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  1. Hi, Thank you very much for the details. You made me very happy. Thanks again Chamara
  2. Thanks for the details. Let me clear the problem I have.(it seems like my original post misleading ) The ownership of the car is not transferred to me yet. What I needed is to transfer the vehicle to my name. Currently the car is registered to the previous owner(who has migrated now). I got only MTA 6 copies from him. I didn't get a MTA 8: C copy from him. So, I'm afraid that I will be unable to transfer the vehicle to my name. Because I don't have any MTA 8:C copy with me. Please reply.
  3. Hi Guys, I need some advices on transferring the ownership of a vehicle.(I did a search on forum and found some important details. But, they didn’t match with my problem exactly) I have a used car that was bought recently and I only have following transfer documents. MTA 6: A A1 B B1 All above four copies are signed by the current owner. (Owner has migrated now) But, I don’t have any forms of MTA 8. Then, I saw the instruction says that I should submit the "MTA 6: B" and "MTA 8: C" to the RMV. This cannot be done since I don’t have any copy of MTA 8. Will this make a problem to me when transferring? Can I do the transfer without "MTA 8 C" form? (Note: I have other required documents, such as VIC, Revenue license) Please help me. Thanks Chamara
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