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  1. On 5/26/2020 at 10:18 AM, Azeem93 said:

    1. I just wanted to know where is the avg meter sensor is located.

    2. I have driven 53k now , is it must to clean the fuel tank 

    Why would you want to clean the fuel tank specifically? Is 53 k the overall mileage of the car? It's a bit too low for a car of that age.

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  2. On 5/15/2020 at 9:01 AM, Vinz said:

    Dear All,

    I am planning to buy a second hand car (automatic), and the budget is around 30 Lks. Five vehicles are in my mind (3 from Toyota and 2 from Honda).

    TOYOTA -  Yaris 2008, Corolla 121, Allion 240 (1500CC)

    HONDA - ES8 (2004/5 Face-lift), GE6 (Fit-non hybrid)

    Please suggest me the best vehicle looking about the (1) Fuel Consumption (daily running around 45kms in traffic), (2) Maintenance Cost, (3) Spare parts Availability, (4) Resale Value.

    Expecting your kind support by adding genuine comments. Thank you.


    I'd avoid the 121 like the plague - simply because it has to be one of the most abused, traded, cheaply maintained cars in Sri Lanka along with it's predecessor the 110. The average 121 probably has changed hands more than the average 1000 rs note. If I had to pick one of the Toyotas you mentioned I'd probably stick with the Yaris, from my experience there are a higher percentage of unabused Yarii (yarises) out there compared to 121s or 240's - there are many brought for permits which enjoyed a considerably fair amount of TLC from their first owners. 

    If you want a fun practical hatch (sadly  your Uncle next door will not approve) you could consider the GE6 - as the others above mentioned maintenance cost will not be drastic if you use genuine parts. 

    I've done a fair bit of used car hunting for me, friends and relatives and my personal experience is that it's really really difficult to find a clean, honest mainstream car - specially Toyota in SL . I've usually stuck with the left-field choices (read NON_TOYOTA -other than the EP71 in my avatar) and they've never actually disappointed 

  3. On 5/19/2020 at 6:33 PM, NadC said:

    I was driving a 10th Gen 1.6L Civic with a CVT and didn't like it at all.

    Well I have to admit CVT's are a kill joy - the one thing I don't like about my current car is also the CVT transmission 😐 

    On 5/19/2020 at 8:23 PM, Hyaenidae said:

    Mitsubishi Lancer series, Honda Civic FD series, Mazda 2/3 series

    The holy-trinity of the mid-range sedan section.  majority of Civics and Lancers are below that budget (a little long in the tooth now) so since you have a healthy budget best bet would be a  Mazda. 

    5 hours ago, Ruslan said:

    Corolla 141 Facelift 2010 onward s. That's a bulletproof AT box.

    A slightly less exciting yet solid alternative to the above - an old school tough Toyota. 


    Out of Traditional A/T, CVT and DCT I've driven - the funnest is the DCT by a country mile BUT given how they've been prone to wear out locally it's better to stay away from them ...

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  4. 4 hours ago, iRage said:

    Uhh...i thought Toyota sure was just Toyota's used car shop..which is somewhat different from the above :)

    yeah my bad - didn't mention the 'pre-owned' part ... which happens to be the way to get popular cars not intended for Sri Lanka like Vitz, with some sort of agent involvement.

  5. 2 minutes ago, everyf4 said:

    Any guess on how much it would cost to bring down a 1.3 

    well based on the engine size based-tax the tax would amount to 1300 * 2750 = 3,575,000 add the CIF value of the car to that you'll end up somewhere above 5 Million easily 


    1 hour ago, everyf4 said:

    I like the Daihatsu Terios idea

    Also i just saw this - As far as i know The Terios is 4wd 

  6. 10 hours ago, Dee Jay said:

    Yeah that being priced around 9 million and the Accord being around 1.2 million would have set them back a great deal in the revenue front with majority of the other Hondas sold in the yester years being grey imports (Vezels, Graces and FITs)..

    Most agents must be facing similar circumstances in Sri Lanka I guess..

    True - Most of the Honda's are grey imports since The agent never actually got on board with the vehicles that became popular with the 'tax-based-trends'  so apart from the permit holders no one would really buy from them. 

    A#W were relatively quick to react to the sudden kei-influx and jumped into the Wagon R bandwagon.

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  7. 48 minutes ago, everyf4 said:

    I guess the issue is moving from Every I might feel all of the above cars has less body roll I am trying to pick yalls brains to get to better decision ! 

    Does UK model swift has enough ground clearance ? without the body kit ?

    Ok - it seems the best way forward for you is to test drive all the above and feel what suits you (this usually works) and if you still have doubts the best option might actually be a vitz since

    (a) It will not body-roll as much as your every

    (b) If you really feel after a while that the car does not suit you it will be the easiest to get rid of (usually) 



  8. 9 hours ago, everyf4 said:

    My budget is around 3.5 - 4.5 Million but I am looking for practicality (A to B, dicky space, less body roll, basic options,  compact vehicle)

    any particular reason for a compact vehicle (i.e limited parking space or frequent travel on narrow roads etc)  ? 

