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  1. um... if it's brand new then why don't you call the respective sellers/agents in Sri Lanka and inquire.? I mean you can't honestly expect someone to memorize the prices of all brand new single , double and smart cabs? I mean come on seriously???? Use this forum for opinions, advice's etc and not something that you can find out yourself.
  2. matroska

    An auto van/suv under 1 million?

    Automatic Transmission is the difficult criteria to fulfil. This budget is ponting towards 80's 90's cars andA/T cars were not popular in SL during that era. IF you're not in a hurry join the numerous old car groups on FB and time to time you get the odd old car going up for sale with Auto Transmission ...for instance few weeks ago i saw a T140 series Carina for sale with Auto Transmission.There was also an 85 Honda City with A/t for about half your budget. But those are super-rare. IF you spend some effort you could find an A/T Trad sunny or similar. The obvious options are of course the Kei Vans. Get rid of the first clause and the options are endless
  3. matroska

    Honda Fit GP5 or Toyota Aqua

    it's the DCT issue I guess. GP5, Grace, Vezel all have the same setup. This was not designed with the hellish driving conditions of Sri Lanka in mind. Suggestion is to change the Oil at more regular intervals than manufacturer recommendations.
  4. matroska

    CVT Vs Conventional Auto

    it depends on the make as far as i know. for Honda CVT's (Insight,Civic FD3,CRZ,Fit Gp1/2/4) first change is at 38,000 kms and 40,000 kms afterwards. Someone with Toyotas can update about Toyota But due to harsh driving conditions oil changes at lesser intervals wouldn't be a bad idea. well no issues as such - yes there were issues in some models But that boils down to maintenance. The older CVT's were not as bullet proof as older A/T but now things are actually better. Driving wise you might notice some differences - one thing i don't like about cvt is that tiny bit of rollback on steep inclines.
  5. matroska

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    exactly machan - it's not a bad car it depends on requirements and priorities and what stage of life you're in - i mean if you have kids and a car that gets your family from A-B in relative comfort then yes it' s a decent choice. For instance I was building a house for the last couple years and during that period i had a Honda Fit hybrid that was relatively budget-friendly and thanks to it's seat configuration it was very useful when I was moving house allowed me to carry even small tables and couches, washing machines, TV's ovens etc. Now since that episode is over it's time to move on to something else. Likewise horses for courses. And as you said in a previous post it's the generic stereotypical drivers of the cars , bragging about fake fuel figures etc that are the problem and not the cars themselves
  6. matroska

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    I've always wondered why the 260 has great ground-clearance compared to other JDM . It's kind of like a car made with SL buyers in mind except it wasnt 😄 . Just to add to this 'trend' - this is a bit of a new development i've noticed there are bucket-loads of 260s (allion/premio) for sale stagnating for weeks so maybe people are slowly breaking away from the trend. TBH there are dozens of people who advised me to buy a a 260 series ( I know they meant well ) and I actually tested out a few out of curiosity- yes it was sort of comfortable in a very furniture-like way I don't know how to put this but I can't help but think of the "Burutha Almariya" folks get for the dowry or a well cushioned couch. Let me put it this way - If the premio were a woman she'd be a bit overweight, wear no make up, do all the household chores . She'd be a moderate cook and be able to cook rice and curry and nothing else. Your parent's will be happy and your great-aunt will call her a siriyawantha kella. A Kapuwa probably sourced her for you. In bed she'd just lie down and let you have your own way. Your conversations will be just gossip and what happened next door. Convenient marriage but no spark to it. i doubt it ...chances are he probably forgot his username and password ...maybe in a few months time he'll create a new account to ask ' My primeyo do 10 KMPL friend say he premio do 27. What is wrong with car?'
  7. matroska

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    Now i remember 😁 you bought it from a doc right?
  8. matroska

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    pissuda Ewa thel suwandatath yanawa. Wine red(Marun ) with Beige interior (baaj intariyal) is the most fuel efficient. Doctor owned nam thawath hondai . Doctor Owned Marun Pramio with baaj intariyal does 23.956 KMPL in heavy traffic.
  9. matroska

    Honda Civic 2018

    Hey Guys, Just want an honest opinion - how's the overall experience been with regards to ground clearance? How practical is the car in Sri Lanka's crappy roads?
  10. well it's a petrol engine after all it's new to Honda but many other manufacturers like Ford have been successfully using 1L Motors for a while now. Ground clearance still remains the biggest head-ache for me but the prospect is too tempting specially after doing a minor test-drive.
  11. Not sure if you can post this on the forum (details etc) but you can try the consumers facebook page where folk usually post this kind of stuff. Nevertheless don't let it go unnoticed. Is the ad still there on i**** ? if so report it to them as well. Yeah it was stupid but what the heck we all do stupid things time to time. Since you learned your lesson do your best to make sure the culprit is at the receiving end. Name and shame him. Make max use of social media.
  12. matroska

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    @sathyajithj99 could this be one of your colleagues ??? Seriously why is this Premio/CHR comparision being made all the time?
  13. The civic is a very tempting option. The Low ground clearance is the biggest issue for me - despite that I'll probably end up buying one
  14. matroska

    car for permit :)

    AFAIK there's X,Z RS etc. RU1 is the non Hybrid version - cheaper in Japan but your tax is 4.8 M (Permit will waive off 3.6 of that) RU2 is it's AWD counterpart both come with CVT gear boxes. RU3 is the most common here - 1.5 L Hybrid with DCT. RU4 is the hybrid AWD. Profit depends - some small-scale importers, due to the high-competition keep a margin of around 100,000. IF you buy from a sale then sale guy's markup is added too.
  15. matroska

    Honda FIT HYBRID or Suzuki Wagon R

    Well it's like this - the Wagon R is good for your cab service requirement. But really I can't see it being a family vehicle - specially if you plan on a family trip etc. It's just a city run-about. The GP5 is more of an allround car. You'll have to prioritize one requirement over the other