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  1. What is the best car

    For practicality and daily usage I'd recommend the GE6.
  2. Autolanka Funniest Moments

    This gave me cholera...
  3. Hatchback with good fuel efficiency

    if ground clearance is a priority i can think of suzuki swift /Chevy cruze (2002-2004),aka jeep model. But fuel wise wont do more than 10kmpl in city. Will cost around 2mil.
  4. Axio Hybrid Warning message

    Replace the battery on your key??? 'Key Battery Remaining Little' is the direct translation from Japanese to English as per the google translate app. you can scan any text. It's a must have if you're using a modern JDM vehicle unless you can read Japanese.
  5. Panda 1.3 or Panda cross

    the average panda starts to disintegrate in appx 5 years time(2012+5 = 2017) advisable to stay away.
  6. Happy New Year 2017!!!

    maybe the Ethiopian new year
  7. Car buying openion

    wtf is that link in your post?
  8. Best fuel efficient cars.

    See 'BEST' depends on what you're looking for - what your requirement is. If you do a quick search for that budget (<1000000) on AutoLanka Classifieds you will find that your options go like late 80/s early 90's Toyota Starlet/ Nissan March,Early 90's Hyundai Excel , Late 90's Maruti 800, 2007 Chery QQ (avoid it like the plague) , Tata Nano out of the lot the 80's 90's cars are now into their third decade so by this time lots of changes have happened to the cars and it's really not possible to predict fuel economy of them.
  9. as the man said for your budget a kelisa with A/Trans is the best bet. Look it's not a big car but a 5.11./85kg dude like me used it for a couple of years without a big hassle.... it's country miles ahead of the Alto.
  10. nissan fb 14 super saloon

    Oh yes I can attest to that - Dad had one which we used for over a decade the mandatory distributor issue came up other than that it's not a bad car - a bland one but one that keeps on running forever much like the Jap cars from that era. But beware these are typically abused buy-and-sell cars due to the same reliability.
  11. Swift beetle fuel consumption

    I assume this is the 2004 + 'beetle' model - and yes it gives you around 8-10 - It's not known to be a very fuel efficient car. Same applies for the earlier swift as well.
  12. Fit gp1 or insight or civic fd3

    As ramishkad said above - the Civic will be the more comfortable of the three but will not give you the fuel figures you expect. The Fit and Insight would give you something close to 14-15 : I'm Using a GP1 it does 13-14 in heavy traffic (all depends on how you drive - i managed to get more during the fuel strike since i was intent on saving fuel) On the interior the fit and Insight are not in the league of the civic but no major complains. I like the massive space in the fit and how much head space i get in the cabin. All 3 more or less have the same internals so the stuff in the above post regarding battery etc are valid for all 3 - make sure the CVT has been well maintained. Go for a car with service history. The fit is cheaper - so you usually get a newer car for a given budget .
  13. Just WOW! PS - are you by any chance a teacher/instructor or something like that?
  14. It depends - for the average buyer it won't seem like a big difference. But if you look at all 3 cars in a single day you'll feel the difference.
  15. Here's a suggestion why don't you keep an open mind and hunt for specimens of all 3. You'll see which one's are well maintained or not. When buying an oldish car (14 years) it's important to look for a well maintained one than a hacked POS with parts rattling and dodgy paint jobs and a tampered ODO.