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  1. matroska

    Swift boosterjet vs Lancer Ex

    I haven't driven a swift - merely been in one so I don't quite know how it drives but theoretically it should have more pull than the Lancer. The price...well the EX has a bit of a following and is a popular car hence the higher re-sale and yes it is a sedan so Sri Lankans love it. Practically though if you want to do a bit of driving on some dirt/tracks the EX will be up for it ( ask @Hyaenidae) and it's less complicated so it will just keep running and running.
  2. Perodua Bezza - decent sedan . Interior isn't too cheap either. Perodua Axia - smallish hatch predecessor to the popular viva-elite...okish for a small car. Kia Picanto - Hatch with better build quality than the Axia. Of the 3 I'd go with the Bezza.
  3. matroska

    Why Honda?

    It's an interesting observation you made about the huge disproportion of threads. Here are a few guesses... [1] Demographics - Probably the crowd that take time to talk cars on an online forum may co-incide with a preference for Honda : For example I work in a software company and the car park has a really large number of Hondas from CRV's to Fits and insights. [2] Most of the time people opt for conservative cars like say a Premio in a stage in their life where they don't have time to spend too much time on a car - just get a car the closest garage/service station and maintain and get it over with cos they just want to get A-B, haul kids to school, go and see how many coconuts are there in their pol-watta etc. They will not have time to spend on forums. [3] Honda's always had a presence in SL from the 80's (see the number of 13 sri civics that came b/new) but in the last 10 years with the hybrid rush and Nissan going to the dogs and Mitsubishi presence diminishing they have become popular - they are however a little more complicated than the Toyotas and hence spawned a few questions for users. [4] The Vezel/GP5 s had a fair share of issues and due to reason [1] this spawned a lot of debate in the last couple of years. And the most recommended - I have recommended Lances at least a dozen times on this forum. Mostly for people with a sub 3 Mil budget to always go for CS3 - yet they never do.... This has plagued the older EG8's and EK3's - so if anyone want's to buy a used Civic specially it's good to start from the ES series onward the EG8's and EK3's are already pimped out beyond recognition. On a side note :Hondas are also becoming a little too mainstream for my liking.... and for some reason now I can't get scotty Kilmers voice out of my head shouting 'Haaan-Da' and 'Ta-yooota'
  4. matroska

    2013/14 CRV or a 2018 CHR G-T

    As much as I have a soft spot for CHR (Maybe cos it looks like a stormtrooper and I'm a Star Wars fan) its not really utilitarian. It has a lot of curves and edges and the interior is a bit packed and maybe a little claustrophobic at the back. The CRV is proper Compact Suv :Practical and well put together.
  5. You will be wasting a permit on a 1L Civic. Ground clearance should not bee to much of an issue as I've managed quite a number of poor roads with just being extra 10% careful. I'd go with the Mazda... nice little regular car..looks pretty too.
  6. This is quite true...heavy ground hugging cars, good clear roads and long trips are a nice combo
  7. yeah and when you take into account the fact some of the CHR's width is due to it's curves and edges while the raize has a sort of minimalistic design maybe the overall difference won't be too much - in that earlier test drive video the interior (at least the front) looks a bit cramped tho.
  8. matroska

    MICRO MX7 Car Condition

    I was once in a taxi (Kang#roo) and the driver stopped to refuel and said the fuel gauge can't be trusted - this was on a 2 year old car- then my dad was travelling in a company provided mx7 outstation and the damn thing had run out of fuel in the middle of the road cos the gauge had been faulty : can't be a coincidence and that was enough for me to understand the build quality of these cars.
  9. Yeah - that's about right - the car will of course be quite maneuverable in the towns and tight parking slots as well as those narrow lanes - and the added ground clearance will be useful specially for outstations
  10. matroska

    What is Vezel differences ?

    there is no difference - I guess you can bargain using this and get a non-gold badge for cheap and stick a gold colored badge and 'convert' it to a 'Gold Badge' model.
  11. Congratulations! That's one sweet-looking ride - a rare gem as it looks well maintained and pristine. Please update this thread about your experience.
  12. Two automotive terms that give the Average Karunarathna's hard-on's are (1) Toyota (2) SUV (or in their language Jip eka) it doesn't matter this is a mini-suv it's a Toyota SUV and that's enough for them to lose their sh#t 🙂 Sri Lanka's are generally bad at understanding/comprehending the concept of using something for what it was intended for. What i'm more interested in is to see if anyone actually brings down the actual Daihatsu version. Looking forward to hearing stuff like ' Daihatsu eka gahanne Malaysian wala' 'Or Daihatsu eka market naha eka gahanne taiwan wala' Yeah well even when you look at that video hrm shared it's clear the car is rather small
  13. matroska

    MG ZS 2018 vs Rav4 2007

    As mentioned you can try out the Terios -not quite the rav 4 but you can buy some newer model. Sluggish and a bit uninspiring though.
  14. matroska

    DFSK 580

    You can actually see this with many Chinese products - be it a dead cheap webcam or a smart watch - the hardware will function fine but the supplementary software is a disaster - out of curiosity bought a fitness band on a gearbest 11.11 sale for the price of a pizza - the watch itself still works perfectly (amost 5 years I think) but boy the smart phone app was an absolute disaster - it pops up random notifications, eats up the battery and get this you can't exit it without force closing it and the UI was as if a kid made it. Well I do hope you're being honest here (and your account was not hacked) If you didn't buy it you dodged a bullet. Hope U*MO find a solution for the buyers
  15. matroska

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    One Year Later - a quick update on the customer perspective on Uber vs Pickme I don't use Uber/Pickme as much as I used to now. However of the few trips taken of late I have to say I'm certainly not impressed with Uber and I'm close to uninstalling the app. - One big issue is they don't actually share the drivers number anymore : there would be reasons for that obviously but they provide some crappy landline number to call and they route it to the driver - the in app calling facility is poor. Most of the time you are unable to reach the number and in case you forget something you can't contact the driver ( did not happen to me - saw 2 posts on FB) -Cancellation is very high - almost 50% of the time your trip get's cancelled. - The last straw was when I requested an Uber XL for 5 people after a dinner and the 5 included a massive Scandinavian what uber sent me was a tiny Suzuki Every with a single row of seats that would accommodate at max 3 people. The other service I've used is SLT Muve - the biggest issue is the lack of cabs - there's a few cabs going around as evident from the fact that if you request a cab from the same place twice you're likely to get the exact same car+driver. Other than that the prices are reasonable, cancellation is fairly low - but the app lacks refinement.