But the engine and gearbox felt bulletproof. We had endless fun with it by doing countless burnouts and speedings over 130+ kmph. The car felt really steady and nimble. After abusing it for around 1.5 years he wanted to tune it for more hp. The work was done by a horrible guy so ended up blowing the engine. Now he had replaced the Turbo engine from a Starlet GT. Also replaced the dashboards with a better one. Now it is better. With the diesel I dunno about the performance. But I think finding spares wouldn't be much of an issue.

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