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    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    What Oil did you use?
  2. matroska

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    unfortunately yes there's been a lot of negative rep of late. I myself have been going to the agents Maradana service center and so far have not had any issues. I still continue to do so.
  3. matroska

    Some Concerns?

    Extended his budget and imported a Used 2018 Honda Civic SR. no no earlier this year...he bought it off the first owner here - who had it since 2015. But the car is a 2014 unit no - there was always concession on hybrids so it was pointless bringing down a non hybrid back then.
  4. matroska

    Recommendations for a vehicle for permit

    True. It's violent and sudden and at most times excessive.
  5. matroska

    Some Concerns?

    A non-hybrid GP5 is not a GP5. It'd be a GK<something> based on engine size . Gk3 for the 1.3 I assume -someone like irage can verify that. Consider if it's wise to use a permit (you'd still pay around 2.3 M for the permit) take a look at this http://www.autolanka.com/articles/30-Budget-2018-Vehicle-TAX-Change.html.html and calculate the tax you will pay and see how much you will benefit. (consider the recent amendment to tax recently so the tax is slightly increased than this) well look who's back after a while ....indeed the Swift RS is a nice car but nowadays a good one is rare as hens teeth. A friend tried to import an RS ( i admit he was looking for low mileage) and gave up eventually. Look OP - the GP5 isn't a bad car it's just that there's a bit of a gamble with all the various things that could go wrong with it. A friend of mine upgraded from an IST and (against my reasoning )he overpaid and got a GP5 but he is grinning ear-to-ear on how fun it is to drive and says it was 4.2 M well spent. it's a bit sad to see Mazda's also going down the buyya path.... earlier it was only Toyotas and Nissans that were abused and used as currency. Next it's the Honda's and now sad to see Mazdas also falling into the wrong hands.
  6. matroska

    Best suv for around 5-6 million

    Guys this post is over 2 years old... so unless the original poster is using internet explorer or is a mammal that goes into hibernation for long periods : he has already bought and maybe even sold off his suv.
  7. matroska

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    What the actual F### is this? Lancer "Teddy"? with a corolla face? I mean how mentally ill can someone be to create an abomination like this?
  8. matroska

    Stepping stone

    that's a rarity - I've usually found Mazda owners to be the ones who care for their cars quite well compared to other brands. Maybe that's all changing now.
  9. matroska

    Recommendations for a vehicle for permit

    You're not alone. You've mentioned something about a permit? The permit exempts 3.6 M and the tax for the Civic will be 2 M so that's a waste of permit right? BTW how about something like a Q3?
  10. matroska

    What is a good car to upgrade from Axio?

