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  1. matroska

    5.5 million car options?

    see this is why some factors vary depending on the user - some folk acquire certain automotive tastes. Some like cars that are like libraries others like me find it dead boring. The most enjoyable ride i had ever was in an ancient VW doing 80-90 KMH rattling like hell and screaming like a banshee. It's good to have guys like you on the forum to get unbiased opinions on cars with mass-appeal.
  2. matroska

    Help to Finalize buying decision

    1. Lancer 2. Fit 3. Demio 4. Wagon R 5. Every
  3. matroska


    I have not driven the A1 but when i closely inspect one I feel kind of let down - it's not in the same league as your average Audi ..true even though the A1 is a poor example for a euro.
  4. matroska


    100,000 + for the prius is a bit risky imho (same goes for the other hybrids) however if you compare the prius with the vitz it's like chalk and cheese - the ride quality comfort etc of the vitz are well below what you would get in the prius (or the aqua for that matter) if you really want to go for an unregistered car you can try a swift RS it has a lot more in it than the vitz. Personally I wouldn't spend 4.5 M on a very very basic car like the vitz. If you're a little open to other models you have lots of options for that price range. for example - Lancer Ex 2013 + , Mazda 3/Axela 2013 + , and a load of korean suv's ~2012 yom.
  5. When I read about the car last year I expected this to be the next vezel of sorts since it really does look like a very good brand new option for the price you pay. However the car has been met with very lukewarm response in the country surprisingly. I have nothing against the looks and it does seem to be a very well put together car. The engine is of course the 1L boosterjet shared with the Baleno, Swift as well as the new 1L Vitara. However for some reason even the baleno has not quite caught on yet - A*W are too happy with their Maruti's and wagon R's i guess to care about these and the fear of spares might be the reason holding people back (contrast this with the new civic since the honda agents are also bringing down the same model parts will probably be not an issue) You have to get the car weighed and some measurements done to be stated as 'New' in the CR - plus clearing charges from port (for an import) is a bit higher.
  6. matroska

    Badly need to change my car

    Let's first address this - I'm personally against throwing in everything into a car - if 3.5 is your max you might target for around 3.2 keep a small buffer just in case. You're looking at rather old suv's at this price range - Koreans from the early-mid 2000's not much newer than your 2001 Honda. If you want to tick both Honda and SUV boxes then a 2000ish CRV might be eligible.A 2006 FD1 will cost you about 3.4 - really decent car and also fulfills your Honda requirement. Both these Honda's are a bit thirsty. Yes - there's a bunch of importable Unregistered and maybe new cars for this budget. The Kei's are readily available at this range starting from the Mira's, Suzuki Altos, Hustlers, upto (god i dread to say this) Wagon R's, The mira's and altos are well in your budget (2.5 mil + range - sometimes even lesser if you directly import and manage to get a good specimen for a decent price) but of course they're not in the same league as a Sedan/SUV. Same goes for the new Axias and Picantos. You can't get an unregistered vitz unfortunately for below 3.5 the newest you can import is 2016 and a decent vitz will cost you 3.6 + a sale uncle might be able to find you a really basic 2015 Vitz that has been rotting away in their sale (he might show you a 4.5 auction sheet from an axio - yeah that happened to someone I know) Of the 2 I'd say the Fit Hybrid but 2012 Fit's are now suffering from the infamous oil leak issue (please search the forum) and many aquas have had their batteries flipped out. If you can get a GP1 not in the chassis recall number range (please search the forum this is very very well documented) and get the battery tested for 4500/- you have a decent car. Also suggest the Honda Fit GE6 non hybrid, relatively fuel efficient, spacious and nippy. Good overall car
  7. matroska

    Which car to buy

    There's a bunch of cars - Hyanidaes quote of Crosswinds reply covers the usual suspects. Personally early 1990's Familas/Lasers are a good bet - Mazda's are reasonably priced compared to say Honda's For example you can see 1992 Eg8's (even with carb engines go for eye-watering prices due to the ricer mass appeal) if you can fork out a little bit more the lancer CB series (CB1/2/3)(which is what the proton is based on ) can also be gettable (~1.3 Mill) The zen is more or less a typical Maruti. Sonata's are comparatively cheap due to them being rather thirsty (high fuel consumption) other than that they are ok cars but this particular generation of Korean cars do not have the same level of durability and refinement of modern Korean equivalents. Good cars - but Starlets (new and old ) are ridiculously overpriced
  8. matroska

    Honda Civic 2018

    It's normal. I guess it's the CVT. Had something similar on my GP1 too but in the civic it's a bit more severe. A friend of mine was so worried about this I took him on a ride in my car and he realised that it was normal.
  9. matroska

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Personal Preference - I hate these lace-like additional covers on the seats. Thankfullly they're not that popular nowadays -in the early 90' i remember many cars also had this - specially the lancer boxes.
  10. matroska

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    Ok that's weird - can you post a pic of the current setting/s you have might be able to help
  11. Is it just me or are there more and more classifieds with genuine mileage - even for mainstream cars? I see people not being afraid to advertise mileages of 200,000 + this is a good trend.

  12. matroska

    bus import

    @dexter this is probably the best thing you can do. As far as I know buses aren't included but just check. If you really want to get a bus then sell the permit use whatever other funds and import a bus. unlike cars where you can only import a car less than 3 years buses have a longer time period.
  13. matroska

    Help to buy 1st car

    well the Charade is a nice car - in it's heyday very popular. Don't base buying decisions purely on fuel economy cos it can change based on the car, the driver and many factors . the 90's Ford lasers shared the same platform as the Mazda BG 's so parts were not a big deal for them - the festiva was also built by mazda but I don't know exactly about parts availability etc. @Crosswind might have an idea about the ford...
  14. Just adding my 2 cents here- 3.8 for the Insight is a Little bit too much IMHO it comes with and old school CVT so you don't have to worry about DCT if you do get it make sure you get the battery tested at agents (applies to all hybrids anyway) The GP5's are pretty cheap nowadays if you can nail a good specimen for a decent price it's a good deal...go for one with proper records so that you know that maintenance has been properly done. Not all Vezels, GP5's develop DCt. as @iRage mentioned its due to driving conditions . I have 2 friends who have been driving a Vezel and GP5 since 2014 without any issues at all. this is not a bad idea either there are properly looked after 141's also consider the Axio 161 (non hybrid that came in 2012-2013 bought by govt servants on permit) generally ok car that you can get for around 4 Mill. During the last permit rush there were many out there and most of them were in really good condition.
  15. matroska

    Premio 2010 or Mazda 3 2014

    Depends on what you want out of your car 🙂 Just to add to what the others have said before - If it were my choice i'd go for the Mazda simply for the following factors. 1. Toyota's are overpriced in SL and the Premio is on the top of the overpriced list - yes they are usually very reliable but paying exorbitant amounts of money for what is a essentially a decade old car is not something I'm happy with. 2. Due to the whole resale mentality Premios and Toyota's are subject to a lot of fakery by Buyyas (Buying and Selling people) including running on open papers, poor maintenance , odo-tampering etc. 70% of the time if you go to buy an Allion/Premio/Corolla you'll find out the seller lives in Kohuwala, but the last entry on the book is a doctor from Badulla and the guy will say ' meka ape aiyage father in law ge car eka' and that he mistakenly threw away all the maintenance records and emission certificates.