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  1. matroska

    Car Insurance 2019/2020

    [1] Con######## [2] Full [3] 89 K (with Terrorism cover added in April) for a car worth 6M [4] Dear lord I do not want to find out [5] Refer [4]
  2. This is true - both cars i sold were both maintained at agent and the buyers appreciated it and were bought by the first people who came to inpsect.
  3. matroska

    Help me to find a car

    You're welcome... Axio 2007 is ok as long as you find a good car which is a bit difficult these days. Also the 2007 Axio had an issue with the dashboard deteriorating (starts to develop holes) due to our extreme heat. But if you can find a well maintained Axio around 2008 it would be a good pick. Comfort wise GP5 is more comfier than the rest ... GP1, Yaris and Belta are more or less in the same boat when it comes to comfort but GP1 has much more space inside (headroom/legspace) if you're a tall person you're going to appreciate it.
  4. matroska

    Honda grace ex yom 2014/12

    4.1 is quite a low price for a Grace TBH... But this isnt the only grace in town nor the only car available for you...if you are not comfortable with it just skip it. A 47% battery is okayish as the others said you need to be worried about DCT more than the battery cos when it comes to Honda hybrids their achilles heel is not actually the Hybrid battery itself (except FD3) but rather other issues like DCT or GP1s oil leak issue.
  5. Well heres the thing ... The whole Kobe/Sterling warranty thingy is more or less a farce as of late. It's a 3rd party warranty remember? Technically the correct procedure is Toyota as they are the agents. But the vitz is such a widely used basic uncomplicated machine, that its really unlikely for someone to mess it up so if the agent does quote crazy prices consider a reputed 3rd party service.
  6. matroska

    Help me to find a car

    A 11 year old Prius is a recipe for disaster also note those were the first hybrids to become popular and so many of them were fleet cars (taxis...) and those run half a million km and the meter gets rolled back. The GP5 is a nice car but can quickly go south and if you do want to resell in 2 years then might not be a good option. Also you cant get a GP5 for 3 Mill. If you *really* want a hybrid and fuel economy the best option is a GP1 - simple mild hybrid so little to go wrong (avoid the oil leak issue affected VIN# range ) Don't just consider fuel savings... At the end of the day what matters is total cost of ownership.On long distance most cars give decent fuel mileage. As you intend to use for 2 years the best option is to go for a old school non hybrid simple sedan like Lancer/ Corolla 141... If you want marginally better fuel economy consider something like a Yaris/Belta at the expense of comfort.
  7. matroska

    Regarding oil burning issue of Honda gP 1

    Please refer the numerous threads on the same issue - the repair is now done by agents as well as other parties and most forum members have sorted their issue. The original parts also can be sourced externally. Cool username btw 😁 As in Rasca Capac in Tin Tin?
  8. matroska

    Help me to find a car

    That wont be a big difference from the Vitz he currently has :specially for long trips. An unabused GP1 would be a decent choice given its a mild hybrid IMA is relatively uncomplicated and has given comparatively less trouble over the years avoid the chassis # range affected by the oil leak issue. Get a battery test and good to go. Axio 2007 is a good choice but these cars have been abused for over 10 years now and changed hands like a 20 rupee note. (Its VERY difficult to find honest unabused Axios Allions and Premios) Why dont you also consider Lancer CS(1/2/3) around 2011/2012 , mazda 3 (2010 if youre lucky) or a Corolla 141 (non JDM) ?
  9. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    need this for office - the guy who used to sit next to me passed gas so frequently i have to run for air at least a dozen times daily....thankfully we are in different floors now.
  10. matroska

    Used car/suv around 4.0 to 4.5 million

    Well the Allion will be a decent A-B car but being a decade old a little hard to find an unmolested one. Due to high popularity most have been abused by negligent owners. If theres a verifiable specimen (maybe a trusted friend is selling his car) its a good choice. The Korean SUVs might be your best bet -since you travel long distance and not only city driving fuel consumption will be less you get comfort as well as road presence. Rav4s are a bit overpriced so for the price you pay you can get a much better condition Hyundai/Kia. The thing with the Vezel/Grace is the DCT issue...a genuine low mileage specimen which has not developed the issues might be an option specially if your driving conditions are not harsh : i.e regular driving in heavy traffic. Of the two the grace would be a better bet.
  11. matroska

    DFSK 580

    Whatever dengue that was left in you probably packed up and went... 😄
  12. matroska

    DFSK 580

    There's a saying "When you are in deep-sh*t keep your mouth shut" your sad, childish, pathetic, marketing gimmick has now been found, you have lost all credibility and whatever drivel you type is now scorned by the forum members. If you have any common sense or an ounce of shame left you'd better close both of your accounts and stop mumbling here. This is no longer about the quality of Chinese Vehicles but more about a pathetic childish attempt by a naive third class marketer. And since you like to quote in Sinhala : ෆේක් account දෙකක් හදන් සත පනහෙ මාකටින් කරන්න ගිහින් ...ඒකවත් හරියට කරගන්න බැරිව නාගත්ත උඹට මොන democracy ද? තවත් විහිලුවක් වෙන්නැතුව නිදාගනින්
  13. matroska

    DFSK 580

    a day after the easter attacks? When there was curfew ? wow you must have been really motivated to buy the DFCC eh? hope you had a safe trip from the unimo showroom to your residence 😛
  14. Dude you are living in a hotbed for spare parts 😄 even for most of the older cars (1980's corolla's etc - parts can still be found in Kurunegala) 141 won;t be a problem.