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  1. selvanath

    Honda Grace

    Hi Guys, I would like to buy Honda Grace for my Permit, Does any members recommend that? my friends suggest to go for Axio since Grace have some issues with Clutch system. Does any one faced? Thanks Selva
  2. selvanath

    kumho tyres

    Hi Guys, Any one using kumho tyres?
  3. selvanath

    Recommend a Tyre brand and place

    Hi Guys, I need to change Tyre for my terious . Previous one Dunlap brand. I am planning to change the vehicle by next year. So i need some advice . Which brand /place you guys recommend. Thank you. regards Selva
  4. selvanath


    Hi Guys, In my Car ABS warning signal is coming . What should I do? Thanks Selva
  5. selvanath

    Wheel alignment

    Hi Guys How frequent should we do wheel alignment? Any recommended place new Wellawatta /Dehiwela / Mt.Lavnia ? Do we need to interchange the tires Front to Back and wise versa? Please advice. Thank you.
  6. selvanath

    Route Recommendation - Colombo - Dambulla

    Hi Guys, I've heard that construction work is going on Kurunegala - Dambulla road. I'm planning to travel polonnaruwa& Batticaloa. Can you guys please advice me? Thanks. Selva
  7. selvanath

    First Service

    Thank you Guys
  8. selvanath

    First Service

    Hi Guys, I imported a Aqua G Grade with low milage (30). When I should do a first service? Is it 1000? my agent says it is okay to do it on 3000. Pls advice me. Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, can you suggest a place to do the carpeting for Aqua. Thanks SN
  10. selvanath

    Aqua G Grade

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy Aqua G Grade. I would prefer to have the fabric cover than leather. Could anyone tell me what are the additional features I should insist to the agent. Does anyone provide link of the comparison S grade Vs G Grade? Thanks.
  11. selvanath


    Hi Guys, I want to buy a car. Now Brand new Viva Elite is not available. Anyone bought the new celerio? Pls advice me
  12. selvanath

    Small Car

    thank you guys
  13. selvanath

    Small Car

    Hi, I need a small car .Auto is preferred. Should have a resale value. budget upto 2 million. It will be a second car. I have parking space issue. that is why I'm looking a small car. Your kind advice pls
  14. selvanath

    Auqa Grades

    Hi Guys, I wish to by aqua because the fuel economy. I'll be mainly using in the Colombo city. Could you please let me know the Grades available in the Aqua and which is the better option. What would be the price range? Can some one help me on this. Thanks