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  1. knightowl

    BMW 520d

    There seems to lot of BMW520d cars for sale these days which are about 4 to 5yrs old. Do they cause lot of problems after 5yrs so the owners are getting rid of them or is it due to the new permit? Just wondering. Of course when I ask the owners they say they are wonderful cars with no trouble at all. But I wonder the reliability of a diesel BMW after 5 years. Would one fall in to a 'sdhahatama oba mage' situation if you buy one?
  2. knightowl

    Turbo charging a primeo

    Thanks guys. I don't know what the engine is other than it's 1500cc and car is new (2018). Everything is ok except the car is too lazy esp. on long trips. Very difficult to overtake with lot of engine moaning. It seems waste of money to buy a new and better car these days with the new tax structure. If the power can be increased little bit things will be ok a bit longer, hence the question. Not concerned much about the fuel consumption. How can I get the ECU remap?
  3. knightowl

    Turbo charging a primeo

    Wrong forum area. Sorry about that.
  4. knightowl

    Turbo charging a primeo

    Can a new toyota Primeo be turbo charged? Just asking.
  5. knightowl

    Jeep CJ7

    Dear All, I have a jeep CJ 7 which I repaired to running conditions with several local mechanics. Kind of guys who never repaired a jeep. I want to get it restored to top condition perhaps with some modifications. I have seen several top condition jeeps around Katunayake area. Can somebody recommend a good place, an american Jeep specialist? Thanks
  6. knightowl

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    All the BMW x5, 530e and Audi q7 ads have mysteriously disappeared.
  7. knightowl

    Sri Lanka; Land of Paradise, Land of honking!!!

    we need to adopt our driving styles to sri lanka. When I moved back to srilanka for sometime I used to shout at my driver for using the horn. Like for clearing the traffic even vehicles are bumper to bumper. I hardly used the horn. Then I had to change. After few near collisions with three wheelers, bicycles and motor bikes when they make sudden right turns without looking. Now I make a habit of making a little sound whenever I am about to overtake them, Just to let them know there is a vehicle approaching them especially outstation driving.
  8. knightowl

    Hilux Question

    About 67,000. Not the original from the company which would have cost far too much.
  9. knightowl

    Hilux Question

    Problem solved after few years of no solution. I wanted to get the injectors cleaned, then only they found that the turbo is leaking. The oil gets collected in the turbo. replaced the turbo. No smoke greatly improved pulling power.
  10. knightowl

    After Car Accident On Road

    (Whatever said and done Sri Lankans are empathetic people and our first instinct is to rush the patient to the hospital. But the best medial practice is to NOT move the injured without trained medical supervision. In fiatLife's example, the deliver rider would have been in a lot of pain yes, but 3-4 adults manhandling someone like that into a three-wheeler could do MORE harm. A broken bone isnt going to break any further if the victim is just lying on the ground. But improperly moving him could cause the bone splinters to damage blood veins or break further complicating the resetting and healing. A friend of mine had an epileptic fit at a party once and fell to the floor. People around him tried to help by carrying/lifting him and in the process broke one arm and dislocated the other shoulder ) Thank you. This is very true. Before moving a person after an accident one must make sure there are no injuries to the neck or the backbone. If moved it may result in an permanent injury to the spinal cord. This is why in a European country people are very reluctant to help an accident victim because while trying to help if you cause damage you will be sued. What happens in Sri Lanka is a completely deferent scenario. People will bundle the victim in to a three wheeler and send in to a hospital. Sometimes it is good but sometimes it is a big mistake.
  11. knightowl

    Need A Trip Vehicle!

    If the budget is under 1 million and needs to do some off road your best option will be a tractor
  12. knightowl

    Automotive Clips / Videos

    I found this great video and thought I should share it with you guys.
  13. knightowl

    Which Car To Go For Within 5.5M

    I have been using 2T in my hilux invincible. Engine certainly runs smoother. So far no issues. I use the usual cheap 2T since its mineral.
  14. knightowl

    Why Vezel Is Bad?

    I didn't buy a Vezel purely because there are 5 wine red vezels to my right, parked everyday.
  15. knightowl

    Why Vezel Is Bad?

    I always thought buying a car is like getting married. She looks good, smells good and good in bed. Cook for me, cleans for me or whatever. For others she may be fat, ugly or dumb. But if you r happy with her just enjoy it. Who cares what others say?