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  1. 1 hour ago, da_semicolon said:

    Hey all,

    It's 2019 and most of the topics related are a bit old and I want a fresh opinion on what to do. I will make this simple as possible. I have a budget of 2.2 million and I'm trying to buy a car for daily use. I'm not really concerned that much about the fuel consumption as long as it's above 10km/l in city traffic. Since safety is also important to me I have decided to stay away from all Indian cars.

    The most bugging decision for me regarding is whether to buy an 10 year old car or a relatively new Micro Panda Cross 2017/18. The old car options I have are;
    Nissan March k12
    Viva Elite 2013
    Honda Fit Aria 2005
    Mazda Demio 2004/5

    I would really appreciate your guidance. Thanks in advance.

    Viva Elite is a good choice - quite compact but fun to drive car hence their popularity as reliable little city runners. The Demio is the other good option - given you find a well maintained specimen. 

    The K12 is a bland but tough car that can take a bit of abuse but you will not get 10 KMPL as it's quite thirsty. 

    Other options - Honda Fit GD1 (~2007)  will give you 10KMPL if fuel economy is not that important you can get a 2004/2005 Suzuki Swift (Ignis)/Chevy Cruze (same car) rugged cars that keep on running they can be bought for below your budget but most of them are hacked now 

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  2. 6 hours ago, faizanj said:

    toyata vios, vitz, aqua, prius, corolla 121

    Vios -first gen is well within/below your budget - simple no nonsense cars back in the day that could withstand hundreds of thousands of km's but nowadays after more than 15 years you are going to struggle to find a well kept specimen.  The second gen (AKA Belta Face is a bit rare but is an ok choice comes with 1.5 Engine )Tough to find a well manitained 121 as well - one of the most overrated, overpriced and abused cars in SL. Aquas of late have thrown a lot of hybrid battery issues so be vary of that - same goes for the Prius at that price point. This leaves you with the Vitz even though it is very basic. 

    You can also consider Yaris(2008~2009) - simple no nonsense cars, some of them brought on permit and well maintained with first owner. Corola 141 is a good choice too - will not be as fuel efficient as vitz but overall a very hardy car. 

    There are a lot more options if you're ready to step out of the Toyota Shell. : Lancer CS1/2/3, Nissan Tiida, Non hybrid Fit (GE6) etc. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, sathyajithj99 said:

    There are few grades for Raize



    Oh wow - vehicle get's released in Japan and Sri Lankan car sale peeps have already started making cost sheets :D early adopters indeed. 

    I guess the name 'Raize' is very appropriate cos car sale  people seem to be  getting boners over it. 

  4. 2 hours ago, CNX said:

    will not be as good to drive

    Yeah - the engine on this is actually a 1KR-VET a turbo charged variant of the 1KR found on Vitz etc - max output around 97 BHP might be ok to tug the vehicle if it's super light. (AFAIK The CHR has 110-120 BHP) 

  5. 19 minutes ago, □AVANTE□ said:

    Also, is there a permanent solution for the GP1 oil issue

    AL forum members, and a friend of mine who have fixed the issue have not got it again for about a year...my friend still uses the car to date and is quite happy with it. 

  6. 23 hours ago, Crashlander said:

    Guys, I know there is a lot of threads related to this. But uptodate knowledge from an expert would be very much appreciated.

    I'm a student trying to buy my first car with my savings and a small loan. My budget is strictly below 1.2 mn.

    I'll be driving about 6km a day on weekdays and about 15km in the weekend. I'm looking for an easy to maintain car( dont really have much time to be at a garage for another 2-3 years)

    Looks do matter but not a complainer and an auto would be nice but not a must.

    Thank u in advance.

    Did you check this thread ? Prices have changed a little bit but most of the ideas there hold true. 

    Even if you check very carefully you cannot find a 'trouble-free' car for that budget so just make an allowance for that. 

    few options off the top of my head : 

    1994-96 ish Nissan March K11 2 door with Automatic transmission - bland but ok car. 4 Door is much more expensive.

    Proton Wira - 2000~2001 with A/T interiors of these cars deteriorate pretty fast though.

    Assorted Starlets : EP82's will be around 1.3~1.4 

    Corolla2, March K10, Mazda Familia all fall in your budget but most of them will be manual there will be the odd Auto as well as Auto converts - whether conversions are done properly is the question. 

    At this price point you can't quite focus on one model... best thing to do is to join the numerous old car groups on FB and be alert also be ready to travel sometimes good cars come up outside colombo. 

    I myself was looking out for a cheap 2nd car to do a mild restoration and to use as a weekend banger - ended up with a 34 YO  Starlet EP71 ...there is some work to do but the damn thing is not a rust bucket, it runs  and has A/C 



  7. Hey welcome to the forum. As an ex- GP1 owner I can say it really is a nice car and you get a LOT for what you pay...it has practical written all over it - economical to run as well.  at 2.7 it's a steal you can't get that feature set, the practicality for that price - even if you do  spend money and fix the oil burn issue. I sometimes still miss my old car 


    2 hours ago, [email protected] said:

    and my heart skips a beat every time I see one pass me

    this is what's important - you seem to be a car guy and this sort of matters - drive what you like.The FD1 is a different class of car . You are going to enjoy driving this (not that the GP1 is boring to drive )

    So here's the thing - why don't you go see both cars for a while try to hitch a good FD1 - keep the GP1 as a backup option if you fail to find a good FD1....give the civic the priority:  it's a matter of smiles per liter vs miles per liter.

