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    Honda Insight 2019 vs Toyota Premio 2019

    To be perfectly honest this is a rather new car so no one really knows too much about it : having said that there was a bit of uncertainty when the new civic came out as well in 2017 - 2 years later it's a relatively popular car. All depends on your requirement and the type of person you are, what stage of life you're in etc. Last year I was out looking for a car and one of my relatives strongly recommended buying a Premio/Allion (used ~2013) I actually looked for a few just to see what the big deal was about - and it was an OK practical car but it jusn't wasn't my type of car maybe if i was 10 years older and hit my 40's with Kids and stuff I would have gone for it but I didn't . So the best thing is for you to figure out your priorities. If you want a reliable car that will get you A-B with minimal fuss then you might consider the Premio - if you are more of an enthusiast, a bit of a car guy and the whole process of driving a car powered by the latest technology excites you then the insight. Actually that will be a waste of permit - cos the 1.0 T engine has one of the lowest Taxes - the permit allows a maximum of 3.6 Mil tax free but the tax for a turbocharged 1 Litre engine is around 1.8 M so that's a loss for him
  2. It's Permit Thread time again!!!! 😛 


  3. matroska

    Honda ge6 Vs lancer 2005-2008

    [1] The Jazz/Fit will do better than the Lancer usually (assuming both are auto boxes) BUT given their age accuracy of fuel consumption may vary . [2] Lancer is comfortable than the Jazz [3] In what context? Other than re-sale the lancer and the fit are better than the IST in my opinion. The Jazz is a nice nippy car with lot of space (and headroom) ideal to be used as a family car. it's a hatch with station-wagon like space and interior dimensions. The CVT box can be bothersome if not well maintained. Due to it's dimensions etc Jazz/Fits are ideal city traffic drivers. The Lancer is a typical sedan with good handling dynamics and a fairly comfy ride. If your typical use of the car is a lot of city suburb driving and drop kids at school, carry your kids folding bikes etc , do shopping, you have a dog that travels in the car etc the jazz might be a good choice. My personal preference is of course the lancer.
  4. [1] I don't think it's good to promote a particular business as it's against the forum rules. Best bet is to talk to your friends who imported a car and contact someone who arranges personal imports. [2] Can be true can be false. you really can't say. [3] far as i know this is a warranty given from a particular garage - who do a couple of labour-free services (you have to pay for materials) and a 'warranty' that covers only engine and gearbox (something that is very unlikely to fail within the warranty period) - in other situations for example : if your AC stops working after a couple of months - you will find out that it's not covered by the warranty. P.S : a colleague who imported a new car and had the warranty from the above mentioned place went there for his 'free' service this week and found out the specified engine oil for his car is NOT available at the place
  5. matroska

    Digital Camera Photography

    pics of die casts allowed? 😄
  6. matroska

    Corolla AE110 vs Cefiro A33

    You are comparing Apples and Lawulu here... the only common factor between these 2 are the price. The AE110 WAS a reliable car which by now is hacked to death due to the mass appeal. You're going to have a tough time finding one that is in good state AND one without open books. It's a normal A-B car. The Cefiro is a different beast - very comfortable and has nice pickup with that 2L v6 engine. Had one in the family and it was one of the more pleasing cars to drive. If the car doesn't travel daily (like office and back trips) the additional fuel consumption will not be a big factor and you have a big comfy car for the long distance trips. So it will cover your requirements #2 and #3 HOWEVER both cars are quite old so we really can't give a verdict on #1 - for instance our forum member @PreseaLover had a horrid experience with a cefiro this does not mean they're all bad this also does not mean the 110's are as rock solid like they were 10 years ago. So Keep some cash aside to sort out any potential issues.
  7. matroska

    Momtero Sport 2012 and Kia Sorontor 2012

    Well - 2 different SUV's one's an actual SUV the other a comfy car You might just wanna read this too - there was a recent thread on SUV's just curious why the sudden interest in SUV's through the forum these days - have SUV prices actually come down or something?
  8. Well, the Lancer EX is a whole different beast it's a car that will put a smile on your face on most days. But yes it will be a bit old. So if you are a bit of a petrol head get the lancer. If you want hassle free a-b transport get the picanto. It will be a minor upgrade : (a)the car will be newer (b) the finish of the picanto is way better than the elite for instance compare the interiors of your viva with the picanto. The picanto comes with a 5y warranty so you'll basically have a headache less 5 years.
  9. matroska

    Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    yeah on outstations it's quite fuel efficient - specially on the expressways.
  10. matroska

    Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    i used to have a GP1 and these figures are quite ok I used to get something between 12-14. non of the IMA hybrids are super fuel efficient - including insight, and the Civic FD3 - what I have noticed though is the hybrid batteries on those models seem to last longer.
  11. matroska

    Vehicle permit - What to do?

    yeah i read - you can use the money to sort everything out with your current car or do a minor upgrade.
  12. matroska

    Low Budget Car Option

    Apparently most older jap cars had gearboxes from Jatco - a nissan subsidary and at a certain point a joint venture between Nissan and Mazda. Honda though have been using their own 'hondamatic' since the 70's ..but good inputs Crosswind - I will contact him and have a chat.
  13. matroska

    Toyota Vios

    no its not true. VVTI has been around for a long time and used in multiple models that have been quite successful.
  14. matroska

    Vehicle permit - What to do?

