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    520d is a different story from toyota. If you are planning on something older than 5 years make sure you got bit deep pockets. Unless you are 100% in to it without whining on any resale value maintaining costs better change your mind. Fuel economy wise these babies are pretty good compared to most jap. If you are ready you can do your maintenance at autobavaria idealchoice milroy and maligawatta joint if you dont like prestige. I would recommend getting it done from company anyways as some of these places and company rates are not much different. These places will provide you other repairs as well if necessary. I personally recommend going for a new 318i rather going for a used 520d as you can relax without troubles for some good years specially as you are new to germans.
  2. esanda007

    Service Except Pres**

    thanks for the info so far guys. anybody having any experience with autobavaria / Ideal/ or milroy ? once you start going you have to continue the same place to maintain proper records that's why bothered mostly
  3. esanda007

    Service Except Pres**

    After going through all of autolanka found lot of records regarding service places for bmw. But most of the records are around 2013 or before. can any body recommend better place for a service for bmw f30 imported out side prestige. they are charging 950000 for registration at company. Thanks in Advance.
  4. honda says it'll do 7.4L/100km under test conditions. So in actual world you can imagine the numbers. Last person i met told me its 7 to 8 in city and out station 9kml
  5. Didnt meet anybody using it yet. A*W acts like its not one of their vehicles. They still dont know how much it teally costs to bring down. Made in hungary or sonething like that. Smells like a old nokia.
  6. For 9mil best options are 1. CRV 1.5 would cost bit above 9mil. Comfortable ride with hopefully good resale as lots of vehicles to come in to srilanka within next few years. Specially once its introduced to japan. Fuel economy 7kml in city 9kml out 2. Peugeot 3008 costs around 8.9mil. superb ride with good economy around 9kml in city 12 out but resale is a nightmare + maintenance 3. Toyota CHR around 7.5 mil. Winner in all aspects. Some what Comfortable. Good Resale. Economy around 12 in city. But a small vehicle with abnormal shape. Its an individual choice. 3. Audi Q2 1.0 will be 7.5 from company. Good deal with lot of options and prestige. Comfortable. Lots of options. Economy 7-8 in city according to company. Resale again a question. But still its an Audi. 4. Jeep renegade.1500. Simply an ugly car. But its jeep. All this is brand new prices and details. Vezels i will jot mention here.. Hope you got what you wanted to know.
  7. esanda007

    Honda CR-V 2018

    Stafford said they will give CRV VTi-Si model. which is fully loaded but no sensing that's still the vti-s with sunroof. I think their "i" stands for sunroof 40,000km +/- 2 year warranty for 5.2mil for the permit. Waiting period is 3months. These Ausi models comes with 5year warranty so preferably the build quality is better i suppose. Better getting one from Ausi through a importer whose willing to give some kind of a warranty preferably the VTi -S model.
  8. esanda007

    Toyota Allion Nzt260 (Cvt) Gearbox Issue

    This fault is known to be with 1800cc models. Apparently 1500 and 2000 models sound safe which are mostly available in srilanka, considering the number of nzt 260s in colombo roads if this is a common fault in 1500s TL will open a separate branch to bring down cvt gear boxes. My NZT260 allion 2010 had a tiny noise on acceleration when it was around 46000 mileage. when showed to TL they gave me the same bull. They are telling to do oil changes atleast once in 80k which sounds quit absurd which i was actually considering those days. When i showed to my mechanic he told this is due to wreckage from metal belt or some thing due frequent start stops in our traffic so change oil frequently. Once i changed the oil everything came clean. you shouldn't top up. Drain it. Remove it, Remove the metal dust. Then Repack, Since then its running like a charm. Now im at 70k no issues since then, Ill be doing my next oil change in 80k. Good Luck!
  9. esanda007

    Car Sale Ownera Telling 30% Tax Increase

    Direct importers have stopped importing. Last ship before budget will leave japan on 11th. So no more personal lc opening and importing possible. Sky high prices from damn car sale owners are the only help.
  10. Im looking for a car around 4.5. Went to a carsale near food city nugegoda to check prices. Owner said their is a 30% tax increase on implement for all vehicles but circular is not yet issued. Any valid news on this?
  11. esanda007

    Tax Increases

    Seems leasing rates also gonna sky rocket. hope hybrid and electric prices will come down.
  12. esanda007

    Lancer Ex Eps Issue

    Guess its the belt. Change it to a genuine itll do. I had the same problem with a mitsuboshi belt. Once i changed it to mitsubishi it all came smooth.By the way it comes with EPS which will not faulter under usual circumstances.
  13. esanda007

    Honda Grace Advice

    New axio face lift with beige interior is horrible compared to other cars in that price range. Out side looks r some what good but interior is soo cheap
  14. esanda007

    Honda Grace Advice

    Seems no one in the forum has used a grace yet
  15. esanda007

    Honda Grace Advice

    Exactly. Axio looks more spacious with its bus seats