    Happy Hunting. 

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  8. sorry to hear this bro :

    1.  It depends on the 'garage'  - since the car is new isn't the insurance paying 100% of the repair cost any chance of taking it to agents? My cousins 2018 Allion was rammed from behind by a bus and he did the full repair at the agents . Larger garages will source parts. Smaller places will require you to source the parts. 

    2. The auto stop function will not work even if your bonnet is unlocked. Now it's not working cos as I can see from your picture your bonnet doesn't close properly. 


  9. 3 hours ago, chanaka paliskara said:

    i am looking non hybrid vehicle.


    1 hour ago, alpha17 said:

    Please mention your requirements,

    While 4 Million is hybrid territory - you can find many non hybrids for that price. As Alpha mentioned let us know what you want- are you looking for a freed for a specific reason? If something other than a mini MPV is OK you have  several decent sedans to consider. for instance a non hybrid Axio 161 (2013 ) can be bought for around 4.1 Mill - a really nice car.

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  10. 28 minutes ago, Magnum said:


    I saw this pic in the SL traffic violation group in FB praising the prime move driver. I got to say I have noticed that most prime mover drivers in SL are well disciplined on the road.

    barring a few nutjobs most of them are... i noticed they are usually  one of the first to give way etc... 

  11. Hello and welcome to the forum. 

    Firstly - please use a meaningful name when opening a thread so that someone would know what the question is about.

    secondly do not open multiple threads for the same question. @Davy another merge request for you 🙂


    Regarding the car - I notice that there hasn't been much discussion on this model on this forum. Hopefully there might be someone who owns/owned a Freed. 


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  12. 1 hour ago, iRage said:

    The New Honda FIT...

    Official release will be at the Tokyo Motorshow...

    I am a bit disappointed...I expected it to look a bit more edgier and sporty like in the past. Now it just looks cute and chubby....
    Power train choices have not been revealed yet (I think) but obviously there is PHEV option. As for the grades..they have "5 grades with names like : “Basic”, “Home”, “Ness”, “Kloster” and “Luxe”.


    Less 'aggressive' than the previous version - and still retaining the bubbly/friendly family hatch genes of the original Fit from the early 2000's 

  13. 3 hours ago, Muditha Ranganath said:


    What is the best car between toyota yaris and toyota belta?


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    Belta :

     *Japan Domestic Model 

    * Interior is supposed to be better *some say the car is comfier than the Yaris. 

    *CVT gear box 

    * Supposed to have better fuel economy over the Yaris. 

    * Some Belta's don't even have the tachometer (RPM meter in Kohuwala terms) .

    Yaris :

    * Is the export variant and always comes with the 1.3 L engine 

    *The car has more ground clearance and made of more durable material to survive the perceived harsh conditions locally present. 

    *Fuel economy is supposed to be a little worse than the Belta. 

    *Yaris were imported brand new for permits 10 years ago  - there are both Auto and Manual variants. 

    Now that these cars are 10+ years old fuel figures may vary - i.e you could find a Belta that does worse than a Yaris and vice versa.  There are many B/New Yaris still with the first owner with verifiable service records and all maintained at agents so the chance of finding a well maintained Yaris is higher than a Belta. Also due to public perceptions the Belta 1.3's are priced higher than Yaris usually 

    What I'd do if I were you :

    Look for both cars - buy one with a good maintenance history, apparent honest seller and good condition irrespective if it's a Yaris or a Belta. Avoid 1.0 L Beltas. 

    Also I wouldn't pay extra for the Belta over a Yaris. 

    If manual is ok with you Manual Yaris are going for pretty low prices. 

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  14. There is nothing 'inferior' about 92 octane - just because the price is higher on 95 does not mean it is 'better'. Unless stated explicitly by the manufacturer on the user manual (or mentioned on your fuel cap) there is no need to pump 95.  95 is required if your engine for instance is a small turbo charged engine. The Alto is a simple car and will run fine on 92. Just pump 92 at your next fuel station. 


  15. 9 hours ago, vitz said:

    Australian Made DSI gear box

    Drive Systems International went bankrupt and was acquired by Geely in 2008 or 2009. They made gearboxes for Ford earlier but after that ended their main buyers were Ssangyong and Mahendra.  Ssangyong is also owned by Mahendra now. 


    9 hours ago, vitz said:

    Lesson Learnt: Never go for new brands pop up in the market from time to time (

    Well kinda true... makes sense if you view these non-mainstream brands as disposable commodities but that is certainly not the case in Sri Lanka. The Ssangyongs have depreciated more than hybrids and that says something!