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  1. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Know for a fact that KIA give 7 year warranties in Norway - and is a very trusted brand in that part of the world.
  2. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Suzuki Swift RST comes to mind...
  3. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Saw an importer advertising to bring down 2015 A1 for ~4.4 Mil and something like 6M for 2017 Civic 1L Turbo
  4. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    talking of 1 Liter engines....
  5. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    this is very true for some people- I know a few people who hardly drive at all buy hybrids and keep at home just to 'keep up with the perera's ' .
  6. Drove an Axio hybrid over the weekend - quite comfy for its category. Biggest gripe is the absolute lack of feedback -  i mean i felt so disconnected 

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    2. terrabytetango


      The over assisted steering is a God send in the city though. So much so that, I always bounce off opposite lock when I'm turning the wheel quickly, and that cannot be good for the column at all, so now I make a conscious effort to not spin the wheel so fast. Comfort wise, yes it is very much a boat, and the rear suspension becomes way too soft when carrying 4 passengers and their related luggage. And couple that with the quiet interior, and you have a truly calm place to be in during intense traffic sessions. It isn't a car you feel like driving fast, rather one should simply waft with right hand on the arm rest and three fingers from the left hand gripping the wheel while your hand is resting on your knee (that's how I always drive our Axio).

    3. matroska


      Yeah - it's a bit of a place of 'zen' and the road noise was minimal - I drive a Honda Fit and that thing is raucous and you get  a LOT of feedback - so understandably i felt a little like i was in  a simulator :D 

    4. asrock


      Yeah I felt the same when I drove a friends GP5, also the transmission was not smooth like the one in the axio. But it had more acceleration and I felt like it had more rear leg space than the axio.

  7. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    on a related note apparently someway or the other vitz prices have gone down to a notch above 3 Mill and a lot of folk seem to want to buy one - so the net result i see is a wave of normal fossil-fuel cars
  8. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    well - Singapore does have a decent public transport system so that no-car rule is justifiable unlike in SL where public transport is very very very unreliable. A month or so ago i took a train from Fort to Kelaniya in the evening only for it to pull up at Maradana and announce that there's a strike and this train will travel no further ... I mean in a country that such blatantly ridiculous shit happens regularly you really can't expect anyone who can afford a set of wheels to not buy one.
  9. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    yes - the plan should have been to promote hybrids with engine capacity <1500 CC - Save fuel + not burden the Grid. Well since when did we have a budget/government with proper vision ?
  10. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    yeah that seems to be the gist of the automotive section of the budget but i really wonder is SL ,powered by a patchy fossil-fuel powered station (that also is prone to break down time and time again ) and a few underwhelming hydro power stations be able be able to cater an influx of Electric vehicles?? Do we have plans for an alternative electricity generation to meet the increased demand??
  11. Best car for 1.5m

    yeah agree with you on that....i actually sold the wifes 2005 Kelisa (auto ~70,000 km on the clock) within 6 hours of going up for sale couple years ago.
  12. now that you mentioned it i checked and you're right the cheapest was a 2001 model for 2 Mill. Guess my prices are a little outdated
  13. Not to mention 99% 121's in this country are hacked to death, repaired by random mechanics, and plastered up to sell to a poor sucker. Avoid it like the plague. 141 ticks all your boxes. The Insight isn't a bad car at all but if you're not driving that much there's no point - also consider the euro options mentioned by stig.
  14. Suggest me a vehicle below 2M

    The 323 . Avoid the Indian/Chinese ones. I know its hard but try to find a Mazda 323/Familia in good condition and it will serve you well. This has been discussed before for example see the link below. go through a few threads you'll get to know more options. Good luck.
  15. Borgward Born Again !

    The Borgward Isabella... Yes. It was Foton