    Most of your choices will have a certain amount of body-roll (not as much as the every) 

    The boon/passo is the same as the Vitz engine wise but for some reason the new passo feels a little bit more refined than the vitz actually (maybe it's just me - i feel as if the Passo vibrates less than the vitz) overall if practicality is your thing you get more value for money with the Boon/Passo  ...the RS Vitz is super rare. 

    A non-hybrid Honda Fit (GE6) would fulfil your boot-space requirement ...body roll isn't too bad. but noticeable unfortunately .Ground clearance is not stellar but OK. 

  9. 3 hours ago, iRage said:

    It could be that the official supply chain for the SL market is such that the 1.0L cannot be sourced or that the regional Honda corp office has not agreed to it (as it affects their production lines in terms of volume and specs) . So the only way they can go about it is to have their subsidiary source the 1.0L from another market. It is quite common in many other countries. For example, Toyota Singapore never officially got the Toyota Allion, however Toyota Singapore sold the Toyota Allion in Singapore through one of its franchise holders.

    This is the same thing that Toyota does with "[email protected] Sure" in SL - they sell stuff like the Vitz even though they were not actually meant for  the SL market, Honda though have completely distanced themselves from even mentioning any affiliations they just provide 'warranty' from the actual agent.  Guess the agents had to get in on the tax-reduced bandwagon i mean other than the permit holders no one would consider buying the 1.5 Variant of the Civic the agents are offering....(nor the accord for that matter) 

  10. 41 minutes ago, Alpha said:

    but my heart says Cs1.

    welcome to the forum. Your heart seems to be in the right place 🙂 overall the CS1 is more car than the perodua ever will be despite being older. When it comes to cars being logical is good but at the same time it HAS to give you some pleasure otherwise you're going to get sick of it soon. I'd go for the CS1 if I were you - as long as you put in a bit of effort to finding a good unit. 

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  11. 4 hours ago, Pericles said:

    If you don't have a powerful computer, but have at least a mid range smartphone, try Real Racing 3. I've given up PC racing.Tilt controlling the steering on the phone is way superior to keyboard steering on a PC. (ideally a tab is better, bigger screen, but can't have everything.)


    As someone who spends the entire day in front of a PC I really don't fancy PC gaming nowadays .. What sets RR apart from stuff like NFS No Limits is the realism and there's just so much to do than nitrousing your way and upgrading your car which sadly  get's a little repetitive and the whole underground/boss racing thing has been flogged around for 15 years now.  GT racing 2 for me is a bit limited but still OK ..

    46 minutes ago, AVANTE said:

    Also try Assoluto Racing

    Should try this out as well ^ 

    BTW  anyone tried Gear Club? 

  12. Hello welcome to the forum - i assume this is the Kei-class pajero with 660 CC? The symptoms you mentioned are a bit vague - could be a problem with the spark plugs or issues with the fuel injectors.  Other members will hopefully shed their insights. 

    Also it would be good if you can have a more meaningful topic for the thread -  'Jerking' just sounds awkward  

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  13. 2 minutes ago, asrock said:

    The price tag is too good to be true. Its either a high millage one or failing HV battery. Get it inspected thoroughly. 

    the mileage as per OP is 68,000 - tampered you think? 

  14. Thank you. Mileage 68000. How a non hybrid axio 2013 for 4.3M? Is it worth than Hybrid?
    While the non hybrids are rare if you can find one its a good choice. Its a solid car that will hold its value than the hybrid

  15. 6 hours ago, VenuraWed said:

    Is it okay to buy a 2014 hybrid axio for 3.9 M?

    Well it would depend on your requirement and condition of the car - how much mileage has it done? Since it's a hybrid a bit of inherent risk is there in terms of the battery etc. If you have a buffer for any eventual issues and if you do actually do a lot of miles (so that the fuel savings outweigh the relatively higher maintenance costs/repair costs of a hybrid) and if you have really set your mind on it then go for it. You can get the car fully checked at the agents before you purchase just to be sure. 

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  16. There's a place in Nugegoda if you take your CAR they do the necessary CHECKS ....for an okayish fee...i've been there few years back they were ok even though some forum members have had different opinions about them....  or alternatively you can take it to the agents - for instance Toyota's local agent will do a comprehensive check if you request them.  There are several other places but i have no experience with them

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  17. 48 minutes ago, Thilinadinith said:

    1. resale price
    2. parts and maintenance 
    3. people who knows about the car to get stuffs done 


    14 minutes ago, Kavvz said:

    You like most Sri Lankans are going to have to buy a Toyota (any model, just pick one that fits your budget from: Landcrusier, Axio, Premio, Corolla, Vitz, ...the list is endless)

    Well OP if you must then the best option would be to go for a Toyota Corolla 141 (161 is hard to come by) ...relatively less hacked specimens are out there (compared to Allions and Premios) , they have good ground clearance, made to be run in local conditions and they are absolutely simple mechanically so basically they're easy to fix.

