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  1. yup... correct this is a picture of a 2013 Isuzu DMax crew cab.
  2. Ok then taking MaleCortana's turn
  3. Yes. Correct. Over to you.
  4. OK then... here's the next one
  5. Someway or the other I missed this thread! That's a nice looking Starlet you've got there. Fun car with a peppy and reliable motor( I myself have an EP71 running a 4EFE). Happy to see one that's not overly modded. Looking forward to read more about your car on this thread. Congrats! What issue are you having with the Head lamps?
  6. the first one's a Mark 2 from the early 2000's the second ones the suzuki escudo (didn't have a clue actually ...had to google "gran turismo monster sport shell red car" and found this on the image list
  7. sheesh what's with the morbid obsession on crashed cars? you work for an insurance company?
  8. <answer deleted : let someone else have a go>
  9. correct -the nose would have been a dead giveaway. AFAIK the commanders side looks a bit different to this. this is the local specimen Studebaker are one of those typical American car companies that transitioned into cars from building horse carriages. Even the town they were based in South Bend, Indiana sounds so much in sync with Horse Carriages
  10. Why do people hate KE20/30/50's and B210's this much? 😞
  11. sooo since it's been more than 24 hours
  12. No no - not a particular comment but overall on the sentiment of over-paying for average cars including you, me and others have tried to explain to the bunch - it never went down well with them Very true.
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