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  1. In these stagnant times would it be a good idea to have a automotive stories thread? Where everybody can chip in with unforgettable car-stories? 

    1. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      That's a good idea :D @Hyaenidae may have experience with that on similar threads at E*a*i** ;) 

    2. kadsa98


      I had an interesting experience while driving down to galle once. I was cruising along at around 180kph when an idiot in a premio pulls out into the fast lane with zero signal or shoulder check. bugger was lucky I had good brakes. The 10 second honk didn't even phase the dumb f*ck, he was proud of his stupidity.

      Don't reply saying 'bUt YoU wERe sPeEdIng' please.

  2. Geneva Baya means something to do with fear of Geneva? Is this being sold by the UNHRC ?
  3. this has been discussed so many times now. go through for details....there are at least 3 or 4 more. In short. Belta - JDM 1.3 L engine (sometimes there are 1.0 L engines too) a little more comfier has a CVT box, and has a false market over the other 2 Vios - 1.5 L not as common as Belta or Yaris -export variant for southeast asia Yaris - 1.3 L almost same as belta - a little more rugged mostly imported b/new on permit. In my experience you can still find a good condition yaris for a decent price with less owners mostly the b/new bought ones ...if you're ok with manual you can get a good deal since manuals don't move that much.
  4. Congrats! Black looks good on that stormtrooperish design If you don't mind me asking what's the YOM or mileage? If you managed to get it for your initial budget then great!
  5. What do you mean worthy? It depends on your requirement and what you expect the car to do... If I was looking for a car in the 3.5 Mil mark then yes it would be on my list - but that's me your expectations of a car and mine would be different.
  6. Unless specified by the manufacturer (sometimes 95 is required on high compression engines) 95 is not mandatory. 95 is not 'better' than 92. It's just different. For a normal 1.5 L engine 92 should suffice.
  7. this was the case with our family car for over a decade - a B14 with the 1.3 engine ....it was an ok car for city driving but on long distance it was not that fun and fuel economy was around 6-7 kmpl. But it was very reliable. None of the latter sunnys were that great though (post B13) I'd prefer a Mazda of similar vintage over an N16.
  8. The days of cars being investments are gone - to minimize your loss you should aim for a cheap car ...try something like a viva elite for 2Mil and then sell off. Not even Toyota's are exempt from lower resale values - since you can buy a unreg car for a 3Mil plus budget its always difficult to sell a car above that range. (I.e a typical buyer is ready to fork out an additional 0.2M for a unreg Vitz over a reg vitz...)so for easy resale you should look at a price range where there are no 'new' options. So focus on the 2Mill range - an alto as Tiv said or if you need the ease of auto gears get a Perodua Viva elite.
  9. whats the deal with spammers replying to every damn status update?

    1. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Also opening threads and replying on current threads.

  10. The older Hyundais aged badly - the interiors wore out pretty soon ...the rexton the same ..i'd go for neither but if a gun were pointed to me and asked to chose i'd chose the Hyundai. Alternatively, for that budget you could go for a Suzuki Escudo or a Pajero IO ...will be a little over 2 Mill but better choice than the two you mentioned. Since your requirement seems to be a large family suv i wouldn't suggest the Suzuki Jimny which is a true SUV but a smaller 2 vehicle
  11. yes it is a good idea to buy if you're not expecting a civic to behave like an allion. I bought mine in 2018 ...brand new from the uk grey import have run for 1.5 years no issues - and i enjoy driving the damn thing. There are lots for sale because you basically got a brand new vehicle with less tax - an appealing prospect. Since the prices haven't changed much and there are now cars used in the uk available for sale you can get them over for a lower price than when they initially came out brand new in 2017/2018. There are a lot of units at car sales too so the prices are lower now. If you can get a well maintained (most of them usually are) used car that will be a good deal because you will be saving up a considerable amount of money. The car is like any modern car - needs a bit of TLC and gune aiya under the kottan tree can't fix it. Fuel is around 10 kmpl on average, needs 95, car is spacious, low ground clearance good handling the cvt box is a joy kill... We've had a lot of threads on the forum so i suggest you read through them as there's a LOT of information in them. And @Davy can you merge this thread ? There are far too many Civic threads in this forum.
  12. basso has broblem? blease elaborate more ! no one can helb if your question is this vague.
  13. despite how good a job the painter does if you paint a panel it will show to a certain extent. A skilled painter can minimize the visual difference. There are sometimes the odd small scale body repair guys who do a good job than some big glitzy places. I came across such a gem in Kurunegala when a biker rear ended my earlier car a few years back.
  14. In order of preference 1. CS3 2. Axela 3. Vios Search the forum for specific discussions on the above.
  15. eggs, burning...dragons? ...you've been watching re runs of game of thrones ?
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