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  1. Looking for a first car for 2.3 million.

    A perodua Viva elite? you can get a low milage one in good condition for that budget. Don't expect aqua-like fuel figures.
  2. Suggestions for the first car

    Cruze will do around 9-10KMPL (city/suburbs) fuel-consumption wise both will be roughly similar but given these cars are now quite old exact fuel figures will differ but generally expect something around 10KMPL. The better car of the two will depend on your requirement - if you constantly drive on bad roads and have a bit of cargo to haul you will appreciate the cruze/ignis's additional height as well as the better cargo capacity -if your thing is a more snazzy ride which is a bit more fun to drive then you can go for the swift beetle.
  3. RPM vs speed

    looks pretty much ok to me
  4. Is it me or does it look like Mic*o staff have taken to A.L to do some marketing???. 

    1. vag2


      instead of improving the after sales and spare parts service and stopping selling low quality vehicles from china,they have turned towards cheap Marketing to improve falling sales? Pathetic!

  5. What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    well Chamara - sadly many Sri Lankans tried VERY VERY hard to appreciate the Panda but it was simply impossible to do so. A very good friend of mine bought one and did his best to appreciate his Micro Panda but eventually he realized it was an exercise in futility - he bought a Kia Picanto recently. wow that's impressive hybrid-grade mileage. Better than Gp1, Wagon R and Vezel. Almost on par with Aqua when it comes to city fuel consumption. Are you sure you're not driving the hybrid version of the panda? what is the ccp? Central Committee of Pandas?
  6. Suggestions for the first car

    get the ground clearance checked out - i don't think it's as high as the swift ignis/cruze ...overall it's a nice car. Fuel consumption should be around 10 kmpl ,has a very peppy engine and quite fun to drive It's a much more fun vehicle to drive than the Cruze/Ignis ....on the down side what i felt is rear seats are a bit cramped and has minimal luggage space.

    @TRC i guess it hurts when people start giving negative feedback about something you spent 4mill on but see people dont go complaining about a particular vehicle just because they're jealous - that type of behavior might go down in a make-up or beauty care forum where most of the members are 16 old girls .. usually AL is not a forum like that and most often members try to prevent someone else falling into the pit they fell in. Given Micro's track record the complaints come as no surprise for us. Slightly contradictory statements.... If you're happy with your car that's good for you you don't have to worry about selling it in 3 years or the resale value (which you assume will reduce due to negative comments) cos when people do find the perfect car for them they usually keep it for ages .... happy motoring
  8. Suggestions for the first car

    Chevy Cruze/ Suzuki Swift Ignis should be up your alley if you're ok with a car that is 14-15 years old. Maintenance is fairly simple. And i think ground clearance is 170mm. Have a 2004 Cruze in the family since 2014 and apart from a steering rack repair that came quite soon after it was bought it has given zero trouble
  9. Mazda demio or Nissan Tiida

    If it were my money i'd look for a 2008/2009 Lancer CS2/CS3 or a 2009/2010 Fit GE6 some other options would be 2005ish vios- rock solid car but hard to find an un-raped one by now , suzuki swift (beetle) ~2009/2010 etc
  10. Importing cars from Japan

    yes. http://www.motortraffic.gov.lk/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=89&Itemid=119&lang=en you need to convert it to right-hand before registration this was discussed earlier in the forum if im not mistaken do a search please.
  11. Honda n-box OR Suzuki Spacia custom Z

    1. don't know about Kei's but yeah Hondas are fairly ok in reliability - but don't expect the 90's level of just pump petrol and drive kind of usage from modern cars be it honda suzuki or toyota - newer Japanese cars require a little more attention than what came in the 90's 2. No idea on this but there's a fair amount of Nboxs on the roads now so I don't think it will be a problem 3. Yes it's stafford - they have 3 service centers in Maradana. JaEla and somewhere around boralesgamuwa JaEla doesn't do any repairs but does only the regular services. 4. Can't predict. With the influx of 660CC keis (they are everywhere) that's gonna be a crowded market segment don't expect to sell with a profit - simply won't happen. P.S: personally i find the spacia hideous to look at - If i ever brought one i'm afraid i'd have nightmares seeing its face the Nbox on the other hand looks ok
  12. [1] NO. 4.6 for a 1000 CC compact is outrageous. [2] Well you won't get Aqua-like fuel figures just because it has a 1L engine [3] What exactly is your requirement? Hatchbacks?Sedans? Hybrids/non hybrids ? all the talk about older cars = trouble is not quite true it all depends on the previous owners. Usually non mainstream cars are less abused cos their owners usually buy them for a specific reason and not just to buy a box with 4 wheels that you can sell with a profit.So they actually care for them. [4] Whatever is the cheapest - because regardless of being new I don't think the 2018 model has nothing more to offer than its predecessors barring a few cosmetic changes.
  13. This is true -out of the lot WagonR gives better fuel figures hence the popularity with the local Uber/p--kme community.
  14. Best hatchback for below 1.8M

    oh yes - you'd think it was a cefiro it's that thirsty
  15. Auction sheet translation

    which auction sheet is this sir? I don't see anything here. Do you want to translate Japanese to English sir? I have good translator