    A 2011/2012 car will cost you less than 4 Mil you have an ample financial buffer for any potential repairs

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  18. 49 minutes ago, Thilinadinith said:

    Can u please suggest some vehicles that i can get on this bugdet. even though my mind setup for the mazda 3, person who is so much with cars ( i would say a car seller ) who is a friend of mine. advice if you go for the mazda 3 forget about the resale price. and since there are less no of vehicles, it will be hard to find parts, people who know to maintain that car where i have to be depend on the company only FD1 is good but petrol consumption is every low. + as u said the ground clearance. i drove one which is one of my friend's and very time I put  into a small pit my heart stopped. lol
    I was looking for a SUV cause me and my family goes on long rides as well. where i felt so packed with those cars type where had to put those stuffs in everywhere. + the ground clearance and also the comfy. 

    as i said im ok with mazda 3 but in the same time afraid of the resale price ( i dont need to sell it for higher price but need a fair depreciation ). and the parts and maintain resources 

    Well here's the thing - you really can't predict resale value a LOT of factors depend on it. But I really don't agree with your friends idea about a Mazda being difficult to sell....there's a bit of a stigma spread around by car sale folk.  You can't sell any car for profit now you'll just have to accept depreciation. For instance I know two people who really struggled to sell an Axio and a Premio  a while back. Anyways your mazda has already gone through initial depreciation (the poor sod who brought it b/new has already taken the hit ) if you buy say an unreg new car the depreciation will be even more. Since depreciation is common why dont you select a car that you like and suits your requirement than think of re-sale?  Note that the korean SUVs will not fare any better than the Mazda regarding depreciation. 

    Parts and maintenance-wise Mazda don't fare too badly and there are 3rd parties who undertake Mazda repairs so it's not like having a rare euro.  

    It's like marrying a woman you don't actually like just because it seems she will not ask for big compensation when you're divorcing her. :D 

    If you really really want to 'feel' good about resale then you can consider a Toyota but imagine getting a hacked disaster and spending days and days in garages you'll hate yourself for taking that option then. 

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  19. 21 hours ago, Kavvz said:

    But the million dollar question will be: Is the CVT gearbox going to hold up!  

    Well at least it aint DCT .... seriously though isn't everything CVT now?  CVT boxes are such killjoys 😐 

  20. 11 hours ago, ICL said:

    Until then enjoy the pictures

    Sight for sore eyes...nice pics - that's one fine car 


    11 hours ago, fiat fan said:

    Nice car man! Makes me miss mine. Such a good car. The amount of features and the quality for a 2006 and up jap car is amazing.

    The FD series was ahead of it's time, the interior was a class of its own and had excellent build quality. 

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  21. 21 hours ago, Thilinadinith said:

    Currently I have in my mind ( i will update if i get any other good choices ) 

    1. Mazda 3 ( 2014-2015 Model) 
    2. Sportage 2011-2012 ( Diesel Tiptronic - 4WD )

    Things i dropped

    1. Civic, GPs, Vezel

    Well it seems you've already made up your mind and the Mazda 3 is quite a nice car to live with. 

    The sportage will be useful and practical if you regularly travel with 5 people long distance but I doubt if the diesel is in that budget range. As you did mention some regular driving as well the best overall choice would be the Mazda 3. 

    For a budget of 4.5 you can do better than the Vezel or the GP5/1 but for below 4 Mill the non hybrid Civic FD1/4 is a worthwhile contender of course the ground clearance is a bit poor though. 

  22. 36 minutes ago, Crosswind said:

    Yes the brand name is called "Chanda"

    and the first model to be launched is called "gundu"

    And the factory will be built slightly past Kuliyapitiya this time.

    On a serious note, there's no business case for this country to create an automotive industry. Our domestic market is too small. Our labour is expensive and lazy. Electricity is prohibitively pricey, There's nothing we can source locally for making cars. Everything needs to be imported. And penetrating the international market is impossible without a multi-billion dollar marketing budget, which no one can afford. There was no business case during Upali Wijewardene's time and there's no business case now. We can blame politicians and people, but the real reason for the automotive industry not taking off, is the lack of business justification.

    We need to specialize in a few industries that we are good at. For a small country like Sri Lanka, that's more than enough. We are not India or China. Only Premadasa understood that and built a garment manufacturing specialism in this country. Sri Lankan clothing industry professionals are highly sought after, all over the world, even today. We can certainly build components to vehicles like what Rohan Pallewatta is doing. But that's it.

    End of rant!





    Well said - someone added me to the numerous Groups on Facebook where they promote local goods and I tried to explain to them that not everything the neighbor does is feasible but this is too much for their thick skulls to process. In the end I just accepted that we live among a herd of cattle and moved on.

    P.S : There really should be an IQ test before people are given internet access IMHO....

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