    The price for permits during mid last year was between 2.3 to 2.45 million. A relative of mine also in the government service had a very tight budget so exchanged the permit for a kei car
  15. matroska

    How is 2016 vitz F Safety 1000cc Car.??

    yeah this is a good reason to buy the vitz - it's actually an Ok car for city runs it's when you're driving outstations and when you want to overtake that you need that bit of power... the first car i drove extensively was 1.3 L B14 Sunny and that too mostly outstations - believe me it was torture!!!
  16. matroska

    Low Budget Car Option

    Sorry for digging up this old thread - : What do you guys think about the repair-ability of almost ancient japanese auto gear boxes - I'm talking about cars that are now 30+ years old.(belonging to the era when Sri Lankans ran away when they saw an auto gear box) And how nightmarish would the likes of mid 80's Honda's Mazdas with Auto-boxes be ? Time to time old cars with plenty of bells and whistles (for their age) pop up and most of the time these 'pull-opsan' specimens come with Auto gears on classifieds and facebook groups - (for instance there was this mint looking Sunny B12 -1985 i think - with sunroof and A/T on classifieds a few weeks ago)
  17. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Well ...i have a seen a 32- Nissan Patrol that says Nissan Bluebird in the CR. Being Sri Lanka, anything is possible 😁
  18. matroska

    Toyota Vios Vs Toyota ist

    Well as mentioned by sadik above two different types of car - with the only common factor being the price. I assume you are referring to the 1st Generation of both cars XP40 (the XP90 actually resembles the Yaris/Belta) for the Vios and XP60 for the IST. It depends on whether you're looking at a sedan or a hatch. While IST's did come with the 1.5 L 1NZ and the Vios did have the 1.3 L 2NZ for the majority of cars in SL the IST had 1.3 and Vios 1.5.. the vios was a tough and reliable workhorse but now after 15 years of abuse it's a little difficult to find a non-hacked specimen out there. Some of the IsT's though have aged a little more gracefully specially the interior bits and pieces are still holding up compared to a majority of the vios's where they have started to show their age. But this does not mean there are gems:I have an uncle running a 2004 vios with KI plates for the last 12 years still in absolute mint condition.
  19. matroska

    How is 2016 vitz F Safety 1000cc Car.??

    Which model of swift is this? The older model or the new RS ?
  20. matroska

    What does gear 'B' do?

    Kandy Driveways give me the heebie-jeebies... I think if i had to drive our old datsun up on one of them i'd shit myself.
  21. matroska

    How is 2016 vitz F Safety 1000cc Car.??

    Yes it's a basic A-B car. Performance is non existent. You have to really step on the gas at times to get to a decent speed. Going on all roads does not necessarily demand performance. Recently got down a 2016 Safety unit for an uncle of mine as a personal import- genuine mileage little less than 30k. It gets him from A-B and that's it. He however made the observation that it was vibrating a lot - an observation tiv had also made.
  22. I have driven an X-Trail T30 ...if Hodor from Game of thrones became a car he would be the Xtrail ...it was that dimwitted
  23. The vitara OP mentioned above - the 1L turbo charged booster-jet version actually has 109 HP :a teeny bit more than the 5L diesel. less torque though
  24. matroska

    Second hand buying

    sedan/hatch/wagon? if your only requirement is long distance travel don't worry too much about fuel efficiency cos most cars do good on fuel when travelling outstation/expressways.
  25. matroska

    Best Ride for Rs.3.0 Mn to Rs.3.400 Mn

    when it comes to older cars fuel efficiency varies for two units of the same model - depending how previous owners have done maintenance, the parts used during repairs etc as well as the individual drivers driving style. This will not mean a variance of about 5KMPL. On average a Japanese Sedan with Auto gears will do anything between 8-10 Kmpl in a mix of city and suburban traffic. Better outstations (when it comes to outstations the mileage varies even more depending on how you drive) Some Exceptions for cars like Cefiro which do about 5-6 KMPL are outliers. People may claim toyota's are good on fuel but a very good friend of mine uses a Yaris and the thing never every gives out more than 8kmpl. So don't base your buying entirely on fuel efficiency. Because if you do and buy a car based on that then when you find out the car is not fuel efficient as you expected it to be you will be disappointed.