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  1. Compared to road clearance Indian A-star 170 mm viva Elite 145 mm
  2. Please advice me which car for permit useful and resell value 1. KIA Soul 2. A-Star Automatic
  3. uma

    Permit Vehicle

    Thanks for reply. My permit value US$ 25000 and maximum 2000 cc capacity. but my budget around 2 million. Terios Kids OK ? what are the vehicle available for less than 2 Million?
  4. Shall I buy A-Star (Auto) or Terios KID for my Permit. My Budget is 2 million. Please advice me about buying Which Branded or Unregistered vehicle for Permit? Thanks
  5. I want to buy Zotye Nomad 11 for permit. because cheep and SUV model for 1.7 Million. please advice me.Thanks
  6. Please tell me any website or price list for car / SUV for permit holders in sri lanka
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