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    Perodua Viva Elite

    Compared to road clearance Indian A-star 170 mm viva Elite 145 mm
  2. Please advice me which car for permit useful and resell value 1. KIA Soul 2. A-Star Automatic
  3. uma

    Permit Vehicle

    Thanks for reply. My permit value US$ 25000 and maximum 2000 cc capacity. but my budget around 2 million. Terios Kids OK ? what are the vehicle available for less than 2 Million?
  4. uma

    Permit Holders

    Thanks So much
  5. uma

    Permit Vehicle

    Shall I buy A-Star (Auto) or Terios KID for my Permit. My Budget is 2 million. Please advice me about buying Which Branded or Unregistered vehicle for Permit? Thanks
  6. I want to buy Zotye Nomad 11 for permit. because cheep and SUV model for 1.7 Million. please advice me.Thanks
  7. uma

    Permit Holders

    Please tell me any website or price list for car / SUV for permit holders in sri lanka