    I assume your Axio will fetch you around 3.5 M it's difficult to get an unmolested Allion. A good choice is an Axio 161 (Non-Hybrid ICE) 2012-13 : Will cost about 4.2. Most of them were bought brand new and most of them are agent maintained with genuine mileage Another non-toyota option would be a 2011 FD4 - much more fun and comfier than the axio. But all in all if i were you I'd stick with the current car given that you're quite ok with it. It's not difficult to sell cars if you price it right and be honest : people are not stupid anymore and would actually prefer to buy a 2007 axio with 150,000km from a personal seller than a 2007 axio with 69,000 km from a car sale. Make sure your maintenance records etc are in tact. I've noticed that unless the buyer is a sleazy buy-and-sell b##tard a genuine buyer will appreciate it.
  11. Largo was a higher-spec'd Vanette was it? yeah of course the townace was the more sought after model. I have briefly driven both (around 7-8 years ago) and prefer the townace hands down.
  12. Thanks I actually didn't know that back then (obviously) - all i remember was that most houses you went to there were vanettes, liteaces and townaces(the most in demand of the lot) the odd delica - white vans, black bumpers ...things were rather drab back then
  13. a little OT but if my memory serves me right when I was a kid (this is back in the mid 90's ) wasn't the van the popular family vehicle? i remember most familys had liteaces and townaces... cars had a little less demand back then i guess.
  14. 10 years is a long long time. Thinking that far ahead when buying a vehicle doesn't make sense. Lot's of variables could change. And the 'Toyota nam market' ideology has been changing over the years. I know this by experience I sold a Honda Fit hybrid within hours of advertising last year when Two people I know struggled for weeks to sell....surprise surprise an Allion and an Axio. So really don't base your car buying decision on Resale value. Think of what you requirement is. If an investment that is likely to pay dividends in 10 years is what you're after Don't buy a vehicle Buy a plot of land those things hardly depreciate.
  15. 1) Yeah you do make a bit of sense - but then again there are probably many People in Matara who use the same - breakdown is a bit rare for a new car ... I mean unless something really wrong happens chances of a 2 year old car breaking down is minimal. Maintaining at St#### to me is always sensible but there are folk who take them to different places and are happy with them. I suggest you join the FB group for the specific model and inquire a bit about servicing in the south. 2) Well yeah ..sort of not a huge issue though just minor annoyances: * Most Famous - Alarm goes off when there are flies inside the car : happened to almost everyone * Proximity sensor goes off even when there are no obstacles nearby when there is heavy rain. * Auto Rain sensing wipers (not available on SE) sometimes overreacts wipes like crazy when there is just a drizzle - quite random happens once in a while.
  16. If you're ok with Hybrids: Well maintained low mileage Honda Fit/Grace Toyota Axio. (Also recommend the non hybrid 2013 Axio for around 4.3 Million but will have a bit of mileage) For your budget the Vezels will have comparatively higher mileage. Would recomend to keep aside some cash for any DCT gremlins in case you go for a Fit/Grace/Vezel If you try hard you might be able to get a slightly used 2017 Civic for below 5.5 with low mileage. (SE grade : SR if your lucky) Will fulfill your requirement #3 hands down. If smaller hatches are ok the Baleno from agents looks an attractive option. I personally wouldn't waste. 4.5 M budget on a Vitz.
  17. I used a 2012 made GP1 from 2015-2018.(personal import) It had done 61,000 KM's .(Bought it at 17,000 km i drove 44,000 KM in 3 years) As far as I remember the oil issue affected a range of cars from 2011-2012 and not 2013. If you buy one try to take a friend along with you who knows cars...look for the basics like signs of accident repair - ugly paint jobs non aligned bonnet etc. If a mileage says 50,000 but if you notice signs of extreme wear and tear in the car - for instance a worn out break pedal that's a give-away. Check for maintenance records - there will be no emission certificates for hybrids. There are quite a few agent maintained ones - it's usually the second-third owners who start taking cars to gaha-yata-service stations. For 4500 the Honda agent gives you a comprehensive hybrid battery check - you can evaluate the battery status from there. Or simply take it to the C#R checks place in Nugegoda. Actually more than the GP1 it was the GP2 Shuttle which was used in taxis/rentals and for tourism. In the pre-wagonR era Uber had only 2 categories uber go and uber X. The GP1 didn't qualify for X but the GP2 did. (maybe there was a minimum luggage space requirement) so most taxi folk didn't want to run the GP1 for Nano/Maruti rates therefore GP1 taxis are not that frequent. Use the hybrid battery and the oil leak issue (even though it's non existent) as barganing points. For the price you pay the GP1 is a really good car. (in the local context of course)
  18. matroska

    Toyota CHR tax

    Or a Civic- which was the reason behind me buying one
  19. this is GP1 : manuf from : 2010-2013most of these came to SL in 2011-2013 so the numbers would be KW etc... some CA# plates. This is GP5: First started coming here around 2013 . Apart from the few with KY ish plates most would have CA# plates. all these hybrids stopped coming to the island when the engine capacity based tax system came to effect ~2016
  20. matroska

    Toyota CHR tax

    Yeah this should be correct.! Sadly another vehicle where the tax is more than the cost of the vehicle... specially if we're talking about a 2017ish unit 😞
  21. Hi Welcome to the forum - don't open multiple threads please. Already there are 2 threads by you for more or less the same requirement. Can a moderator please merge these threads?
  22. matroska

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Vagina eke light wada lu...