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  1. Drove an Axio hybrid over the weekend - quite comfy for its category. Biggest gripe is the absolute lack of feedback -  i mean i felt so disconnected 

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    2. terrabytetango


      The over assisted steering is a God send in the city though. So much so that, I always bounce off opposite lock when I'm turning the wheel quickly, and that cannot be good for the column at all, so now I make a conscious effort to not spin the wheel so fast. Comfort wise, yes it is very much a boat, and the rear suspension becomes way too soft when carrying 4 passengers and their related luggage. And couple that with the quiet interior, and you have a truly calm place to be in during intense traffic sessions. It isn't a car you feel like driving fast, rather one should simply waft with right hand on the arm rest and three fingers from the left hand gripping the wheel while your hand is resting on your knee (that's how I always drive our Axio).

    3. matroska


      Yeah - it's a bit of a place of 'zen' and the road noise was minimal - I drive a Honda Fit and that thing is raucous and you get  a LOT of feedback - so understandably i felt a little like i was in  a simulator :D 

    4. asrock


      Yeah I felt the same when I drove a friends GP5, also the transmission was not smooth like the one in the axio. But it had more acceleration and I felt like it had more rear leg space than the axio.