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  1. matroska

    Honda fit gp1 hybrid battery

    Could be ... However when i took a report for my 2012 GP1 in 2018 it still had 75% which as you mentioned is the highest as it can get. What's the YOM and Mileage?
  2. matroska

    Kia Stonic offerred by Kia Motors Lanka

    Well Kia do offer a 5 year warranty so it's not "this is a grey import you're on your own" territory 🤷‍♂️
  3. matroska

    Help with buying a used hybrid car

    This is common to any popular model (Vitz, Wagon R nowadays) in SL due to popularity - I'm certain you know how many high milage and messed up vitzes get sent here nowadays and 80,000 km rolled back to 15,000 .Any buyer buying a used Toyota has higher probability of running into a dubious unit than with another band. Yes the Aqua is not a bad vehicle at all but the OP gets to chose from a contaminated sample set. This could apply to the shuttles as well as there might be multitudes of them used and abused in tourism anyway in the context of this question as I told OP to avoid hybrids but if a gun was pointed at him and forced to buy one he'd be marginally safer with a Non-Aqua, Non-DCT hybrid from around 2012-2013 and that leaves us with (I've ignored CRZ's,Freeds and Insights, the latter due to being the oldest) GP1 and GP2 and we all know that the GP1 2012 models developed the famous oil leak issue (which funnily enough is an actual recall) and that leaves OP with the GP2. Can think of so many instances : GD1's developing CVT issues , Axio Dashboards cracking, DCT, premature battery failure on hybrids and electric cars....the list goes on.
  4. matroska

    Help with buying a used hybrid car

    Yes - it's 4000 something to get a comprehensive battery report. AFAIK nothing 'scary' in the axela - the usual 10 year old car problems might be there.
  5. matroska

    Help with buying a used hybrid car

    If you take the cars inOP's range it's mostly Honda Fits (GP1-GP2-GP5) and aquas. There are a lot more aquas that GP2's but if you combine the total Honda Hatches that's more of an equal number. Of the lot aquas developed a lot of hybrid battery related issues compared to Honda's. (I work in a IT company. IT folk love hybrids - and most of us bought hybrids during the middle of the last decade - during the last two years the aquas started serially getting hybrid battery problems)The problem with the Hondas are almost always not the hybrid battery but other stuff. GP5 - DCT, GP1- the famous oil burn issue. These are inherent issues. Despite the GP2 having the same IMA setup as the GP1 , there is no recall on the oil burn issue on the GP2. If i was asked to buy a hybrid right now with that budget I'd buy the GP2.
  6. matroska

    Help with buying a used hybrid car

    Well you're in the right path to NOT buy a hybrid... while I'm not a hybridphobiac - aquas did develop battery issues more frequently than the others. So, the best option would be get yourself a normal ICE car - if a used hybrid is a must the least troublesome out there would be a fit shuttle. For 3.5 you could manage a 2010 Axela... the FD1 will be marginally out of range - those are my top picks for that price range you can get a nice CS3 for well below your budget (2011+) - Lancer EX will be out of range. Or if you are not afraid to die of boredom a 2011-2012 Yaris is also possible - boring but generally reliable car : there's a 2011 model for 3.3 on the quick site as we speak.
  7. Drove a Mahindra Truck yesterday - absolute automotive minimalism. Zero sound insulation + an absolute racket  but that engine packs a punch. 

    1. cleasula



    2. tiv


      It’s so light, the pickup is quite fun

      back in the day I used to travel to Monaragala a lot, plenty of these on the road with various mods with the locality there. 

      In stock shape, these could keep up with my 4m41 Montero easy until provoked. Some models came with a stock turbo timer as well. Open roads, quite straight and well paved they easily move 120kmph and above there. 

  8. matroska

    Civic 1.0T service

    I've usually followed the maintenance minder (2018/SR Hatch) mine shows in KM so I've never had to ponder -I believe the maintenance minder calculates based on the number of stop starts etc - that's the reason it takes 3 days or so to display the next service due mileage after you service and reset. I think you're ok to stick to the schedule.
  9. matroska

    Passo, Suzuki Swift 1.3 or Chevlet Cruze -2004,5,6

    Swift HT51S (Ignis ) ?Or the later model?(Swift Jeep Model or Swift Beetle Model) If it is the HT51s it is the same as the cruze but given that there are more Swifts you have better chances of sourcing spares both those cars are tough little machines and can be good on poor roads with the higher ground clearance. The Passo is a dull little car that can get you from A-B with minimal fuss. None of these are comfortable cars . The Swift/Cruze will be a little thirstier than the Passo. These models are discussed individually multiple times. Do search and read all the threads. Good luck.
  10. matroska

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Well that's one way of looking at it - that's an astrologer with a very positive outlook... 🤷‍♂️
  11. matroska

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Oh yes - indeed does work wonders! Best collision detection system available.
  12. matroska


    see my replies in BOLD. Of the list you provided I'd go for a Lancer EX you might be able to find a good specimen for budget. If you want space and you seemed ok with hybrids (vezel/Aqua) why not a Honda Fit Shuttle (GP2) - no DCT issues and no Oil burn issues as in the GP1.
  13. matroska

    Toyota Raize first video review

    Kia's have improved in quality over the years. One of the biggest selling points for KIA in Europe is their massive warranty - they provide a 7 year warranty in some countries. With the trend of downsized turbo engines powering almost everything and given their complexity, a 5-year warranty from the agent sounds tempting over a grey-import.
  14. matroska

    Toyota Raize first video review

    Knowing Sri Lankans who [1] Pay extra for gold badges on Vezles [2] Pay extra for "Baig intariyal " on any car. [3] Pay XX Extra for Premio over Allion despite being the same car underneath [4] Pump Nitrogen on tires over regular air which is 80% nitrogen anyway hoping the wear and tear of the tyre will be less [5] Pump 95 on regular engines that require 92 hoping it will increase fuel economy I'm pretty sure they'll pay extra for the Raize.
  15. matroska

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Usually agents do a good job - a relative of mine had his Toyota Allion rear ended by a bus and was repaired at the agents - it was a perfect job. His insurance paid the full amount as well.