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  1. 1.6 ltr i see, from the looks of it even a good cut& polish will bring back. not sure about the rear suspension though
  2. wow the exterior looks very nice, whats the engine? i actually did the opposite around was searching for a e30 and ended up with a e36. i think i saw a instrument cluster for sale in fb
  3. that itself is the reserviour and the big philips head scew is the overflow valve. u fill the res and loose the screw so all the extra air bleeds out. for more ref check realoem http://realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=AC12&mospid=47270&btnr=17_0502&hg=17&fg=05
  4. OshanR

    E36 Engine Swap

    sorry the link is removed. i dont expect the numbers of the bike just that it feels very delayed in the response compared to the van. i guess you might be right, i have to get this thing checked up. what kind of tests are there to check if its giving its full potential without taking the engine apart?
  5. OshanR

    E36 Engine Swap

    Thanks 1st thing which worries me is its a m40 which is the belt driven so to be safe i alrdy changed the belt. so its not the "reliable" range of the bmw engines 2nd thing is its so damn slow. pickup takes ages. i'm a bike guy so i'm not the most sensible driver. doesnt mean i want super pickup just decent engine response. even my parents 1ltr micro van does better acceleration than this. anyway i know its not a valid point. just that im a bit disappointing at the "ultimate driving machine" as for the engines point of view where can i get a decent inspection? how much will a swap like this cost (labour + days)? i was searching around and found this for sale *link removed later* apart from that will a turbo conversion bring more success? since the engine is maintained at millis and they have the history there (im guessing thats a good clue that it has been in good maintaince).
  6. OshanR

    E36 Engine Swap

    its bit of both because the guys at mils tld tht aftr few months i might need a valve build so it means othr parts are sorta worn out too. basically what moves has to be worn out at somepoint so having a "medium worn" means more replacements on the way. anyhow i was thinking adding more power since the chassis is far more capable than what m40 can offer. it all depends on the above question how much it will cost
  7. OshanR

    E36 Engine Swap

    hi i just brought my 1st car and its a 1.8 ltr and has abt 135000 miles on clock. so as i understood recently im in for a world of hurt and i wanna keep this car so is it preferable to * rebuild the engine * just repair the parts which goes out * swap for a new (used) engine with low miles(my fav since i can go for a m52 as i googeled 8-D ) has anyone done a engine swap in SL? where and around how much will it cost?
  8. full face helmets anyway im not sure if its anything to do with the govenment thought, its more of a action taken by the police smething smething bugger ok back to the point, is there anything legal we can do about this to force them to scratch this law? because i think almost any driver agrees that this is a stupid rule
  9. cross fingers on this but lets get 100 signs and see where it goes https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Law_makers_in_Sri_Lankan_government_must_withdraw_the_decision_to_ban_FullFace_Helmet_usage_in_the_country_1/
  10. Hi, this is my 1st post over here but i do hangout here alot. so as you may know theres a new helmet saying that the helmet you wear should not cover the area from eye browse to chin. and further more should not be tinted source - http://www.adaderana.lk/news.php?nid=24659 so there are the points i have against it * why is it required to see the face of the driver when you can see the lisence plate (well in the times of war it "might" have been reasonable, still it sounds silly) * its very usefull to wear a full helmet when your riding long distances ( dust in your face, in case of rain ) * in my personal experience i know that it helps alot in an accident ( mostly that the first thing you will hit is your face and it will be the chin and norse ) ... and the list continues if you ask few more riders so is there any legal thing, something like a petition we can take to the court which will cancel this rule? PS let me know if theres something i missed regarding the positiveness of this law thanks, Oshan Rube
  11. i recently brought a yamaha ttr from a person who havnt been using it very much. so i have a feeling that i should service it first.i searched in the net but i couldnt found a yamaha dealer for sri lanka. and i dont think indian yamaha dealers know anything about japanese bikes either. i really dont want to ruin my bike by a bajaj service center. besides i assume that since this has only electrical start, that it must be very careful with the electric bits unlike honda baja.i would like for your recommendations. Thanks in advance
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