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  1. common problem with toyota cars! I face a similar problem with my vitz!
  2. For what purpose that there are multiple painted ( white) raised lines on roads near bridges, bends, crossings etc?(especially at country side) Is it a substitute for old bumps on the road? Are they to reduce our speed or just to awake the driver (due to vibration of the vehicle ) ? (I see people never slow on them)
  3. Thanks mate your openions.. but how could you explain this? If its due to some unfixed clips/tyre pressure/or earrings /etc, can it get worsen when its heated under sunlight? I looked for any of unfixed or un tightened joint at the dashboard, but everything seems ok..
  4. Ya, thats my point. I also dont think that the reason is not the stereo installation. Anyway thanks for the useful information mate.
  5. Ok, i know what you are trying to say, but vitz is a widely used car in sri lanka and i don't think that its rare to see a stereo installed after market. Most recondition cars have stereos which replace the originals by sales agents or users (most originals are just Japanese frequency radios). So if that noise is due to that, there may be lot more other vitz users with similar problem. If nobody experience similar thing, then can this noise is due to that or some other reason?????
  6. Any body here to share similar experience..???
  7. Ya mate..i can understand his frustration......... Anyway the rattle i'm referring is more generalized than to occur from two bolts nuts
  8. Yes,I purchased this from a sale. The audio was not the original one and seems fitted after market. Also there are some unplugged wires of a sub woofer system and i guess there was a DVD or expensive player at some point. when fitting those DVD or audio players is it necessarily to remove most of the parts of dash or its only middle instrument panel of the vitz? (i got fitted an audio later and the fellow just removed some of plastic rims at the middle instrumental panel only).
  9. I have a 2009 toyota vitz and dashboard rattles on rough road (even when run over a cat's eye on the road). This rattling noise is not heard on the smooth roads. Problem seems worse after the dashboard heated under sunlight. i guess the noise mainly comes near steering column. Its a plastic sound. Do you experience same with vitz? is it somewhat common problem to vitz? Is it a sign of loosening some joints or some fixation? (Car has done only 20000 km and otherwise in good condition) Guys pls share your experience. thanks in advance..
  10. Thanks mate..Where is it?
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