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  1. Civic Threads ...Civic threads ...everywhere  :blink::blink: i think we are in for something like the vezel epidemic of 2014 

    1. tiv


      The wine red vezel, the best reminder of 2014

      Its like those songs which are attached to memories

    2. pug306xsi


      not to forget the special ones with the gold badge 

  2. well if you are used to the space of the liana and you use it for household work the kei cars (other than maybe the spacia) will feel awfully cramped for you. The closest to an 'upgrade' you will get is either the SX4 or the GP1. Driven an SX4 and it's not a bad ride at all other than the fact it's 10 years old it's a decent all round car. as for the GP1 well it's a very practical car and fun to drive and comes with a load of bells and whistles for that price like cruise control etc the 'engine issue' you mention is the one where some people had an issue with engine oil burning? I've been in Vitz' too it's got a decent interior but for your price you're looking at a 1000 CC and what i noticed is it has to spit its guts out when overtaking. Out of the lot I'd go with the SX4 or the GP1 - when it comes to practicality and family/household use they are miles ahead of the vitz and the kei cars.
  3. Wagon R's the go to car for most taxi drivers/owners - only feedback i know is from a relative of mine who hated it - she claimed it was horribly under powered but since you won't be driving it as a family vehicle i guess you won't mind. as for resale with the influx of 660 cc rides im not sure if there will be a huge resale market like the days of old but 3 years is a long time and god knows what will have happened by then
  4. Nissan Presea

    that'll be the end of weird status updates like ' my shoelace got tangled in the engine cooling fan' , ' i accidentally dropped a potato in the wiper fluid resevoir' etc
  5. car for 3.7m

    not quite sure what you mean here?? there are a few Civic FD3 users on the forum and been a few discussions check out the forum
  6. car for 3.7m

    bunch of used vehicles available for that price if it's sedans only that you're interested in : Mazda 3/Axela (2007-2008) Lancer CS3(2010+) Nissan Tiida 2010 onward to name a few . Yaris/Belta are also an option but they are 1.3 L and extremely bland vehicles. Insights (2011) and Civics (FD1 2006-7, FD3 2009-2010, are also in your range. you can also get 2011ish Koreans in good nick for that price. There aren't too many 'trouble-some' cars - it's almost always down to maintenance. Find a well maintained car and make sure you also maintain it well and that;s it.
  7. IMO when buying a used car it's always better to go for a known car - one that you know has been properly taken care of.
  8. Honda Fit gp5 S 2013 or Toyota allion 2007/8?

    yeah well afaik similar advice was given in the past about cars with A/T now despite A/T's having their inherent set of issues (and not being bullet proof as MT) it's soooo hard to sell a Manual car now. I know hybrid battery is a risk factor but then again hybrids came to SL cheap in the 2013-15 period and as a result they go for relatively cheaper: for the price you buy an old overpriced piece of crap you can buy a much newer vehicle
  9. Honda Fit gp5 S 2013 or Toyota allion 2007/8?

    I think it's because people don't buy vehicles based on needs anymore - they buy based on budget : that's why you see people asking if they should buy a L200 or an Axio
  10. Audi, bmw or benz ?

    and both are ugly as a pig too .... [sorry for going OT]
  11. Suzuki Wagon R

    typical car-sale guy talk...it's these folks who have set sri lankan buying patterns and thanks to the rumors spread by them sri lankans prefer to buy a 16 year old 121 with 'beij interiyal' over a much newer car.
  12. Suzuki Wagon R

    the ONLY advantage i see in getting a grey import is price. I'm not a wagonR/Suzuki user but I really don't think A*W assemble it here (can't expect them being capable of doing anything on those lines )fitting the sensors and accessories are one thing. that story sounds like one of them stories spread by the numerous grey-importers all over the country. Look if you're in for a hassle-free usage and ok with maybe a slightly higher price to pay then still i guess the agent option is the better. just checked their site and they say "Warranty : 04 Years or 80,000 Kms, whichever occurs first" so basically you're covered for all mechanical defects for that period. Ideally cars brought brand new through agent have been manufactured to withstand local harsh conditions (or at least the agent/manufacturer have the responsibility) here's an example: the Toyota Corlla 141 was available in SL through the agent and had standard A/T while the much fancied JDM Axio came with a CVT box. few years down the line the axio CVT boxes started giving trouble and the 2007 Axios dashboards started cracking up.
  13. Suzuki Wagon R

    with the agent you get warranty plus if there's any recall from the manufacturer it's their responsibility to handle it. Grey imports do not come with that luxury.
  14. i'm particularly worried about using air-freshener. keep it clean and avoid eating inside the car there won't be too many odors. if you must try to use a natural aroma spray.