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  1. randiljosh

    Toyota Premio

    im current;y facing this issue, can someone suggest me a place to get this problem fixed or give me a contact of a place where i can buy the control solenoid
  2. Warm wishes for a fantastic B'day.

  3. randiljosh

    Happy Belated Bday Speeddemon200

    lOL signifies what happened to us on the WC final's day
  4. randiljosh

    Nisssan Tida

    considering toyota had to drop the name corolla from europe, dropping sunny and adopting Tiida (a possible global name) makes sense.
  5. randiljosh

    Nisssan Tida

    hey don i was referring to Tiida (the newest sunnys) not the good old sunny's... i honestly think the Tiida is too passive. i agree with you on the quality of tradsunny/doctor sunny... they truly were fantastic cars. but since then it has not been business as usual with sunny's... despite the price difference the new corolla is way ahead of Fb15/N16 in terms of reliability/comfort/fuel economy etc.
  6. randiljosh

    Jeremy Destroys Perodua Kelisa

    he is soooo rude,to toucher cars like that
  7. randiljosh

    ### Suba Aluth Avruddak Wewaa !!!! 2007

    happy new year 2 all AL members.petrol and diesel walen ithiri avuruddak weva!!!!!!
  8. randiljosh

    2008 Subaru Wtf !!!!

    look at the following wrx from the side angle... it looks like a Honda City producing 115hp
  9. randiljosh

    2008 Subaru Wtf !!!!

    LOL good one! yah i also think it looks like a boring premio...
  10. hey guys check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlnRY0Ngy3s...ted&search=
  11. randiljosh

    Pls Help! - I Pumped Diesel In To Ma Petrol Car!

    i always laugh my a** out when i hear/see this story of urs dude anyway me too heard about the leylands running petrol... they certainly are damn good fast considering the load and size of those metal chunks...
  12. randiljosh

    Over Clocking Ur Gpu

    hey bro u hve 2 see this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue1CYNtUYec
  13. randiljosh

    I Cant See Any Picture In Buy Section

    yeap might as well check da firewall settings... i also don't see 'em when my Norton Internet Security is "Enabled"... so when i go to AL i go with the Antivirus alone without Norton Internet Security enabled.
  14. randiljosh

    Local Conversions

    i think i know what gihan z gonna buy/(or convert may i see)... the 19/ plate make it that much more evident ... but u r right itz ridiculous to pay the freaking stupid tax to the gov... might as well pay that extra cash to the local motor sport modifiers and get a good deal...