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  1. That must be it. Thanks firebird
  2. Hi All, I'm having an issue with my A/C. Sometimes it goes to "Auto" mode without me doing anything and no A/C at all. I have tried to turn the A/C off. Then the text call "Auto" start to blink in the display. After 10-15 mins A/C is on again. Seems like something wrong with the sensor, but I'm not an expert so I thought someone in the forum might have come across a situation like this and will be able to help me out. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the information NZer Thanks for the info The Don will look in to Wijerama first I think i know this place. Thanks Crosswind
  4. Hey Rukster, I know this post is old but did you find it? Because I'm also looking for recon bonnet. Thanks.
  5. I also think that Ignis doesn't come with center antenna. Yes it doesn't go down. If I can't find a good replacement in Delkanda I'll look in to getting down it from ebay. Great! Glad to here
  6. Yeah i should check at Delkanda. What I am not sure is that will it fit with the current base?
  7. Something like this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Am-Fm-Hidden-Windshield-Antenna-Car-Radio-Truck-/330722826171 Thanks guys for your help on this
  8. Where did you get windshield antenna sticker? ebay? Is it something like below? Really appreciate your help on this I think they are in intact I should go to Delkanda and see. May be I could find an antenna which fit to the base. thanks guys
  9. Thanks Davy and The Don.
  10. Hello Experts, Antenna in my Chevrolet Cruze is broken in to two parts. Will I be able to replace it? I think its same as in Suzuki Swift or Suzuki Ignis. Thanks.
  11. Is there any way to change the Engine Oil without doing a Engine flush? In my case I'm not sure about what my previous owner has used and there is no way to contact him. So basically I have no way of knowing what he has used. But now i need to change my Engine oil and oil filter.
  12. Hi mumbo_s5 Did you do your inspection at P*tsh*p? Is it a computer inspection? Thanks
  13. Found a better link downloaded and its all good! but in russians though. http://letitbit.net/download/94628292.819d907dd568cd9b/Suzuki_Ignis_-_chevrolet_cruze.pdf.html Found an another site which has some nice infomation about Suzuki Ignis/Chevrolet Cruze. http://swift.h17.ru/
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