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  1. This is not true. if this engine has no other problem, then best option is to replace the head gasket. engines from this era probably has cast iron block and aluminium head, so overheat and/or sudden cool-down might cause to slight deformation of head surface. normally in gasket replacement process, head will be refaced.additionally valve seats will be cleaned up. this is 8+ hours task (full day). so best option is just to replace the head gasket.
  2. i have been using a 323 (YOM 2000 ,ZM-DE engine, MT) for 11 years (from 2007). still it is my primary car.
  3. probably it is bad starter solenoid. your ignition switch send the control signal/voltage, and starter relay/solenoid magnetized and do the mechanical movement, but still it does not connect the circuit. normally it is located with the starter.
  4. So the problem can be reproduced even without the a gear change, if you release the gas pedal and allow it to drop the RPM further down and then throttle it , then you might be able to clearly notice this. my guess is a miss fire (due to a problem in the ignition path). probably plugs, wires or coils.ignition coils related issue are more noticeable when engine is hot. fuel related miss fire also possible but not that probable. FYI: in a manual gear box just changing gear oil not solve this kind of problem , so dont do that, if it is necessary you may do it once your problem is solved.
  5. C*r checks vs agent , both have their strengths in different areas: Ex: Mileage = no one can (there are some European models that even we can find out the actual mileage) Structural damages and imperfect accident repairs = C*r checks Some internal problems like gear box issues = No one is good, but agent is better other critical components like AC compressor, radiator and cooling system,alternator,PS system = no one So if the car has been maintained at agent , then they have more information about the car history, that is an advantage. otherwise i would prefer c*r checks. there was an incident that c*r checks said the alternator is weak in a car (but actually what happened is there was a history error code which says battery voltage is low, so they assumed alternator is weak, owner has recently replaced the battery).
  6. how is this calculation done, is it based on the last minute fuel consumption,last five 10 minutes, or last hour fuel consumption or long term average fuel consumption?
  7. first thing first. does your CEL work (you might think that CEL works properly but it might have been wired to another indicator to just to turn off when the car is started). If you are sure that CEL doesnt work (ex: it doesnt light when you turn the key to ignition position), then first thing is to rectify that.then you can perform a self diagnostic test using the CEL. if CEL doesnt work, then you have to find LED and a 1k (or up to 10k) resistor and perform the self diagnostic test. you may refer this thread to get some idea about how to perform this test in your case TEN should be grounded, no need to use an LED if you are sure that CEL works, then CEL will emit the error code.
  8. but never expect that just a cleanup (so called engine tuneup) will increase your fuel economy from 11 kmpl to 16 kmpl. lot of people think about thins engine tuneup when they feel fuel economy went down, but once they did this engine tuneup normally what they say is "now pulling power has been increased and idle is so smooth" but fuel economy is same.
  9. I have test driven 2012 focus.shift shock is highly noticeable (might be normal for a DCT). sometime when you remove the foot from accelerator it quickly shifts down (if it is as designed it is a bad design, or might be a problem in the instance i drove). so when i came back (after test drive) i read lot about ford focus and most highlighted thing was unreliable Transmission Controller module. Handling is even better than Mazda Axela (very close).price was somewhere around 4.4 million , at that time 2011 (Spain) model was a better deal (price was around 3.2 million and it gearbox is not a DCT, so no need to wary about crazy shifting problem ). NOTE: I have never used a ford focus, so this is purely based on ONE test drive and internet reference so called car buying pre-study.8 months ago Softlogic had 2 used cars and same time probably they might still have few. anyway this was my preference based on test drives (and pre -studies) 2011 Mazda Axela > 2011 ford focus > 2012 Kia Cerato > 2011 Cerato >2012 Ford focus.
  10. If i understood you , car boot door can be locked using the remote key but it can not be unlocked using the remote controller. 3 probable causes. 1. bad actuator (normally SL technicians say "return is not working"), so ac 2. Latch has a considerable resistance to unlock,so actuator can not unlock it . 3. There is unit which controls these signals,that unit might be faulty. -
  11. specially if it is a JDM i would also prefer Mazna. I doubt that Colonial even use the right fluid for CVT boxes.
  12. MV-5

    RPM vs speed

    i believe that that is as designed (for 4 speed gearbox,it makes sense ). but you better to wait till some member/s who use the same vehicle (at least same gearbox) give their input . speed is not the only parameter to decide the gear. but for me this is normal. other members who use a car with this gearbox , please add your comments and please help Ted to clarify this. again final drive axle ratio can be vary from car model to model , in fact it can not be considered as a fixed property for a gearbox model. but i don think that for you car model they have made FD ratio close to 4:1 which will produce this RPM at the top gear. but try to do some search and find out (FD ratios close 3 is somewhat common with this gearbox)
  13. MV-5

    RPM vs speed

    This gear box doesn't have any gear with 1:1 ratio , And AFAIK vehicle spedo meter doesnt know anything about tire size, it shows the speed based on axle revolutions and based on the preset constant which has been calculated for the stock tire size @Ted if your tire diameter is 24 inch (185/70x14) based on given values and this gear ratios still your gear box in 3rd gear if vehicle speed is 100 kmph vehicle speed in inches per minute = (100x 39370)/60 = 65616 number of tire revolutions per minute = 65616/(3.14 * 24) = 870.7 convert to engine RPM through 3rd gear ratio and Final drive gear ration = 870.7 x 1.296 x 2.655 = 2996 RPM @iRage please don't ask how on earth 3.14 came into this calculation.
  14. MV-5

    RPM vs speed

    engine is idle means engine does not transfer power to wheels, engine is completely decoupled from drive mechanism. so no relationship can be built in between vehicle speed and engine RPM. FYI, engine is idle doesn't means vehicle is stand still (shift gear to N when you travel, engine is idle but vehicle is traveling) and it is possible to keep a vehicle keep stand still with engine running but not idle (thats how manual gear car stay stand still at when you start to travel in a hill upwards)
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